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Visiting Amerian Grand Jury BlogTalk Radio Tonight

I will be there tonight!

Note: before I share the information about the BlogTalk I wanted to apologize for the newsletter not going out on Tuesday. Instead, it will be out this Saturday. We have a lot to tell you in the newsletter. The week was very busy with the American Grand Jury Blog receiving over 70,000 hits in just 6 days.

blogtalkAmerican Grand Jury BlogTalk radio is happening tonight, Thursday, April 8th.

Local times are 7:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Mountain, 9:00 PM Central and 10:00 PM Eastern.

Welcome tonight!

Bobbi Miller from Arkansas and Bill Miller from Missouri (no relation), both American Grand Jury members, will be our guests tonight. Bobbi is planning a get-together in Little Rock, AR when the Spring Tour arrives in May to serve the Grand Jury Presentments. Bill will be traveling with us on the Tour. We are going to talk about the Spring Tour and then open the program up for callers.

The show will last 1-hour. We will take the calls in the last 30-minutes of the program.

For those of you that can’t join us the program is being recorded. You can visit the BlogTalk radio link the following day and download the show in .MP3 format to playback on your computer.

Your American Grand Jury hosts are Bob Campbell and Phil Dedrick. Jackie Morrison from California is your host in the AGJ Chatroom.


The call-in number is: (347) 215-7787

The Private Chat room for American Grand Jury BlogTalk is here:


You are ALL invited, so BE THERE!


April Fools – Dimwitted Dems Keep Staging and Exaggerating ‘Attacks’

Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democrats are so mired in future attempts to socialize America by any means possible including but not limited to the use of lies, staged and exaggerated ‘attacks’ that they have failed to keep up the “Epitome” of Martyrdom. I looked over and through the supposed and heavy liberal writings of the Lame Stream Media regarding these so-called ‘attacks’ after the Health Care Bill and they are not reporting reality (Big Surprise, Not).

I don’t recall a Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democrat having a finger bitten off, beaten, smacked, shouted down, spit on, eggs thrown at, hospitalized, thrown to the ground, kicked, shot at etc by any TEA Party Member at the few events that Democrats have held openly? How many TEA Party Patriots/Conservatives have been documented, filmed, named, recorded, or prosecuted for any attacks? None! How many Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democrats and their minions (ACORN, SEIU, MoveOn, Code Pink et al) have been filmed, named, recorded or prosecuted for attacks at Conservative events? ALL!

How many wild, strange and unique events were reported – unverified and un-researched – but were attributed to Conservatives by the Lame Stream Media? These same events, were discovered shortly to be enacted by members of their own frenzied Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democrats and their minions, but without Lame Stream Media retractions that were due. One was even a suicide, remember Kentucky? Updated Afterthought: Texas anyone, twice in 1 year?

But all this slop starts at the top with a BOGUS POTUS and his shoddy example!