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The Bastard in Chief

And there is nothing glorious about it~OBAMA

Some children grow up angry at the world, some people who never grow up live that dream, what a sad paramount

The Lies
The Exploitations
The False Promises
The Scandals
The Mirrors
The Thugs
The Czars
The Unions
The Backroom Deals
The Gulf Oil Crisis
The Lost General
The Parties
The Fundraisers
The Golfing
The Ploys
The Gaffes
The Distractions
The Childishness
The Usurpation
The Indecision
The Whining
The Grimace
The Flies
The Rats
The Marxism
The Socialism
The Communism
The Disrespect
The Twisted Agenda
and more….

Did the masses of your poor supporters and union stooges come to realize yet what an excessive grandeur and pompous Bastard in Chief you are?  And who is exercising every opportunity in emptying the very coffers of those same citizens? By the time they realize that you have totally screwed them over with your Cracker Packing Team, 2012 will be here, and they will be left holding the bag. When they wake up and visit Washington, DC, it won’t be peaceful like the Tea Party! A dictator and “We the People” are soon parted! 2010 USA on the Mend! 2012 USA will ring the Liberty Bell again.


777truthsetsufree | June 17, 2010 | 7:18

let him expose his own lies! words, words are all he has, and they are all lies!



The Demise of the Democrats- Despised, They Continue to Bail- Now Evan Bayh

Senator Evan Bayh (Democrat -Indiana) has not been feeling the love for some months now: “eBay Dons a Hoosier Political Hat”. That little bit was seen worldwide! Big announcement today via the Weekly Standard: “Evan Bayh to Retire“. The stinking rats are leaving the sinking ship that they have created!

Say goodbye and good riddance to Evan Bayh at his Congress.org site as he has failed you Indiana and now bails on you! Cowards are breaking through the political dam weekly and weakly. The flow is starting to look like Johnstown, Pennsylvania.