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A Patriot’s Past Weekend Trip To Madison Wisconsin in All its Gory!

C & M, our eyes on the ground, at the State Capitol in Wisconsin this past weekend as reported today & a h/t to Frank:

This trip was informative! Found no friendlies!

The protesters caught the “GOLDEN GOOSE”, cleaned the goose, cooked the goose, than ate the goose! There is nothing left! They drank all the beer too!

Enjoy the photos. The last one is best!

Minion slobs

Overpaid Whiners

MTI losers on parade & at the rear... priceless

Culture... more like lack of class

Should say busted... for the Sheboygan litterer

What no donuts to perk them up?

Duh... that which stinks in Wisconsin is on his own head!

It has become quite apparent that there is no pride in performance or appearance by the buffoon goon squads that are union minions in Madison Wisconsin. How can one’s self-esteem disappear… join a union! You can’t hide from that lack of pride! Artificial desperation doesn’t denote patriotism, it sports the Socialism Tag!


Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Happy Meal Comes Home to Roost

I knew that I had used a quote from New York Representative Anthony Weiner before…. found it at my old stomping grounds The 912 Project Fan Site within the piece entitled Alan Grayson Has a New Florida Title Bestowed Upon Him. I notated at the time:

…One has to love this comment from one of Grayson’s own party members-
“Is this news to you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?” asked Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)…

Wait it gets even better as Happy Meals come home to roost via Gateway Pundit’s article today Video: Rep. Anthony Weiner Loses it on House Floor!

One might need to ask, any and all of the observers of Rep. Weiner’s Congressional performance aka a U.S. House of Representative’s ‘Temper Tantrum’, the very same question:

“Is this news to you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?”

Cursory Examination of Congress ~ Are they losing their damn minds? Oh… so many need to go this November via the polls and it doesn’t appear to be soon enough for some! WOW!


Phoenix Arizona – Union Thugs From LA Can’t Stand the Heat Leave in Defeat

God Bless Sheriff Joe!

Arizona Immigration – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

panhandlepatriots | July 29, 2010

I watched the entire live stream in tandem with a pal via http://www.azfamily.com/ of the manufactured, bussed in from California, protesters. It sure was a bust! They had to retreat from a desert heat that they were not prepared for or acclimated to! Just because you are standing on concrete in the city, with no sand or cacti visible, doesn’t make it less of a desert!
Tip to Union Thugs it’s HOT in PHOENIX ARIZONA in JULY!
Morons don’t realize Arizona is not part of California and get arrested!

Sheriff Joe and his team were professional and prompt. Clearly superior in performance than many other law enforcement agencies run by the federal government!


Remember When a Safety Record Meant Something… Like Saving Lives!

Remember When An Achievement was Touted and Displayed Proudly

Things you learned in primary school:

Stars Charts and Chore Charts Reward Children for Good Behavior, Learning New Skills, Meeting Goals was an ‘atta’ boy or ‘atta’ girl for daily and long-term self-assessments or for when Mom and Dad viewed on Parent/Teacher Night.

*Clearly similar to daily performance on the job with occasional interaction with superiors*

Then I thought I’d look for an example of a report card. However, I found myself at the National Assessment of Educational Progress The Nation’s Report Card Learner Outcomes (I personally prefer the term students or pupils, consider me old-fashioned, and achievements or scores). I am horrified to see even just this “one report card” that literally has no real stats. Who just threw a bunch of numbers out to see if they would stick? (This example must be for Hard-Core Liberals as it is meaningless)
Case of Adults performing badly!

*Report cards are clearly similar to an overall performance evaluation indicative of a raise or promotion to advance within the employer’s facility*

Kids in school know consequences for bending the rules.

Adults do not seem to have a clue what may result for bending the rules:

Deadly Trend: Disabled Alarms On Gulf Oil Rig, In W. Va. Mine

It might be a good time for a refresher course for adults via All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

I’m just saying!


To View Lazy Gulf Oil Cleanup Workers Check the Live Web Cams

If you interested in observing what is NOT happening on the Gulf Coast, just check any live Web Cams from Louisiana to Florida. I happened to tip in this morning on the Pink Pony Pub in Alabama. Just look at the waste of paid workers and their shoddy performance. What are they doing? Not Much!

Still captures from this morning:

Is this what Obama was referring to in his “Oily” Oval Office speech this past Tuesday Night

“…So if something isn’t working, we want to hear about it. If there are problems in the operation, we will fix them…”

or was it this

“…the deployment of over 17,000 National Guard members along the coast. These servicemen and women are ready to help stop the oil from coming ashore, they’re ready to help clean the beaches”? hmm?

What a Bogus POTUS!