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The “Slaughter” of the American Population Via Approval of Abortion Backing in Health Care Shill

I find it alarming that a source of contention in the Health Care Shill that the Demonic Democratic Congress is spinning has to do with shoving the abortion plan upon all of America (openly yet covertly) with a side fake of slipping managing student loans into the bill.

Who has been “twisting arms” in Congress for Obama? Who has a “blood is thicker than water” older brother who could also be known as “EDITORIAL: Obama’s mad science adviser” for views on abortion or “Rahm’s Emanuel’s Brother Declares Fat People Bad for the Economy” for views on overweight American citizens. His uplifting works (sarcasm) would have been on Dr. Frankenstein’s top shelf!

Now follow along with me here on this scary road of servitude vision but:
*The government wants to issue and control health care with a shoddy, criminal and unconstitutional use of force upon the citizens in any way that they can, strong arming, bribery, sweetheart deals, sacrificial Democrats, etc and shove this bill that the majority of Americans do not want.
**A Super Center Abortion clinic is opening.
***The “arm twister” is brother to the NIH Chair of the US Dept of Health and Human Services who has authored writings and spoken words that the majority of Americans soundly reject.
****When will forced abortions be implemented to control or ‘select the proper’ population? hmm?

*****Has anyone at the White House embarked on a vision of deleting obesity in a particular portion of the population? Why yes they have – Mrs. Barack Obama.
******When will food be rationed or “apportioned” under the guise of keeping citizens’ weights under control? hmm?

There are more omg moments, but I will let you dwell on this for right now. The Health Care Bill is a sham and you don’t give power of the pen to a mouthpiece in chief aka the one… the phony…  Bogus POTUS.


And the Goad Show Continues on the Road of Health Care

It’s apparent that Obama has now instituted another flip-flop with the advent of the current Goad Show. At first I thought he had confused the terms “Goad” and “God” but with further thought it appears that he’s the Goat that wants to Nanny State the United States of America. The showcase is now a “whining” in Pennsylvania aka Campaigning until the End of his Administration days.

Obama To Republicans: ‘You Had Ten Years’ To Focus On Costs

Wonder what all of his disastrous and frequent “road trips to sell a bad bill of goods on America” and this proposed unconstitutional directive have cost the people? hmm?

Trying to Break a Broadway Record With the Health Care Road Trip

Who knew that Bogus POTUS wanted to break the Broadway run record of the “Phantom of the Opera” via the Health Care Scare aka Obamacare by taking it on the road……….again!!!! Can we say “Beating a Dead Horse”, dragging it through the dirt, stomping on it, setting it on fire, and expecting to ride it?

What Bogus POTUS fails (and there are numerous failings) miserably at is…..numbers. If one looks at the sloppy election that neutered our country, you will see that: A majority of Americans did not vote. Of the minimum who voted, the questionable majority of that minimum voted him in. Now the true majority of Americans are awakening daily to the tactics of this sham and shame upon America. He has placed the majority of Americans on ignore as he carves out his niche with his select “sheeple” followers. He plays and plies them like a “dead horse” as he lies over and over and over again.

But keep pushing that “drug” Bogus POTUS, it’s the only job you really feel comfortable doing. Yet…. another failure as you are hell-bent on selling a dirty bag of tricks. Maybe you are closer to being the Phantom of the Opera than any kind of leader of the United States of America.

This UPI article’s title: “White House push healthcare final steps” says it all!

Senator Jim Inhofe Calls Al Gore Out and Climategate at EPW Hearing

Global Warming receives the Cold Shoulder at Congressional Hearing

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) reveals the direct scams at the EPW hearing as called on by none other than “Chair-Ma’am” Barbara Boxer:

Inhofe Releases Climategate Report During EPW Hearing

Senator Inhofe was just getting started for the day as he entered a discussion with Neil Cavuto on FOX today regarding Al Gore and the huge scam and scandal that has been declared “Climategate”:

How’s that Dopey Climate Changey going?

It’s over Al Gore, the world knows and no one is covering for you anymore. They are calling you out everywhere and at every opportunity. It is past long time for you to mail back that Nobel, Oscar, and Money (not Carbon Credits, that game is done too!).

Oh but it’s on to Greener Pastures and easy pickings “Al Gore fund invests $10 million in GreenRoad project“. I bet Al that you could have built your own little company and provided jobs directly within the USA! What a Patriot, NOT!

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