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The Tell Tale Signs

During all the riots, demonstrations, upheavals initiated by the Left Leaning Liberal Lunatics within the USA or instigated outside of the USA, have you noticed an oddity?

Those events where protests occur overseas, the majority of participants carry signs in English, not Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, French, German, or even their native tongue. Why would that be?

Then notice too, that immediately after an overseas demonstration event begins, coincidentally or, as if on queue, there appear like-minded militant participants, carrying uniformly issued signage, imitating riotous behaviors, here in the United States of America as a sign of support/solidarity? in all major cities? referencing democracy? hmm? Again… Why would that be?

This has been a consistent pattern since the Bogus POS POTUS usurped the White House. Would there be any tell tale signs of a connection? Inquiring minds want to know and will begin detailing soon, but a good start is Muckety and taking screen captures:

The Ti(d)es that bind are strangling the entire Planet purposefully!


“…Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…”

Opposing Signs?

What’s wrong on display via “That One“… a sign that nature and natural law is broken~

‘You know who I am’: Obama’s presidential seal falls off podium during speech

RussiaToday | October 06, 2010

The presidential seal fell off US President Barack Obama’s lectern, clattering to the stage, as he delivered a speech at a women’s conference on Tuesday. It happened about halfway through the president’s speech to Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women Summit” Tuesday night at Carnegie Mellon Auditorium in Washington.

The very precise sign supplied by nature and natural law of what’s right in America~

Honor Rally Geese Flyover

BerksCountyPatriots | August 29, 2010

AT precisely 10:00:00 a flock of Canadian Geese flew in formation (as they always do of course) right down the middle of the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial. Many were awed and moved to tears by the perfectly orchestrated act of nature.

I know what I felt at that moment. I know what I felt that day. May it never end in any of us.

You know in your gut, what your eyes reveal to be true. All the Signs (and a Video tribute to) are there! Vote Smart in November. There is too much at stake!

Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!

My Newly Found Favorite Sign – It Says It All

So much for Change – It’s Deranged!
So much for Hope – How much Dope did the Bogus POTUS smoke?


TEA Party Activism – Saline County Arkansas

No matter how the MSM spins it… the TEA Party has always been about out of control taxation as the sign displays.


Can Anyone Read This Sign at the Gulf Shores Beach in Alabama?

I often tip into the Live Cam at the Pink Pony in Gulf Shores, Alabama and today it suddenly looks ~ especially busy:

I would love to know what this worker’s sign says!

Sure is a lot of heavy equipment, is company coming?

Lots of boats out there suddenly, what’s that all about?

What’s that in the sky?


Equipment and boats? hmm?

I did try to get in touch with the Pink Pony but their phone was wacky. I really wanted someone to stroll out there and tell me what that sign said. Hopefully someone down there will let us know!


Hero Doctors / Physicians Standing Tall – Reason – Bogus POTUS and Health Care Takeover

Okay… so the Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democrats and Media – have attempted to paint honest people of all races, creeds, job titles, education levels or The Liberal Progressive Socialistic “social standards” – who attend and support the Tea Party Movement – opposition to higher taxes and health care takeover – as racists and other false terms. These lies, too, are now exposed. Hmm… the polls show it, the voices in the TEA Party events display it, yet the Lame Stream Media and the Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democrats distort the bi-partisan to multi-partisan TEA Party Movement. It’s all good though! The more you try to squash us with idle staged events, lunatic salted paid disruptors, and lies like your Bogus POTUS, the more we grow. 2010 Clowns Out of Every Town.

The latest mark of hero-dom are Doctors ( Military & Civilian ). One gentleman is both and I wrote a piece about him “Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin – Patriot and Physician Refuses All Military Orders“. For his patriotism though, the Army wants to examine him? “Eligibility challenger: Don’t touch my brain!“. Sure… a little sedation, oops, a little test, oops… Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin is a brave and intelligent man. And he is not alone in the request for the Bogus POTUS to reveal his valid documentation for examination and verification.

The other current Doctor Hero is Dr. Jack Cassell, a urologist, who is opposed to the health care takeover and tells Obama supporters by a sign ““If you voted for Obama … seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.” He rocks and rules his own business in Florida and has the authority to do so. Whine all you like about it http://www.mycongressmanisnuts.com/!

They both adhere to the “Hippocratic Oath”.
Modern Version
Classical Version

The AMA did not, and does not speak for a majority of Physicians, Physician Assistants, RNs, LPNs, Optometrists, Dentists, Interns and a variety of specialists but presented itself to America as such. By the way AMA you will be thrown under the Obama bus. It’s only a short time away.

These Doctors/Physicians are well aware of their U.S. Constitutional rights. God Bless America!

I would definitely carry a card saying that I didn’t vote for Obama. I seek out Conservative stores and store owners to make my purchases! This whole scam by the administration reminds me of the stimulus jobs when I asked many, “Do you know anyone laid off, or job closed down? Now do you know anyone with one of those fancy new stimulus jobs?”  The 1st question always had numerous affirmatives, the 2nd question always…crickets. Now updating the questions……….. “Do you know anyone who freely supported the Health Care takeover other than your elected officials for their own deals and bribes? Did you go to an after the Health Care takeover vote party to savor the scourging of America?” Bet crickets on both!

“Cold Reality” Contest Announced on Gateway Pundit Site

Just had to try out the contest. Having fun with Cabin Fever. 2 Days Left: Gateway Pundit “Cold Reality” Photo Contest– Up to $10,000 in Prize Money

Come on and climb on board the ClimateGate Distress! I know there’s a heck of a lot more talent than what I whipped up in a few minutes! See Gateway Pundit’s site for details, you could earn some $$$.