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Antithesis of the Obama Administration Found in Gandhi’s Words

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.
Mahatma Gandhi

This is just one of his many timeless observations and quotes often cited under courageous works, as in David Jesse Ludema’s student essay held at the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum

…To fully understand what courage means today, we must look into the unconditional deeds of
bravery preformed by the people who have cemented their greatness in this world. Gandhi is one of
those historical people. Gandhi sacrificed his own reputation and well being for others. He preached
rebellion through non-violence, and in 1919 the Amritsar Massacre took place. In the massacre, the
oppressive British Troops killed millions of Indians. The British deprived the Indians of their rights
and religious practices. Gandhi led the Indian people and kept them strong during this massacre; he
told them, “I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to
bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.” Not one punch was thrown by the
oppressed Indian citizens due to Gandhi’s bravery. Gandhi stood for what was just and remained
faithful to his beliefs, this is true courage…

In direct opposition, there is Obama, who by his minions, incites violence in various U. S. communities. He bows, as if on command, all over the world. He is a pox upon America and a finally honed “Manchurian Candidate” because there is no presidential material in this lackey.

The Ultimate Authority to Arrest the Usurper

Who is the Senate Chief Law Enforcement Officer ?
It is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate.

Who is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate?
Why it is now Andrew B. Willison!

And his special ability is:

“…As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of the Senate floor, chamber and galleries. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United States…”

In the Senate Hierarchy:

 Senate Elected Officers and Officials

Secretary - Nancy Erickson Sergeant at Arms - Terrance Gainer Parliamentarian - Alan Frumin

Majority Secretary - Martin Paone Minority Secretary - Dave Schiappa Chaplain - Barry Black

This is why the Liberals and Democrats are on panic mode. If they lose the Senate… they may lose their necks to the ropes of treason and traitorous conspiracies in conjunction with the Usurper.

Next blog entry, I will update the second authority who has the outright ability to arrest Obama.


To Amy White – Way to Say it Girl!

So when the Spectacle-in-Chief wants a photo op in Arkansas, what can be done?

Amy White calls him out with a grand petition

We the people of Arkansas do not want or need Barack Obama in our state. He has never been here or paid us any attention. Our tornado victims have already been through way more than anyone should have to endure.. they do not need another storm of media and secret service and everything else a visit from a President entails to upset their destroyed lives. We respectfully ask that he send the money that would be spent visiting here to reconstruction efforts and stay away. We do not want him here and we do not like being used as a photo opportunity.

and Amy signed it first!


Girl, if I was still in Arkansas, I would TEA Party with you!

Will It Be President Boehner or President McCain with Vice-President Palin?

As Gateway Pundit reports today Obama on Tax Hikes: “This May Bring My Presidency Down, But I Will Not Yield On This” no that’s not the reason you worthless whiner…

As the Usurper is revealed to be  leading among the long list of traitors to the US Constitution, the United States of America, and “We the People”, Americans must be prepared for the grand transition that will be forthcoming during his replacement  and that of of his cohorts and conspirators in high crime. The US Constitution provides for any presidential vacancy through a line of succession. However, there is also the wrinkle that the Usurper was never a vetted nor a legitimate candidate and thus the Democratic ticket was null and void. I hope the good and remaining ‘Powers That Be’ have a contingency plan and plenty of housing in a maximum security prison for the treasonous traitorous pack of Liberal Socialists. Oh yes, there will be Democrats and Republicans, alike, incarcerated.

Also note that their spoils, assets. and holdings… can and should be used toward the National Debt that they compounded deliberately.

A partial list of Conspirators and TRAITORS:

Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Joe Biden
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
Hillary Clinton
Eric Holder
Timothy Geithner
Valerie Jarrett
Elena Kagan
Ben Bernanke
Paul Voelcker
Larry Summers
Leon Panetti
John Brennan
Samantha Power
Susan Rice
Pete Rouse
John Podesta
Wesley Clarke
Bill Ayers
David Axelrod
Bill Richardson
Andy Stern
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Cass Sunstein
John Holdren
Bernadine Dorn
Buddy Evans
Medea Benjamin
Harry Waxman
Barbara Boxer
Chuck Schumer
David Plouffe
Huma Abedin
Jeff Jones
John Kerry
William Smith
George Soros
Tom Daschle
John Edwards
Jessie Jackson
Jeffrey Immelt
Nancy Keenan
Sonia Sotomayor
Janet Napolitano
Kathleen Sebelius
Ken Salazar
Dick Durbin
Jimmy Carter
Al Gore
Shaun Donovan
Lisa Jackson
Barney Frank
Louis Farrakhan
Reverend Wright
Tony Rezko
Oprah Winfrey
Eric Whitaker
Marty Nesbitt
Robert Gibbs
Anita Dunn
Blanche Lincoln
Robert Bauer
David Ogden

