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Space the Final Front of Fear?

Now let me get this straight… Obama initiates preferential religious treatment, NASA access, and exemption for Obamacare for Muslims, why?

When and where did Muslims build this great United States of America? Were they on the Mayflower? Were they at the Continental Congress? Did they build railroads and trail blaze the country? Was there a special invention or unique contribution by Muslims in the last 200+ years to and for America?  Was there a special battalion of Muslims during the Revolutionary or Civil War? Were there Muslim troops in the military during the Korean War, WW1 or WW2? Where’s the history that merits the good will of one Bogus POTUS and only the Bogus POTUS?

What have they done to this country and its citizens, hmm?
Murder of Army TAD Recruiter Little Rock, AR.
Murder of Army Personnel Fort Hood, TX.
Attempted bombing of flight to Detroit Christmas Eve.
And a huge list since…
…Muslims destroyed the WTC’s Twin Towers in New York City via airplanes.

Now, as Obama hands over NASA, red flags should be going off in the USA and the world. His picks have such a great track record (rolling eyes) and so transparent too. I’m sure Obama appointed Muslims will be sweet, gentle, kind and never contemplate using a heavy well laden, space travel enabled vehicle to deliver a rain of nukes, lasers or the vehicle itself as a supersonic bomb! I mean there’s no agenda for Muslims! I’m just saying!



Close to Nuts – Jimmy Carter and His Appointment Barbara Crabb

So far left, all nuts begin to look alike.

Nutty Decisions to Peanuts

What ever happened to this Ms Crabb? “U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb to retire from full-time post” as notated on the State Bar of Wisconsin website. hmm? That was March 25, 2009… what could have kept you this busy for over a year? hmm? Could it be “Federal judge: National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional” which could be considered a Liberal Progressive Socialistic distraction and an anti U.S. Constitutional decision. How much money does this lady make?

I wonder who appointed Ms Crabb way back when? Per the University of Wisconsin-Madison website we find here:

“…Judge Crabb was appointed as a district judge in November 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, then served as the court’s chief from 1980 to 1996 and again from 2001 to the present. She announced in March 2009 that she will take senior status from the court, continuing to try cases but on a reduced basis…”

I see a preferential basis!

It is inevitable that this decision, Ms Crabb, will be overturned. The U.S. Constitution is the ultimate law. Memory loss? Maybe it is time for a full retirement proving that you might just be growing into that last name. Either way, you are no martyr for your cause nor a patriot making a stand… however you have embarrassed yourself greatly in full view of the American people.

TEA Party On!