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The Goosing of America by the Lame Duck Congress via the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2011

This is where Patriots need to come together and dissect this pork laden bill aka the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2011 consisting of 1,924 pages. Same time as last year… the Demonic Democrats are back to playing games, with the welfare and interests of all Americans, at stake.

The Hell House of the Demonic Democratic Congress

I believe if we eliminate payroll for Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House including the Bogus POTUS, they would start working right and right away.

More detailed thoughts here:
HR 3082 is Hiding S 510 – Abusing the Troops & Using the American People via the US Congress


Populist Unemployment POTUS – PUP – Because This Is a Dog!

Bogus POTUS gives a weenie, whiny speech during the dinner hour this evening to all Americans: “Obama Proposes Payroll Tax Reduction as Part of Deal Taking Shape on Bush Tax Cuts” via FOX News.

Who knew that the Bogus POTUS wanted to continually throw money to the unemployed, for his entire term… that is unless he gets yanked out that seat warming position. It appears that the professionally unemployed are the new beholden and “in the tank” base for Obama. Oh yea, Socialism rocks or births rocks!

Another Sneaky Liberal Democratic Socialistic Slick Disappearing Money Trick Via the Health Care Bill Shill

Would you notice to opt out with your employer? By the way do you have direct deposit for your paycheck? hmm?

Look upon Page 313 within just the 2409 pages of ObamaNation Health Care Bill:

And Don’t Think that they won’t need every dollar they can grab if you wrap your head around this Congressional Budget Office Report

Surprise! Automatic Paycheck Deduction Hidden in ObamaCare

“As Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill so you can know what’s in it”. First it was Viagra for child molesters. Now it’s an AUTOMATIC deduction from YOUR paycheck for “long-term care”. $150-200 will be automatically deducted unless you OPT-OUT, which you can (at least for now). This deduction is scheduled to begin in 2011.”