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H1N1 More Questions Before the Next Flu Season

Last December, as the Administration terrorized America with the threat of the waning H1N1 “epidemic aka epic-demic, I wrote this piece Swine Flu Vaccine Recall, Short Ships, and Many Questions. At the time, I was really interested how the vaccine and distribution was paid for, but could find no information. Well, well, well… that changed today by sheer accident.

I have a friend on the road who asked me to check into something in Pennsylvania. One of my first tools of choice, that I use, is to examine the Stimulus Watch 2.o site. As I proceeded to the links this morning and those pertaining to Pennsylvania, at the top of the list was

Contract To supply vaccines for CDC’s adult vaccine contract $413,955 Swiftwater PA 0 0

So I just had to click on it and low and behold I found SANOFI PASTEUR INC. and guess what! Sanofi Pasteur Begins Shipping Influenza Vaccine in U.S. for 2010-2011 Season

I really must find out how this newest shipment was paid for, because I just discovered how last year’s shipment was funded, Stimulus dollars in June, (note July is absent) August, and September 2009 by a  bill signed in February 2009 for stimulus and job creation? How did that happen? How is it happening this year?

Sanofi Pasteur Begins Shipping Influenza Vaccine in U.S. for 2010-2011 Season



Total Received: $45,109,874.70Visit on the Web

Below you will find all the contracts, grants, and loans received by SANOFI PASTEUR INC. as of October 30, 2009. You can sort by the different table columns. Click on an item for more information and to comment and vote on the item.

Primary Recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract To supply vaccines for CDC’s adult vaccine contract $413,955 Swiftwater PA 0 0
Contract To supply flu vaccines for CDC’s adult vaccine contract $1,896,623 Swiftwater PA 0 0
Contract To supply pediatric vaccines for CDC’s Vaccine for Children contract. $10,358,763 Swiftwater PA 0 -1
Contract HHSO100200800073I Modification 5 – manufacturing of clinical trial material in support of H1N1 clinical trials for Mix n Match and… $730,000 Swiftwater PA 0 0
Contract The contractor shall furnish all necessary facilities, equipment, materials, and personnel, and shall perform all services necessary to conduct three… $29,360,000 Swiftwater PA 31 -1
Contract To supply flu vaccines for CDC’s VFC vaccine contract $2,350,534 Swiftwater PA 0 -1

What Say You America? Was it All About the Money? Where has the Money come from? Where is the Money now? “We the People” are being taking for a last ride via AIR POLAND!

Dedicated to JoAnne, I finally got to use it 😉


Remaining Questions Linger Regarding the Gulf Oil Spill

I genuinely just sit and think quite a bit. I am my own little think tank. I don’t have to watch the entire avalanche of manure, that the Main Stream Media tries to spread around deeply and feed the masses into pacification, to know in my gut that it doesn’t add up.

Just some random thoughts and questions:

If originally ice/methane crystals were forming around the initial concrete top cap that was attempted to be positioned some time ago in the Gulf’s depths… why is it that concrete and mud now is easily flowing down the pipes without fail as the broken unit is filled?

How is it being filled if the cap that was placed on it weeks ago is sealed?

If that was all there was to doing a repair then why the delay?

If the oil has been dispersed with chemicals ~ is the composition or effect ~ heavier than water or lighter. If heavier, is there frozen globular masses on the bottom of the Gulf that will shake loose, detach during Gulf Storms or in anyway affect ships and wildlife at sea? If lighter, what is the immediate effect to coastal cities, their inhabitants, wildlife, and areas further inland from the fallout of treated oil, dispersants or any wild combination? For how long?

This is not a new kind of accident but a larger version, so why was this treated so differently with massive amounts of chemicals?

But if someone exaggerated all of the conditions, then where is all the money? You can’t have it both ways!


Connecting the Dispersants Dots to the White House

As the AP reports: New questions arise on dispersant use in oil spill

“…The EPA and the Coast Guard ordered BP on May 24, more than a month after the spill began, to cut the use of chemical dispersants by 75 percent.

