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Nanotechnology and “We the People” of the United States of America

So you haven’t heard about Nanotechnology

You might want to get curious, very quickly as Nanotechnology: Agriculture and Food R&D explained in 2006
New Nanotechnology Products Hitting The Market At The Rate Of 3-4 Per Week in 2008
FDA Nanotechnology Public Meeting September 8, 2008
Algae farming for biodiesel with nanotechnology via Ames Laboratory
Algae-Powered Latro Lamp Transforms CO2 Into Light June 8, 2010
With Exits Elusive, Harris & Harris To Take More Stakes In Public Cos. via the WSJ June 28, 2010

Nanotechnology – Age of Convergence

mondosci | June 21, 2006 | 4:33

We are approaching an evolutionary event horizon, where the organic and the synthetic, the virtual and the “real”, are merging together into an operational ecology, an existence morphology for which there is no precendent in the history of which we are currently aware, catalyzed by nanotechnology – http://www.historianofthefuture.com

A science video discussion on what is nanotechnology? Will it change the world?
Nanotechnology Inventories ~ interesting alignment on the United States of America map! Coincidence? Doubtful!

Don’t forget to check out Nanoremediation Map aka Map of contaminated sites utilizing nanotechnology…

…and Nanotechnology stocks which probably explains a portion of “Firms abusing Kyoto carbon trading scheme: watchdog“.

You see… it’s all relative! Follow the money!



Cap + Trade + Climate + Change + Carbon + Credit = Destitute Populace

CAP and TRADE is like putting the groceries, shovel, fishing tackle, linens, and everything else into that “cart before the horse”. The horse can’t push that overfilled cart. The Gulf Oil Spill/Spewing is a historically disastrous man-made release of gas, oil, and other toxins into the water, land and air on a continual basis – that can not be regulated. Why even try to regulate any other form of energy or usage at this point? It is a lost cause and the dimwitted Democrats must now be fully aware, unless, they have come to believe their own scripted spin! This isn’t some game of “Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire” and Al Gore should not be the star player to cash in.

Just who will decide and when, who is the greatest contributor of Green House Gas (aka the biggest load of BS), and what the penalty for same ~ when the planet, via the hole in the Gulf of Mexico, is emitting extreme quantities of gas into the atmosphere.

And if you think this has nothing to do with the “Collective’s Agenda” of Climate Change, think again ~

Who in the United States of America, stands to gain financially, from passage of the CON that is nicknamed the “Cap and Trade” bill?

Maybe Al Gore Purchases Carbon Credits From A Company He Himself Owns?

Maybe Members of CCX?

And more to be listed over the coming days, weeks and months!

Who is profiteering?

Maybe Report confirms 2009 voluntary carbon market slump?

Maybe Global Carbon Exchange?

Maybe Save the Planet – Buy it!

Maybe LOBBYING: Chicago Climate Exchange seeks D.C. muscle on climate bill
*1–hmm? An interesting document aka Lobbying Permit? http://www.eenews.net/public/25/12260/features/documents/2009/09/09/document_cw_02.pdf
*2–hmm? An interesting picture and web http://www.muckety.com/Senate-Committee-on-Agriculture-Nutrition-Forestry/5015805.muckety

NOTICE HOW NOBODY EVER CLAIMS TO KNOW ANYONE ELSE EVER? But there are always ties that bind!

Does anyone believe the Founding Fathers had in mind, circumventing, when they built this Republic? Neither do I!

This site says it all in the first sentence: “The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is a voluntary GHG emissions cap-and-trade scheme based in North America…” and on another link we find Marine Sequestration. hmm doesn’t that diagram look faintly familiar?


The Scheming and Scamming of America by Obama and Paid Off House Representatives

So the Scheme Team of Obamatrons with their bags of goodies in hand can leave Washington DC knowing that the United States of America has forever been crippled by their voting for the Health Care Shill Bill. So many Judases in one building!

The USA can now be known as –

United SEIU of America
United Socialists of America
Union Sellout of America
Unicom Socialists of America
Uninformed Society of America
Universal Socialists of America
United Sellout of America (by Democrats)
Uber Socialists of America
Unification of SEIU and ACORN

This reminds me of a previous takeover of a country by a psychotic leader with a similar agenda. Hitler was at least transparent!

We’ve got you Liberal Progressives figured out, watch the polls in November! Our country is under siege from within – and it has begun in the Executive Branch, enabled by the Legislative Branch, and ignored by the Judicial Branch. God help us all!

*By the way John Boehner you gave a powerfully moving speech. Patriots salute you!