Hilda Solis
Desiree Rogers
Nancy-Ann DeParle
Wade Rathke
Richard Trumka
Lloyd Blankfein

to name just a few and every Czar & Czarina and lest we forget the enablers to include all of the
Liberal Main Stream Media who propped this agenda
Liberal Progressive and/or Union Organization financially backed this agenda

Remember, America, we must clean our house, before someone else comes along and cleans our clock.

Patriots it is time!

The Perfect Plan to Stimulate Job Growth and the Economy

Let’s say that the Usurper is finally arrested and removed from his seat, as well as, all of the treasonous traitors who assisted in foisting this goon upon the United States of America. All of his illegitimate edicts, bills, promises, etc would be null and void. All of his appointments would be removed from their positions and many would also be arrested. The illegally acquired assets and salaries of these numerous traitors would be seized and liquidated.

There would be a phenomenal number of job openings such as

*Immediate turnover throughout Washington DC at the White House, Supreme Court & Congress
*Executions for treason would be final tributes to witness for historical sake and “at this point” enjoyment.
*Prisons and Guards “would necessarily” increase in quantity.
*The Globetrotting Media would go to Hawaii, Illinois, DC & spend money on hotels, restaurants, shopping while watching the circus unfold and researching.
*Print shops would be hammered with new administration work.
*Attorneys would be working on defense & prosecution.
*Newly graduated and untainted journalists could replace every lying Main Stream Media TV/Radio/Newspaper “celebrity” that towed the Usurper’s lines. Freedom of the press would actually mean something.
*Thousands of conservatives would initiate those businesses that they have been holding back on due to deceptive governance.
*Closing the borders and ejecting the illegals who have been occupying American jobs.
*Parties and festivity planning and supplies would be at an all time high.
*There are many more but look at the positives…

This is the United State of America and it was built for the good of the many, not for “That One”… Usurper.

SCREAMING Forgeries… Not One Legitimizes the Usurper!

Pick one, any one of the documents out there… not one of them legitimizes the Usurper…

Originally supplied by Obama team:

Recently supplied by the White House:

More Trusted Versions of Documents:

The only truth revealed in all of these documents is that there is an Usurper in the White House. Not one validates, or could have ever been used by Nancy Pelosi to vet, Barack Obama. What did Nancy know, why and when, she created these two very different vetting documents?

The Logical Conclusion is that once the birth certificates supplied by Obama minions were known to be forgeries, that any and all documents based on one or the other, and over the years, have all been fraudulent. Who is this man and why does he remain in office?

And what about the treasonous Nancy Pelosi? By her own hand, she handed the reins of the United States of America to an imposter, usurper, and traitor? Where is America’s outrage? #weinergate was the test… Patriots to your keyboards! Reveal what the Lame Main Stream Media refuses to report! It’s our time and it’s HIGH TIME!

What Does the Use of the Obama Autopen Prove?

That he has finally been neutered, now let the Congressional Hearings begin…

Does the use of the Obama autopen signature on a bill make a law legitimate? No! and here’s why:

Obama is not a legitimate or vetted President.

Obama, as an Usurper, with or without an autopen device never physically signed the bill into law as is required by this provision of the U.S. Constitution.

Questions to mull over:

Why was a special courier used to personally pick up his fraudulent second birth certificate from Hawaii that he “..stupidly..” placed on the White House web site?

Was there no printer, fax machine, computer to print off a copy of the bill on Air Force One, in London, in the Palace, a Kinko’s, or UPS store anywhere in Great Britain, that Obama could have actually signed? hmm?

How many ways has this Usurper found ways to circumvent our U.S. Constitution and all of the laws of the United States of America? He could never have read the bill prior to its expiration at midnight. Knowing full well he was already 5 hours into the next day/date overseas his personal signature would have missed the deadline… hmm?

There is treason afoot and a traitor in the White House.