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Coal Digging Paused in US, But Full Blown Deaths Occurring in Columbia

Today another “Five killed in latest Colombia mine explosion” and it is the latest in a long string of Columbia mining accidents. Still, there is no relief for the American worker and/or “Global” needs as THE Bogus POS POTUS makes jobs in the coal industry disappear. This is the only promise that he ever made, that he has followed through on, even as it eliminates many American jobs.

Obama on building coal plants in the United States (Sounds great until you listen to the death rattle he placed upon coal mines)

CoalMatters08 | November 02, 2008

“It will bankrupt them”

Certainly makes his left leaning lunatic liberal sayingYes We Can” linger longer than the coal industry imagined.

Were you listening Alpha Natural Resources Inc as you proceeded to merge with Massey Energy Company?

Is bigger better? Is bigger safer? America, take a look, it doesn’t appear to be so for government, and all of its attempted unconstitutional control? You just know there’s more to this story…

Hmm? The World Coal Association


Just Where The Stimulus or TARP Funds Are Not Going … Your Library!

Not to your local Library Branch or School Library

LibraryJournal.com reports:

Federal Library Funding Frozen, as Expected, in President’s Budget

Geesh, why help unemployed Americans with research on job skills or in finding jobs? You know one of the first resource expenditures daily is the newspaper and magazines that may have to be cut. What about internet services for those who have no computers or computer access due to job loss and tightening of their belt? What about childrens’ programs?

Chief Officers of State Library Agencies or COSLA are not amused in this “State Librarians ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by President Obama’s Freeze on Library Funding” press release.

According to Stimulus Watch 2.0 using the keyword – LIBRARY the results of 2009 plans for just the 50 (without specifics) returned show little to no implementation. Where is the money and jobs just on this Library search for 2009 let alone 2010 and 2011? hmm?