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Hippy, Dippy and Skippy Pay Lip Service at WH Briefing While Japan Sizzles and WNFM Fizzles

The US has become a national headquarters for Loser Leadership as Hippy, Dippy, and Skippy pay lip service to the Yellow Journalists at a White House briefing today ~

As usual nothing to see or learn there…

Trying to Control a Fear Factor Message on Radiation

and Backpedaling for Obogus on Energy Plans?

Chu passed quickly right over references to Japan’s radiation calamity, relaying no current information, and did not bring WNFM’s 38th Annual Meeting in Seville and Attendee List to the attention of the journalists… hmm? I wonder why not? I mean we always seem to know about OPEC’s meetings,  so why are we not informed of the World Nuclear Fuel Market meetings?


Enemy Combatants or the Enemy Within?


Seriously, Who is the Real Enemy of the American People?

Is it the “Politicians Who Own Stakes in Airport Scanner Companies“?

Could it be “The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet“?

Maybe it is the “Red Democrats File 1 – Lynn Woolsey Sponsored Communist Party Event” sitting in our U.S. Congress?

Do we have a “loose cannon” in the Secretary of State as “Clinton Told US Diplomats to Spy at UN“?

Is it an Usurper-Supporting Supreme Court of the United States, as provided via A Statement from CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) about the U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al.

Is it the Usurper aka Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama and his minions or his “Daddy Warbucks” aka George Soros?

Could it be the Lame Stream Media’s Yellow Journolists and Yellow Journalists?

Tip: the answer is YES to all of the above as it is the enemy within these United States of America!

Why Does the TSA Attract Sexual Predators and Hostile Employees Within Its Ranks?

February 27, 2007 Idaho Falls, Idaho
TSA Director Arrested at Idaho Falls Hotel For Indecent Exposure
His position – Director of the Transportation Security Administration in Boise

July 10, 2008
Denver, Colorado
Suspected Sexual Predator A TSA Agent
His position – Agent with the Transportation Security Administration

July 04, 2009
Newark, New Jersey
Police arrest TSA agent for avoiding screening before boarding plane in Newark Airport
Her position – Transportation Security Administration agent (Just very interesting)

January 31, 2010
Orange County, Florida
TSA agent arrested for molestation
His position – TSA agent

March 10, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts
TSA screener charged with raping 14 year old girl
His position – Transportation Security Administration screener

May 7, 2010
Miami, Florida
Small Manhood Jokes Lead to Miami TSA Officer’s Arrest
His position – Transportation Security Administration screener
*Note the provocative and deviant jokes for months from co-workers!

TODAY November 23, 2010 Atlanta, Geogia
TSA Staffer Accused In Abduction
His position – Master Transportation Security Officer/Behavior Detection Officer

The above links don’t begin to scratch the surface of corruption and deviants within the TSA. There are incidents of Drugs, Guns, and Thefts too numerous to list. Who is vetting these people with background checks? If they get absorbed by the Unions, they’ll learn even more gutter tools and tricks.

It begins at the top with an un-vetted Bogus POTUS, who illegally appoints an unskilled Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, who in turn, permits lax background procedures in TSA personnel.

With or without gloves, I wouldn’t want any TSA agent to touch me or mine!

Has An Executive Order Been Broken By or For the White House

Is this purposeful to make a portion of his ineligible position transparent so that no one pays attention later ~

West Wing Week: Mailbag Day Summer Edition

| whitehouse | August 13, 2010

Mailbag Day! This West Wing Week the administration responds to the letters and emails sent in by you. Find out whether the President gets stamps in his passport, learn about pre-existing conditions and the Affordable Care Act from Secretary of Health and Human Services, Katleen Sebelius, and see who gets to keep the President’s bill signing pens.

Just for good measure an attached link on Blip TV Obama’s Passport Close Up because I bet this video disappears real soon.

Executive Order— Presidential Records signed January 21, 2009

1 ~ Does every President seal their historical records and those Presidents before them?
2 ~ Does each President get a new Passport?
****There are reasons to Change or Correct Passport
****There are reasons to Renew Passport
But Obama’s Personal Secretary Katie Johnson explains “…The President does indeed have a passport,  in fact one of my first jobs when I got here was to fill out the President’s application for his new passport after he became President…”
Then why did Obama need to apply for a NEW PASSPORT?
3 ~ Has each President kept their Passport in a safe that is guarded?
4 ~ Why would the date of application be blocked from view as we know his personal secretary filled out a new application “…after he became President…”

Within the final clauses of Executive Order— Presidential Records signed January 21, 2009 there is this:

He negates this order with this statement:

“…(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person…”

This creates a benefit to the president which gives him the right to be president under auspicious circumstances whereas he is ineligible to be the president of the united states because he is NOT a citizen. The only way to prove this is by repealing this executive order for lack of executive power which he does not have!

Two Weeks After Denver Diplomat Fright Flight… “Bomb Threats” on Flight from LA to Florida

What has happened to the friendly skies? Just a little over two weeks ago we had the infamous Washington DC to Denver Plane “Explosive Attempt” and “Diplomatic Immunity” event. And now………….

Yesterday we had a crazed passenger on another flight subdued by crew members and passengers between LA and Florida with a side diversion to Albuquerque as reported by FOX NewsMan detained after trying to open plane’s door“.

I bet the whole episode would have been secreted away had not Kevin Kennedy of Major League Baseball renown been aboard. You can listen to his record of the event here:

SIRIUS XM Host Kevin Kennedy Describes Terror In the Sky on MLB Network Radio

What is up with the United States Department of Homeland Security aka Department of Homeland Absurdity? Where was an Air Marshall? Just a tip Bi-Polar does not show up on a Scanner! Best start thinking about building a better mouse trap. The failures of the Department of Homeland Security continue mounting to dangerous levels. When will Janet Napolitano be removed as Secretary by Bogus POTUS?