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What Is Going on In the Heart of Dixie?

There appears to be a constant attack from natural, governmental, and all too… sinister forces. The moral compass of the United States of America is consistently and precisely experiencing catastrophe after catastrophe. Coincidence? I think not! While cleanup is underway from the deadly Southeastern tornadoes, Texas is burning, the Mississippi River and its tributaries are flooding, the Gulf Coast is still oozing oil and Corexit, and now there is a nuclear facility in Athens Alabama operating haphazardly with a rarered finding“.

Athens Alabama appears to be right in the heart of Dixie therefore this would present a



Hippy, Dippy and Skippy Pay Lip Service at WH Briefing While Japan Sizzles and WNFM Fizzles

The US has become a national headquarters for Loser Leadership as Hippy, Dippy, and Skippy pay lip service to the Yellow Journalists at a White House briefing today ~

As usual nothing to see or learn there…

Trying to Control a Fear Factor Message on Radiation

and Backpedaling for Obogus on Energy Plans?

Chu passed quickly right over references to Japan’s radiation calamity, relaying no current information, and did not bring WNFM’s 38th Annual Meeting in Seville and Attendee List to the attention of the journalists… hmm? I wonder why not? I mean we always seem to know about OPEC’s meetings,  so why are we not informed of the World Nuclear Fuel Market meetings?

The Reality of Potential Radiation Fallout in the United States and Elsewhere

If you don’t believe that there’s any chance of radiation fallout from Japan reaching the USA then stop reading now…

If you know in your gut that something isn’t right or that the truth is not being revealed home or abroad you might want to read Dr. Blaylock: Japan Radiation Could Pose Threat to US.

Briefly he states the extent of damage and destruction by this potential cloud to lives and crops in the western USA would be huge to devastating.

But one would question if this invisible wind carried threat could reach and penetrate US airspace? History shows that balloons set aloft toting bombs from Japan in 1944-1945 reached the American Northwest including Alaska. Therefore, if these heavy ‘packages‘ could make it… nuclear fallout would have absolutely no problem. Plain and simple logic.

If you think the end of winter makes a difference in the air stream arrival, you would be right. From Fugos: Japanese Balloon Bombs of WWII:

“…The balloon bombs were released from Japan in the winter months when the jet stream is the strongest…”

Why does “timing is everything” spring to mind?