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Weinergate Resignation Rally Request By New York Constituents

Will the Lame Main Stream Media Report This…

Rally in Queens calling for Anthony Weiner to resign (Parts 1 & 2)

…or this video below? It is sadly staged with a tight camera aperture view of only the defiant and combative few? Is this the muster of the Liberal, Socialistic, Left-Leaning, Democrats for a self-confessed internet porn provider and liar… I just bet your moms are so proud!

Pro-Weiner Counter Protest


The Community Organizer in Chief Can’t Organize His Community

The Community Organizer in Chief aka Bogus POTUS has issues too numerous to list. However the only “job”, that has been confirmed, that he has ever held, he fails in… as applied to his community in the White House.

Just a short list:


Liz Birnbaum
Dennis Blair
Anita Dunn
Corey Ealons
Van Jones
Mark Lippert
Alison J. Nathan
Peter Orszag
Chris Oynes
Kal Penn
Desiree Rogers
Christina Romer
Larry Summers


Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose
Lou Dobbs Quitting CNN (Thankfully lands at FOX)
CEO Tony Hayward
Donald L. Kohn
General Stanley McChrystal
Owners/Operators of Auto Dealerships
Helen Thomas
Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner
Gerald Walpin


Democratic Politicians Fall to the Left and Keep on Falling

Liberal Lemmings Cut Their Noses to Spite Their Faces

Democrats appear to be the new lemmings everywhere. They only follow their “Shallow Hal” (Ever loving his Obamacare blindly) Obama and all of the shady and shifty leadership examples that have passed before them. They follow and follow until they totally have to jump off that cliff and commit political suicide and all human respectability. Is it so much to ask that when you have been voted into an office of such public responsibility and ethics that you conform to real world responsibility and ethics in your own life? As a political persona, you are expected to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the highest law of the land… were you just too lazy? above it? paid off? What excuse can you give for wasting Americans’ time, money and patience?

Under the Obama Administration and in no particular order-Slime Time Roll Call Random Sampling:

Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA 10th District) to Retire
Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) to Retire
Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY 29th District) Resigns/Retires
Baltimore, MD Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) Resigns
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY 15th District) on Leave?
Rep. Marion Berry (D-AR 1st District) to Retire
Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) to Retire
Rep. John Tanner (D-TN 8th District) to Retire
Gov. Bill Ritter from Colorado (D) to Retire
Rep. Vic Snyder (D-AR 2nd District) to Retire
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) to Retire
Rep. Dennis Moore (D-KS 3rd District) to Retire
White House Adviser Van Jones Resigns
Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA 3rd District) to Retire
Hoboken, NJ Mayor Peter Cammarano (D) Resigned after just 3 weeks
Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN 6th District) to Retire
Rep. Parker Griffith (D-AL 5th District) switched parties now known as Rep. Parker Griffith (R-AL 5th District)

There have been so many at various levels (so many that it would take hours to list) and there’s more to come… and if they trounce further without abate, the election cycles 2010 and beyond will take care of this. Tea Parties and sharing knowledge are making a dent. Keep up the fine work!

The Final Retirement:

Sen. Ted Kennedy Massachusetts (D)dies at 77
Rep. John Murtha Pennsylvania (D)dies at 77

I wonder if these were the new-fangled jobs Obama spoke of? hmm?

Why Bother to Bring Up Citizenship Bogus POTUS Unless…

Earlier this morning, Obama “graced” the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. He’s 1 for 2 on appearances at this event! As always he blathers on ad nauseum, but he provided another revealing speech bite or two (remember it’s not the voluminous rants that mean anything, it’s the tidbits):

“…Surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith…or for that matter my citizenship…”

Why would you even go there Bogus POTUS, unless… valid questions have not received valid answers, documentation was never verified and your POTUS position had compromised vetting? Is your little jab a way to create rabble rousing? You profess to call for “Civility” in this speech bite “…“Civility is not a sign of weakness…” aka SIT DOWN SHUT UP YOU”RE ROCKING MY BOAT!

Your citizenship does not appear to be a closed matter. Lawsuit after Lawsuit:
Bing Search 280,000 Results
Google Search Displays 10,200,000 results.
Yahoo Search 57,800,000 Results

The jig is up, the gig – done! Can you feel it now?
The best thing you could do for your family is to resign. Why embarrass your daughters with a removal by law or military enforcement?

The Myth of Right-Wing Hate

Has Negro Become Cool? Liberal Hypocrisy!

Time for a review of just how often the word Negro has been tossed around recently.

I am a Baby Boomer who was raised in Ohio during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. There was a somewhat privileged childhood that afforded our family a maid, her name was Cleo. She was a member of the family as well. I never referred to her race, religion, or anything else differently about Cleo growing up. She was Cleo and she worked for our family, just as assistants worked for my father. When I entered the school bus in third grade Cleo’s son was my bus driver. That was a prestigious job, driving the school bus to a Catholic school. I never knew racism or hate in my home or community and I did not live in a mansion but a three bedroom house. This was in the 60’s and I didn’t know segregation either, but I learned in school about the horrors of slavery (many different peoples throughout history), the Democratic led KKK, the crimes of The Holocaust, and social injustices throughout world history. Scary for a young child, but with the right level of intelligence, perspective and empathy developed. It served me well as a Navy wife, and no he was not an officer.

I have had friends from different countries, cultures, religions, sexes (and in between), and always introduced them as my friend – by name, not category.

What’s all the commotion with political leadership throwing out classifications continually and why are there separate labels for Social Clubs, Political Groups, TV stations, Radio Stations, Internet Sites and more? Some notable tracks on the internet:

Congressional Black Caucus: We’re Cool With Reid Calling Obama a Light-Skinned Negro

Ann Coulter to Al Sharpton: “Did Harry Reid Ask You to Stop Using Your Negro Dialect Too?” (Video)

Hello, Negro

NAACP: We’re Cool With Reid Calling Obama a Light-Skinned Negro Too (Video) Update, added link!

Reid apologizes for ‘no Negro dialect’ comment


Video: The exquisite timing of SNL

I have always considered myself a staunch Republican with Reagan values, with no Reagan in sight, I am a Palin supporter with Independent values. No party has my devotion other than the TEA Party, and any candidate I support will always have the majority of my values.

The Liberal Shaming of America! Harry Reid needs to resign!