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Tools to Aid in Keeping Up With the Many Reports of Dead Birds Worldwide

Mass Animal Deaths Google map updated periodically.

Current View as of 1/7/2011

Another fantastic visual tool is the Havaria Information Service – AlertMap for more than just dead flocks of birds.

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The USGS National Wildlife Health Center Slack Chart

Mapping bird deaths just within the USA

Today’s additions that were largely unreported are:

Plainview, Texas
Unspecified at Nashville, Tennessee (Includes Davidson, Montgomery and Wilson Counties)

Around the world:

Saint-Augustin-of-Desmaures, Quebec, CANADA

I will update as continuing events unfold.


The USGS National Wildlife Health Center Slack Chart

You Just Can't Make Up Dereliction Like This

What happened to the counts for the last two Quarterly Mortality Reports for last year at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center? I know there were events. Geesh, not even 2011 has been entered in the year format! What a bunch of slackers! One would tend to think that there would be a phenomenal amount of information coming in over the last few days that someone should be entering. It would more than likely assist in any investigations!

Who’s running this country? Oh, that’s right, a Bogus POS POTUS, right into the ground… just like the poor birds, fish, and more!

Obama Columbia Sedition Trial Lastest Information That Resulted in Guilty Verdict

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More updates still coming up!