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Is the House Ethics Committee Ethical?

The Hell House of the Demonic Democratic Congress

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Standards of Official Conduct is actually working for, and in the best interest of “We The People”. It may be for a change or for show, but Mark the Days that Princess Pelosi lost her reins of the corruption over revelations that may continue all the way to the top (including herself) and the entire Congress.

From Rasmussen Reports today:
60% Say Most in Congress Can’t Be Trusted With Top Secret Information

The only ones that seem surprised are Congressional Members!

Mr. Rangel and Ms. Waters it appears that the subcommittees are comprised of two different groups. That creates independent results. Pulling the “Race Card” is a nice touch, but everyone sees the hypocrisy. You had jobs that you were elected to, on your word and by your oath of office, by your constituents. You let them down. There shouldn’t even be an opportunity for an ethics committee to investigate you, unless there was a reason to begin with. There are better people waiting in the wings, to gladly take care of all that you failed to do within your job description and ethical conduct, this November via the polls.

Don’t whine after you are caught and exposed and attempt to deflect guilt and place the blame upon others with false innuendos. You deserve the highest penalties that can be handed down from your fellow Representatives and/or the Courts!



Patriots, the Space Race, Freedom Train and now the Reins of Socialism


What happened, who shut the door and is now trying to turn out the lights?

When the Freedom Train crossed the United States of America in 1975 and 1976, Patriots gathered to share the moment. It was the year of years for Patriots, the celebrations were far and wide. It was our 200th Birthday and we partied! We had grown in stature from rag tag bands of Patriots and Minute Men to glory in the Space Race. I was there and what a National Pride we had back then.

Fast forward to today… Patriot Tea Parties are castigated as “Racist”, Patriotism is ridiculed, and for darn sakes even the Astronauts-

Neil Armstrong Commander, Apollo 11

James Lovell Commander, Apollo 13

Eugene Cernan Commander, Apollo 17

of Hero-dom are defending space exploration.

How low will Obama go as we already know he is a Bogus POTUS aka Zero-dum. Real citizens know Patriotism and were members of the community, not under instruction of how to destroy it.

Tea Party On Fellow Patriots!