The Coast Guard approved 74 waivers over a 48-day period after the Environmental Protection Agency order, according to documents reviewed by the investigators…”

1) BP answers to the Coast Guard and the EPA
2) Coast Guard now answers to DHS
3) EPA and DHS answer to White House
4) White House is responsible for the Waivers!


What Happens to Health Insurance Companies When/If Obamacare Comes to Pass?

By the way, just a way early head’s up to Health Insurance Company Workers… do you have a game plan? If health insurance coverage is only a small portion of your company’s overall interest, you are probably safe in your future, right!?! Doubtful. When income declines in a business, personnel gets cut to the bare bone. If it’s a greater portion of the company, will it be taken over by the government, right? hmm? That worked out real well for the auto industry! NOT! Important questions should be asked or career paths quickly adjusted!

Either way you slice it, there is a storm coming to the industry as long as this Bogus POTUS continues to operate against the American peoples’ wishes. There will be a cleansing of the industry(and it won’t be healthy to employee goals) and a major job loss… Do You See It Now?


Still Waiting on Info Regarding New York City Subway “Suicide” Sodium Cyanide Boy

Questions, Questions, and more Questions…

It has been nearly a month, and no information has been forthcoming on this little episode from the “worry up the wait and see O’drama administration”:

NYPD: Suicidal man causes subway terror scare – http://ht.ly/1FfnI ok, where did the kid get it? hmm?



LABORATORY CHEMICAL SAFETY SUMMARY: SODIUM CYANIDE AND POTASSIUM CYANIDE – hmm? & two water bottles in NYC http://www.geneseo.edu/~ehs/Lab%20and%20Art%20Studio%20Safety/Sodium%20or%20Potassium%20Cyanide.htm

Do the “stories” make sense?

Does the excuse make sense?

Where is this guy now?

The science is telling, even as the “cone of silence” descends!


The Community of the White House Administration and Organization

The White House Administration continually bashes anyone who questions, with real questions, even during a scheduled Daily Press Briefing with guess what? The PRESS! Sorry, April Ryan of American Urban Radio, you have been reprimanded for that inquisitive nature you possess. Community organizers don’t engage, they only enrage with disparaging remarks. April you needed to find information, how dare you! The community of the White House Administration and organization shows respect to no one, to nothing, to no place.

Let me put this into terms that “Gift of Gab Gibbs” can comprehend. Let’s use his own “child analogy”, but I will use my own example over the years. Let’s delve into my late 40s. Wife & Mother 30+ years of “Real World” experience married to Husband & Father with 30+ years of “Real World” experience. Child with 13 years of “Life” experience attempts to convert a view for own advantage or to engage in unwise opportunities. 70 years of experience in Life & Real World deflects the potential of problems with clearing the air of the whys, wherefores, and never wills. Disasters averted.

Now let’s go further into this analogy. The White Press Room is filled with members of the Press with an enormous amount of journalistic talent and real world experience. They also have a huge amount of time invested in Daily Press Briefings over many administrations. The Press Pool has been tooled for a bit recently, but separately and collectively, they are nobody’s fools. Gibbs, you have been at this 11 sadistic months and your force field is falling down. Your lack of real world experience and life is on display. Dignity is not your strong suit either. ** Just a tip, a casual observer like myself can see the “progression” and “recession”.

Finally, let’s look at the Usurper and the populace of the United States and beyond. The collective lives on the planet can see the gross dereliction and bombardment of hate and distaste that this “Progressive Organizer of World Order” attempts to thwart upon the backs of those outside the loop of the Washington Beltway. Gibbs you can block the way for only so long, because the dirty laundry is all out there. Millions are now progressing forward for answers to real questions expecting real answers. The  “honeymoon” is long over and the in-laws are knocking at the door. There is a collective long term memory with a critical mass of individuals on the planet. **Just another tip, the army of labor unions is lazy, the Chinese are getting nervous, Climategate is a bust and a boil, the Health Scare Bill is ridiculous, the Stimulus Bill has had the chicken guarding the hen house,  our military has been abused, and your supporters are jumping ship, and your progressive leadership skips out. Impressive.