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The Ultimate Authority to Arrest the Usurper

Who is the Senate Chief Law Enforcement Officer ?
It is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate.

Who is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate?
Why it is now Andrew B. Willison!

And his special ability is:

“…As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of the Senate floor, chamber and galleries. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United States…”

In the Senate Hierarchy:

 Senate Elected Officers and Officials

Secretary - Nancy Erickson Sergeant at Arms - Terrance Gainer Parliamentarian - Alan Frumin

Majority Secretary - Martin Paone Minority Secretary - Dave Schiappa Chaplain - Barry Black

This is why the Liberals and Democrats are on panic mode. If they lose the Senate… they may lose their necks to the ropes of treason and traitorous conspiracies in conjunction with the Usurper.

Next blog entry, I will update the second authority who has the outright ability to arrest Obama.



One More Failure During this Dismal Administration – Taurus XL Rocket Fails & Falls

The Taurus XL Rocket with NASA’s Glory Satellite made a big splash today, but not in a good way!

The last of the glory days appear to be long behind this once great United States of America due directly to the extremely sloppy Bogus POS POTUS administration in DC. There is a lack of practical real world experience and there appears to be a hands off approach in the use of any sets of checks and balances that extends completely into each area of government. There is no quality control or pride in performance. Problems start at the top, when you have a ineffectual and impotent leader, you get ineffectual and impotent government departments. There is never a sense of urgency, no plan and no priorities.

How many costly and/or deadly “accidents” must “We The People” endure? When will Obama finally concede and step down for the good of “We The People” and the rest of the world?

The Ugly Stain of Code Pink

Code Pink or Code PINKO aka Women Without A Mate or A Life!

You appeal to no man in his right mind. You can’t put lipstick on a pinko pig and take it out on the town. It is still a pinko pig!

The paid for ugliness and hate you spew globally, will not stain real Patriotic American Woman, but will only sully your very own feeble organization of hags

Code Pink in Egypt & Misc. Raw Video

secularstupidest | February 02, 2011

Why is Code Pink supporting the protesters? What is their common cause?

So… as an organization, you are un-American… and participate in foreign riots as instigatorswho would have guessed! It’s not like your long time filthy affiliations are unknown to the American People, or that you have been tooled by/for the Bogus POS POTUS.

Code Pink participants are two mammary glands shy of being a real red-blooded Patriotic American Woman.

Lame Stream Media Buffers the Bogus POS POTUS Administration’s Twisted Lies

So if CNN reports the Bogus POS POTUS administration’s twisted lies, does that garner special “Chicago-style” paybacks for the network?

The Lawmakers refuse to let us call them “Islamic Extremists” but they now fault the military for not watching him because of Islamic Extremism! It concludes that Hasan’s military officer evaluation reports were “sanitized” to minimize his “obsession with violent Islamic extremism.”

Hat tip to hubby 🙂

Well if the information could stand alone it would not be sanitized. How utterly transparent. Not! Who ordered it?

When will the Bogus POS POTUS put Maj. Nidal Hasan on the Joint Chiefs of Staff payroll? You know it’s coming… all criminals are rewarded via as many White House and government positions he can squeeze in before his a$$ gets arrested for the current usurpation. Maybe, Obozo is just getting free mental care via Hasan!

And Yes this is all Barack Hussein Obama’s Fault!

What Part of the USA is a Republic Does Carl T. Bogus Not Understand?

OMG don’t you just love his name and could his views not be any more plain than his surname? He had a real lapse in judgment when he penned the piece “There’s no right of revolution in a democracy” and permitted CNN to run with it. First the title is an incorrect statement(unless he’s speaking to any other country than the United States) and second CNN is not THE trusted communicant of information for the United States.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s a Bogus opinion just as inline with the Bogus POS POTUS as the opinion appears to harbor the same view, as and when, it suits the need.

Let’s go to the simplest form of information for Mr. Bogus, shall we… Wikipedia… where we find

“…The United States of America (also referred to as the United States, the U.S., the USA, or America) is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D.C., the capital district, lie between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The state of Alaska is in the northwest of the continent, with Canada to the east and Russia to the west across the Bering Strait. The state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The country also possesses several territories in the Caribbean and Pacific…”

I’m just saying… but then again Hubby said it best

“We must be eternally vigilant about government errors and abuse. But we must recognize that differences of opinion are the normal order of things. In a constitutional democracy, we correct errors through constitutional means.

This means that we have to stand by with tyranny abounding and wait 4 years for that tyrant to destroy our Country? This is why this clown works for CNN Liberal Network!”

The Thugocracy Still Stands as the State of the Union Reveals

The Thugocracy of America still stands… it was even foretold in “The Coming Obama Thugocracy“. Yet many Americans still slept but…

Did you notice America, last night, his little slip at the State of the Union address?

“…We will move forward together, or not at all…”

He can not claim that he didn’t say it, didn’t mean it, that we misheard it, that he read it incorrectly or any other garbage excuse that he spews. Is it a promise or a threat? It’s a Pinocchio Paradox speech on “roids”. That one little statement defines his entire Bogus POS POTUS position, a true Thug in Chief!

By the way, did anyone see evidence of a speech that had anything to do with revealing the State of the Union? No… I thought not!

The True Patriots of DC

The true patriots of DC are The Supreme Court Justices who would not tolerate one more word from a BOGUS POS POTUS at a poorly scripted, executed and at times a jocular rendition of a State of the Union speech. What was so flippin’ funny about Obamacare, you Liberal Loons in the U.S. Congress? “We the People” are not amused by your buffoonery!

But we are inspired!

A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE to those Supreme Court Justices!



hmm? He calls... these Justices... run?

edited at 11 CST to include screen capture