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If the Pen is Mightier than the Sword… Let Obama, Pelosi and Reid Get Back to Swords

The weapon of choice to destroy America, daily, appears to be the pens of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. I think it’s high time they work with swords and play follow the leader, with the leader going first:

Triple harakiri ~ Polònia

Untranslated but you get the point…lol

Obama hot foots it to Prague:

Another photo op! Geesh, smug as a bug in a rug! By the way, did you check with Congress on this?

How Russia views “Russia and USA Give a Start to New START“, hmm?

Every stroke of their pens, neuters America and the U.S. Constitution. It is well past time for the military to correct these crimes and protect The United State of America and the U.S. Constitution from the Subversive Democratic Socialistic Liberal Lunatic Leadership in Washington, DC.