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When the Dollars Don’t Add Up and Numbers Make No CENTS!

From a concerned citizen today:

“Just a few news articles to show how Obama and his crew have been B.S. ing about the recovery:




But, they’ll say it’s because the retailers have let loose of a bunch of seasonal employees. Then why include those same seasonal jobs in the drop in Decembers’ unemployment in the first place and act like it’s a recovery???”


Socialism in Medical Care is Here! No Names, Just Numbers!

I thought I had just about seen it all, until I went to the doctor’s office…

With an ill child in tow, off to the doctor’s office I went today. Since the child had no occasion to have seen a doctor in 5 years, there was no longer a file, hmm? Wonder where they go? Anyway, the child signed in on a clip board and onto a lengthy sticker which was immediately removed and placed on the medical file. The small number sticker, depicted in the photo below, was adjacent to the long sticker, and said child needed to hold onto it until called.

We sat down among the other patients and waited as we always have, when I started hearing numbers called like just at the DMV. I kid you not… at the Doctor’s Office! Also, since I hadn’t been there for myself or any of the other kids for some several months, there was also another noticeable change.

It was if a sanitization process had occurred. There were no personal photos of the doctor and family or the fabulous exotic photos that once decorated the facility. It was as if beige, dull, and flat were the selling tool for the new patient waiting experience. I think not! It’s a Socialism Disorder and it’s infiltrating our Beloved United States of America Everywhere!

Are “We the People” Trained Sheep?

Or are “We the People” the Walking Dead?

It’s Health Care Gone Dull!

Remember When a Safety Record Meant Something… Like Saving Lives!

Remember When An Achievement was Touted and Displayed Proudly

Things you learned in primary school:

Stars Charts and Chore Charts Reward Children for Good Behavior, Learning New Skills, Meeting Goals was an ‘atta’ boy or ‘atta’ girl for daily and long-term self-assessments or for when Mom and Dad viewed on Parent/Teacher Night.

*Clearly similar to daily performance on the job with occasional interaction with superiors*

Then I thought I’d look for an example of a report card. However, I found myself at the National Assessment of Educational Progress The Nation’s Report Card Learner Outcomes (I personally prefer the term students or pupils, consider me old-fashioned, and achievements or scores). I am horrified to see even just this “one report card” that literally has no real stats. Who just threw a bunch of numbers out to see if they would stick? (This example must be for Hard-Core Liberals as it is meaningless)
Case of Adults performing badly!

*Report cards are clearly similar to an overall performance evaluation indicative of a raise or promotion to advance within the employer’s facility*

Kids in school know consequences for bending the rules.

Adults do not seem to have a clue what may result for bending the rules:

Deadly Trend: Disabled Alarms On Gulf Oil Rig, In W. Va. Mine

It might be a good time for a refresher course for adults via All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

I’m just saying!


Obama Administration Increases Illegal Immigration Deportations – FOIA Supports the Numbers

Now I am no expert, but I do make observations to a Breitbart report ~ Federal prosecution of immigrants soared in spring:

…They ranged from misdemeanor illegal entry to prosecutions of immigrants with criminal records…

Wouldn’t it appear that racial profiling would be occurring under the Obama watch if a case was “misdemeanor illegal entry”?

…At the same time, deportations have been increasing, climbing from 185,944 in 2007 to 387,790 last year…

Wouldn’t it appear that more immigrants are being detained and deported under the Obama watch if cases more than doubled from one year’s count under Bush to Obama’s notated year?

…As of January 2009, an estimated 10.8 million people were in the country illegally…

Shouldn’t take too long to remove all of the illegal aliens at Obama’s PROGRESSIVE rate then. All countries’ illegal aliens need to go home because ~ What Have Illegal Immigrants Cost American Citizens?

Oh…  how the Hispanics with their energy and potential votes, have been played as the Pot (Obama) has called the Kettle (Arizona) Black!

¿Puede cada uno decir las mentiras de Obama?


The Shifting of the Unemployment Numbers

I have to believe that somebody is shifting the unemployment numbers. Why has the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the United States Department of Labor, with the latest release on February 5, 2009, caused “Changes to the Employment Situation News Release on February 5, 2010“? The report, itself, is just as vacuous!

