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Glenn Beck’s Divisive Moment – Why Would You Do This?

…This is a sad day… Just listen to both clips from today… I don’t see my Tea Party representative leadership there because there is none… there is no one who represents me or my vote. To trash one TEA Party organization while uplifting others due to one member’s behavior doesn’t cut it, unless they all were corrupt (not unlike our current government’s administration… eh?). To chastise Amy after she was off the phone was chicken. I expect better from those who want to unite Patriots not cause a fight…

Glenn Beck-07/30/10-E

captianusa | July 30, 2010

Glenn Beck-07/30/10-F

captianusa | July 30, 2010

I might point out that this has already become fodder for the Loony Left. I don’t think this was intentional, but I think it’s time to get back to basics. Is it time to unite or has it become time to pick a fight within the conservative movement? There are critical issues for our country these days and times and this moment is sad! This is not a popularity contest and Patriots are not becoming wealthy! Sorry Glenn, you did offend!



Put the Union Gangs and Thugs to Work on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Is there some sort of Union problem, holding back the care and cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico and coastline? The Jones Act maybe?

Florida’s Attorney General requests Obama to waive Jones act to hasten oil spill efforts

Are unions impeding oil cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico?

Jones Act Slowing Oil Spill cleanup?

Unions, “Organizations”, and Their Activists are the Most Notorious GANGS Now Organized Against America so Hey, Obama, you consider yourself O-verlord of the Unions and you are notoriously known as “THEE Community Organizer” send those Unions across the land by the same “Community Action” buses to go clean up the Gulf Coast.

I mean the unions have no problem assembling and going into other states via a crazed Teacher or SEIU members by bus. They exhibit renegade status by ignoring all aspects of any laws: current, future and U.S. Constitutional~

Let them show their willingness to Really assist America, without breaking any laws, and to display any bit of Patriotism that may still be hidden deep in their misguided hearts.

Problem Solved!