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Did You Know That Our Truck Drivers and Trucking Are Under Attack?

The Obama Nanny State strikes again… this time upon our Road Warriors…

U.S. Department of Transportation has issued another squalling edict aka Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) upon Motor Carriers and Drivers:

JustTheFacts (a PDF file) is just one form of the daily “Who Moved My Cheese?” that our tireless Truckers contend with. More edicts are listed here with a monthly time line:  What’s New: CSA 2010 News and Information When is Enough Too Much?

The Trucker’s Creed If You Got It, A Truck Brought It!

LouisMartin33 | October 31, 2007

Slideshow of semitrucks set to Metallica.

Do you care, you should, and let me tell you why:

Let’s examine just 1 product… the Tomato.

First the tomato itself. How did the seeds get to the retail or feed store?
How did the farm equipment get to the farmer’s field?
Home garden? How did that car in your driveway originally get to the car lot that enabled you to go the store for seeds?
How did the tomato grown on the farm, that you purchased at the store, arrive there?

Now how did the canned tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, and frozen lasagna end up on store shelves?
Back to the seed and the tomato fields… then add~
The tomatoes are harvested and placed into WHAT and shipped to factories for processing.
How did the cans, labels, freezer bag packaging, cardboard boxes, and all of the other ingredients arrive at the factory?
When production is completed, how did the final product get to the distribution warehouses?
How did the distribution warehouses move the product to the individual retail stores?

Let us not forget how the gas arrived to the stations for the personal shopping experience for the retail customer of tomato produce and products nor how the long haulers got it there.

Could it be that our Truck Drivers, Truckers, and Long Haulers are one of our most precious Patriotic resources? They are ever watchful on our highways and byways. The first person that offers to help a stranded motorist or runaway is often found to be Trucker. Truckers are America’s Land Sailors, away from home and any real family living conditions for weeks to months at a time, navigating our Interstate System under ever changing Nanny State demands.  Now why would the U.S. Department of Transportation be attacking them?

Just remember Truckers you no longer need a Convoy for your cause, because Conservatives and Tea Parties are now alerted! We thank you for your service! We see it now!


More Whine Time – Obama Style in Cleveland with a Pathetic 3K Attendance

Geesh… the Tea Parties have a bigger attendance and draw! Also they are a lot more uplifting!

Obama Cleveland jobs speech. Transcript

Pr. Obama – Cleveland Ohio (1)

Pr. Obama – Cleveland Ohio (2)

StartLoving3 | September 08, 2010

President Promises Business Tax Breaks

President Obama layed out his plan for stimulating the national economy and job creation in Cleveland today. He discussed extending tax cuts for the middle class, and announced new policies for businesses to write off the purchase of new equipment. Read More »
In his speech, the President said he will extend Bush-era tax cuts for those making making $250,000 or less. He also said that for any income over this amount, “the tax rates would go back to what they were under President Clinton.”

President Obama will continue to discuss the economy and jobs on Friday when he holds a White House news conference to outline additional efforts to help revive the economy.

The honeymoon is long over… this liberal socialistic progressive marriage is not working out.. divorce is the next and final step! One election at a time!

The Bastard in Chief

And there is nothing glorious about it~OBAMA

Some children grow up angry at the world, some people who never grow up live that dream, what a sad paramount

The Lies
The Exploitations
The False Promises
The Scandals
The Mirrors
The Thugs
The Czars
The Unions
The Backroom Deals
The Gulf Oil Crisis
The Lost General
The Parties
The Fundraisers
The Golfing
The Ploys
The Gaffes
The Distractions
The Childishness
The Usurpation
The Indecision
The Whining
The Grimace
The Flies
The Rats
The Marxism
The Socialism
The Communism
The Disrespect
The Twisted Agenda
and more….

Did the masses of your poor supporters and union stooges come to realize yet what an excessive grandeur and pompous Bastard in Chief you are?  And who is exercising every opportunity in emptying the very coffers of those same citizens? By the time they realize that you have totally screwed them over with your Cracker Packing Team, 2012 will be here, and they will be left holding the bag. When they wake up and visit Washington, DC, it won’t be peaceful like the Tea Party! A dictator and “We the People” are soon parted! 2010 USA on the Mend! 2012 USA will ring the Liberty Bell again.


777truthsetsufree | June 17, 2010 | 7:18

let him expose his own lies! words, words are all he has, and they are all lies!


Finally a Project That Will Bring All Political Parties Together

When Bogus POTUS is removed from office via law enforcement for his usurpation and fraud, it would be in all political parties’ interests to have selected a candidate, waiting in the wings, for the special election that will follow. When it goes down, it will be fast and furious. All bills, treaties, declarations, and appointments will be hollow. Bye Joe, Hillary, Rahm, Eric, Sotomayor and more, you have done a great disservice to this country. Don’t forget some of these particular persons carry the illustrious dual status as enablers who will be prosecuted for treason, and who are full citizens just like Nancy, Harry and even the Mrs. It is so overdue.

Are you getting ready to get ready?  The Columbia Trial is just around the corner!

Democratic Politicians Fall to the Left and Keep on Falling

Liberal Lemmings Cut Their Noses to Spite Their Faces

Democrats appear to be the new lemmings everywhere. They only follow their “Shallow Hal” (Ever loving his Obamacare blindly) Obama and all of the shady and shifty leadership examples that have passed before them. They follow and follow until they totally have to jump off that cliff and commit political suicide and all human respectability. Is it so much to ask that when you have been voted into an office of such public responsibility and ethics that you conform to real world responsibility and ethics in your own life? As a political persona, you are expected to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the highest law of the land… were you just too lazy? above it? paid off? What excuse can you give for wasting Americans’ time, money and patience?