Let’s put some Truths out over liberal spin.

Google Graph provides All US unemployment rate via “Data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Last updated February 3, 2010″ (?)

From the U.S. Census Bureau site:

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 02/06/10 at 05:09 UTC (EST+5) is



	One birth every..................................   7 seconds
	One death every..................................  11 seconds
	One international migrant (net) every............  34 seconds
	Net gain of one person every.....................  13 seconds

Courtesy of the guardian.co.uk

US food stamps set ever-higher record-32.8 million
Per CensusScope and with respect to the last 2 Census population percentage by age results:

Age Distribution by Sex, 2000
Male Female
Number Percent Number Percent
Total Population 138,053,563 49.06% 143,368,343 50.94%
0-4 9,810,733 3.49% 9,365,065 3.33%
5-9 10,523,277 3.74% 10,026,228 3.56%
10-14 10,520,197 3.74% 10,007,875 3.56%
15-19 10,391,004 3.69% 9,828,886 3.49%
20-24 9,687,814 3.44% 9,276,187 3.30%
25-29 9,798,760 3.48% 9,582,576 3.41%
30-34 10,321,769 3.67% 10,188,619 3.62%
35-39 11,318,696 4.02% 11,387,968 4.05%
40-44 11,129,102 3.95% 11,312,761 4.02%
45-49 9,889,506 3.51% 10,202,898 3.63%
50-54 8,607,724 3.06% 8,977,824 3.19%
55-59 6,508,729 2.31% 6,960,508 2.47%
60-64 5,136,627 1.83% 5,668,820 2.01%
65-69 4,400,362 1.56% 5,133,183 1.82%
70-74 3,902,912 1.39% 4,954,529 1.76%
75-79 3,044,456 1.08% 4,371,357 1.55%
80-84 1,834,897 0.65% 3,110,470 1.11%
85+ 1,226,998 0.44% 3,012,589 1.07%
Age Distribution by Sex, 1990
Male Female
Number Percent Number Percent
Total Population 121,239,418 48.75% 127,470,455 51.25%
0-4 9,392,409 3.78% 8,962,034 3.60%
5-9 9,262,527 3.72% 8,836,652 3.55%
10-14 8,767,167 3.53% 8,347,082 3.36%
15-19 9,102,698 3.66% 8,651,317 3.48%
20-24 9,675,596 3.89% 9,344,716 3.76%
25-29 10,695,936 4.30% 10,617,109 4.27%
30-34 10,876,933 4.37% 10,985,954 4.42%
35-39 9,902,243 3.98% 10,060,874 4.05%
40-44 8,691,984 3.49% 8,923,802 3.59%
45-49 6,810,597 2.74% 7,061,976 2.84%
50-54 5,514,738 2.22% 5,835,775 2.35%
55-59 5,034,370 2.02% 5,497,386 2.21%
60-64 4,947,047 1.99% 5,669,120 2.28%
65-69 4,532,307 1.82% 5,579,428 2.24%
70-74 3,409,306 1.37% 4,585,517 1.84%
75-79 2,399,768 0.96% 3,721,601 1.50%
80-84 1,366,094 0.55% 2,567,645 1.03%
85+ 857,698 0.34% 2,222,467 0.89%

Source: Census 2000 analyzed by the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN

Now if you do the math, it just doesn’t add up, but it does increase the percentage of unemployed. I wonder when the truth will come out? Or as someone emailed me today:

…Sent: Fri, Feb 5, 2010 9:24 am


The government’s survey of households showed employment increased by 541,000 workers last month and the number of people in the labor force rose. The gain brought the participation rate, or the share of the population in the labor force, up to 64.7 percent in January from 64.6 percent

Labor Department said the jobless rate slipped to 9.7 percent, FROM 10% the lowest since August.


“What is throwing people off is probably the 9.7 percent unemployment rate — the drop in the unemployment rate –, which is positive but is not coming from new jobs created its coming from people dropping out of the work force.
“It’s a series of conflicting data … The positive take is basically it wasn’t a total disaster, but the flip side of it is you’re not seeing a recovery.”…”