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Everybody Got Their Stories Straight on Rangel, Congress?

Do the Democrat Shuffle!

Rangel Won’t Confirm Reports of Deal With Ethics Panel Where’s the ethics with regard to any real answers to valid questions of Mr. Rangel, the whole dirty backroom deal process, and the entire Congress (playing CYA) orchestrating same?

What has been known and researched for quite some time: ETHICS CHARGES

The obvious has become transparent. This is the ultimate argument for Term Limits in Congress!

My question is ~ Where did he acquire all of his money to purchase the fab car, properties and more on his salary? hmm?



Do We Have Another Act of War by Mexico? Where’s Obama?

Are Private American citizens’ properties under siege and now controlled by Foreign National Drug Dealers as reported by The Cypress Times: BREAKING: MULTIPLE RANCHES IN LAREDO, TX TAKEN OVER BY LOS ZETAS? If so, this makes it personal. These would not be illegal immigrant migrant workers. These would be hard core criminals in a gang fully armed and committed to the illegal Act of War by invasion.

I personally have attempted to contact the Watch Captain at the Laredo Police Department to find further information. The phone system forwarding is difficult if one does not have a name-

956-795-2899 and 956-795-2899

But each call, required a transfer to the phone system as the officer who answered, ” …was not permitted to respond…”

Sadly, this is not the first possible event of this kind!

July 6th (Washingon, DC) United States v. Arizona via the enemy sympathizers in the bogus administrations aka TREASON
June 30th (El Paso, Texas) Shots apparently fired from Juárez pelt City Hall, enter office
June 18th (Various, Arizona) Five Federal Lands in Arizona Have Travel Warnings in Place Notice it’s also land area and drug running! The original Order of Closure from 2006.

Seems there’s plenty of warning… Travel Warning U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Bureau of Consular Affair!

Where’s Obama? Out golfing again?