Under the Obama Administration and in no particular order-Slime Time Roll Call Random Sampling:

Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA 10th District) to Retire
Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) to Retire
Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY 29th District) Resigns/Retires
Baltimore, MD Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) Resigns
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY 15th District) on Leave?
Rep. Marion Berry (D-AR 1st District) to Retire
Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) to Retire
Rep. John Tanner (D-TN 8th District) to Retire
Gov. Bill Ritter from Colorado (D) to Retire
Rep. Vic Snyder (D-AR 2nd District) to Retire
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) to Retire
Rep. Dennis Moore (D-KS 3rd District) to Retire
White House Adviser Van Jones Resigns
Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA 3rd District) to Retire
Hoboken, NJ Mayor Peter Cammarano (D) Resigned after just 3 weeks
Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN 6th District) to Retire
Rep. Parker Griffith (D-AL 5th District) switched parties now known as Rep. Parker Griffith (R-AL 5th District)

There have been so many at various levels (so many that it would take hours to list) and there’s more to come… and if they trounce further without abate, the election cycles 2010 and beyond will take care of this. Tea Parties and sharing knowledge are making a dent. Keep up the fine work!

The Final Retirement:

Sen. Ted Kennedy Massachusetts (D)dies at 77
Rep. John Murtha Pennsylvania (D)dies at 77

I wonder if these were the new-fangled jobs Obama spoke of? hmm?

Dear Military Member: Is Your President Valid and Vetted?

Now is the time for the military to come to the aid of your U.S. Constitution, your country, and your fellow citizens. It is with a heavy heart that the citizenry back home must contact you now. The situation in your country is dire. The America that you are fighting for, is in danger of becoming no longer recognizable as the United States. Presently each state is fighting for survival spiritually, monetarily, legally, and independently. The political parties are at odds, the majority of the media is in the tank for the President, and the status is not getting any better. Due to the questionable vetting by Nancy Pelosi et al and the well established fact that Obama’s father conferred British Citizenship at birth upon him – Obama is not, nor ever could be a verifiable Natural Born Citizen. This is a U.S. Constitutional requirement. Obama will not surrender his:

Missing Records:

Occidental College records

Columbia College records

Columbia Thesis paper

Harvard College records

Selective Service Registration

Medical records

Illinois State Senate records

Illinois State Senate schedule

Law practice client list

A Certified Copy of your original Birth certificate

Embossed, signed paper Long Form Vault Birth Certificate

Harvard Law Review articles that were published

University of Chicago scholarly articles

Record of baptism

The following is an incomplete but concise synopsis of the dire condition:

1 – Barack Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and usurped the Office of the Presidency. He was aided and abetted by the DNC and Nancy Pelosi to defraud the world.
2 – The National Debt is currently surpassing the $ 12 trillion mark by $ 400 billion dollars. Our country is irretrievably bankrupt.
3 – He’s attempting to shove Nationalized/Socialized Health Care upon the United States of America. This is unconstitutional and the people are opposed to this miscarriage.
4 – He’s filled Czars and Czarinas, who are not voted in or vetted by anyone, into White House service positions. They are made up from a list of Tax Evaders, Terrorists, Radicals, Marxists, Perverts and other forms of Extremism.
5 – He fails to do the job that he has usurped by ignoring the people, playing games with military orders (like the first delay of Seals deployed to the pirated ship) and bringing others up on charges.
6 – He and his AG have decided to try all Terrorists, not even as enemy combatants, but as citizens with citizens’ rights.

We respectfully request your assistance as our protectors and ask that you consider this list of atrocities.

Tea Party Members may want to join in by having a box at their meetings to drop cards & letters with this note-

Patriots can send mail/packages to a soldier/sailor/airman/marine great tips can be found here for volume and more:
FPOs & APOs thru the USPS and those handy Military Priority mailers, hmm? Throw in some candy too!
Active Duty Ships, there are so many tips! Don’t forget your VA Hospitals or American Legions or VFWs!

Fellow Patriots,
This is a rough draft let me know your opinion I could really use your help fine tuning this piece. All comments appreciated. We need to inform our military by bombarding them with CARE packages!

Another Update: Suggestions for date to initiate have been the “Ides of March” the 15th Pretty Cool!

Party On! At the United States White House on the Taxpayers’ Dollars

The Obamas live like kings while the serfs struggle to pay for it all

“Non-stop travel, non-stop parties, and celebrities in and out of the WH….This is the Obama WH.”

But he’s just getting started, it’s a new year. Let’s go double for NOTHING because “Yes We Can“. Wikipedia excerpt:

…”Yes We Can” is a collage-style music video inspired by US President Barack Obama’s popularization of the slogan “Yes we can.” During the 2008 US presidential campaign following the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, then-Senator (now President) Barack Obama, used the similar English translation of the slogan of United Farm Workers (UFW) – “Sí, se puede” (Spanish for “Yes, it can be done”) in his speech. The slogan dates back to 1972 when Cesar Chavez and the UFW’s co-founder, Dolores Huerta, came up with the slogan during Chavez’s 24-day fast in Phoenix, Arizona.[1]…”

Taxpayers to Fork Out $2.5 Million for Single Census Ad During Super Bowl
Just look at what Congress has been up to before Scott Brown gets seated – 111th Congress Bills – Open and Passed. The Congress appears to be spending like there is no tomorrow too, hmm?