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Mr. Obama is Better than Criss Angel (Mindfreak) at Slight of Hand

However, Criss Angel actually fools his audience, looks good on camera, follows the rules of his profession, and CAN walk on water…

So what is the Bogus POTUS up to with his newest distraction – an Executive Order? Notice that there is no documentation number on his “order”, hmm? Notice there is no direction or revelation of what he is slapping into the UCMJ or the MCM, hmm? Where is the transparency? Oh that’s right, it was just lip service paid to the masses in 2008. Is this another activity to make him look busy? Who is running the country… into the ground? Is it The Bogus POTUS or a misguided Military Judge Lind under higher military orders? Where is the Cavalry for LTC Terry Lakin?

Something unusual is occurring in two places within this “order”. One is for the UCMJUniform Code of Military Justice and the other is for the MCMManual For Courts-Martial. This much is indicated – that it revolves around Executive Order 12743 and it obviously has a connection to the Court Martial process. Now I wonder why the Bogus POTUS is currently concerned with Court Martial clauses, rather than job creation, these days?

Pertinent Links:
MCM-2008 Manual For Courts-Martial
MCM_1984-change1 Change to Manual for Courts-Martial and Placement re: Executive Order 12743
Article: Executive Order 13350–termination of emergency declared in Executive Order… Change to Manual for Courts-Martial re: revoke… Executive Order 12743
Executive Order– 2010 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial Change to Manual for Courts-Martial re: amended… Executive Order 12743

Where is Brig. Gen. Colleen L. McGuire?