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The Drama of Obama Has Not Ceased, It’s ‘Heating’ Up in Maryland at Bowie University

Typical Whining

President Obama Attacking AFP Members

AFPMaryland | October 07, 2010

I guess YOU, the AFP Member, is his biggest concern!

Does anything seem staged and/or perfectly organized?


Bowie Maryland Weather Extremes Today?

Bowie Maryland Weather Extremes Today?


StagedLiar” Screamer or the Lone Patriot Expressing Free Speech?


JayRawsonSchaller | October 07, 2010

President Obama finds a lone detractor in the crowd at Bowie State University, Bowie, MD – 10-7-10

The crowd quickly dispenses with him, using SEIU / AFSCME tactics.

And for the “piece de resistance” we have

Three dozen fall ill at Obama rally in Md

Now the coincidences just boggle the mind.

Suggestions to the Head Carny in charge of this road show:

Coordinate your fainting demos 1 speaking site at a time, 1 tool at at time, or edit the script properly.
Feed the traveling rat pack better.
Maryland balmy Octobers are too warm for Chicago bus riders.
Check local weather conditions to make sure of a convincing performance for 30+. (Afraid to let some go?)
Check the references better of those you hire. SAG Union could get ticked!

Final Word~ Embarrassing!


Cincinnati “Hands Off Our Healthcare” Rally March 16

Cincinnati 9/12 Contact                        Maya Callahan media@cincinnati912project.com
The Cincinnati 9/12 Project and the Cincinnati Tea Party Partner with Americans for Prosperity for
“Hands Off Our Healthcare” Rally
Cincinnati, OH, March 12, 2010. The Cincinnati 9/12 Project, Cincinnati Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity join forces to sponsor a “Hands Off Our Healthcare Rally” on Tuesday March 16 in opposition to the health care reform bill awaiting passage in Congress. The rally begins at 6:00 p.m., doors open at 5:30 p.m. at Nathaniel Greene Lodge and will end at 7:30 p.m. Citizens can gather at the lodge in Veterans Park to voice their opposition and hear speakers present compelling arguments for killing the current health care bill. There will be several guest speakers from the medical community, OH Congress, and the sponsoring organizations.

Rally attendees will be urged to sign letters to Congressman Steve Driehaus and the Ohio Congressional Delegation urging a “no” vote on healthcare.  These letters will be uploaded to the OH Congress website and delivered to the local offices.  Together citizens, legislators, and media will to see the continued outpouring of opposition to the health care bill.

Rally Logistics
Tuesday March 16, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Nathaniel Greene Lodge at Veterans Park, 6394 Wesselman Road, Cincinnati, OH 45248 Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
This event is free and open to the public.  For more information and to register, please visit
About the Cincinnati 9/12 Project
The Cincinnati 9/12 Project’s mission is to take back our country by shifting power from Washington politicians to the people whom they represent. The intent is to restore the balance of power among municipalities, states, and the federal government as originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers and as originally captured in the Constitution.

The organization was founded in February 2009 as part of a national initiative to unite all Americans─regardless of political orientation─in pursuing events and actions that drive our politicians to follow Constitutional principles and values.

About The Cincinnati Tea Party
The Cincinnati Tea Party, a grassroots nonpartisan group opposed to wasteful government spending, strives to achieve the core values of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  We encourage our members to become active in government by supporting like-minded candidates or running for office.  Our goals include influencing elections for the betterment of America, promoting state sovereignty (Federalism), and compelling our elected officials to comply with the Constitution as written by our Founders.  To accomplish our goals, the Cincinnati Tea Party:
· Fosters the Voice of Americans to be heard through rallies, forums, and town halls.
· Supports the Education of Americans for a better understanding of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the authority granted to our
government by the People.
· Impacts the Elections in America by encouraging virtuous American citizens to run for office at the local, county, and state levels so that the conservative American
voice may be heard.
The Cincinnati Tea Party was founded by a group of lifelong Cincinnatians in February 2009.  In April 2009, Community Tea Parties were launched to allow local leaders to spread the core values at the neighborhood level.
About Americans for Prosperity
AFP is a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity.  AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans.  AFP educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFP has more than 975,000 members, including members in all 50 states, and 30 state chapters and affiliates.  The Ohio chapter of AFP has over 17,000 members.
For Additional Information
Cincinnati Tea Party:
Cincinnati 9/12 Project: http://www.cincinnati912project.com
Americans for Prosperity: http://www.americansforprosperity.org/ohio
OH Congress:
View The Founding Documents of the United States of America
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