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Family Ties That Bind to Take Away Your Freedoms

Hillary Clinton’s baby brother was once married to Barbara Boxer’s daughter.

Sen. Boxer’s Daughter to Wed Hillary Clinton’s Brother at the White House. Of course it didn’t last long but it produced that solo offspring that often happens when Liberals intermix the gene pool for political gains. Tony Rodham and Nicole Boxer via Rodham’s Wikipedia:

“…On May 28, 1994, Rodham married Nicole Boxer, daughter of United States Senator from California Barbara Boxer, in a ceremony at the White House attended by 250 guests;[6] it was the first White House wedding since Tricia Nixon married Edward Cox in 1971.[6] They had one son, Zachary, in 1995[7][8] (who later held a unique distinction in that he was simultaneously the grandson and nephew of sitting U.S. senators), before separating by 2000[9] and then getting a divorce…”

I love how Ted Nugent describes the Stygian Witches as Clinton and Boxer are two of the maniacal three that his video interview addresses!

Ted Nugent – Gun Advocate (HD)

I have always had a HARD spot in my heart for Boxer since Senator “Ma’am” Barbara Boxer Slam Fest and Barbara Boxer Undermines Congress But Never the Title Senator and more. Look into the San Joaquin Valley & Delta Smelt.

And Hillary is a compost pile of deception with How Deep is Hillary Clinton in Bed With Projects Gunrunner, Gunwalker, Castaway and Fast & Furious? and What Are The Connections? and The Gates of Hell and Excess and more. Look into Huma, her “assistant’s” mother, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arranged political family marriages with one, or less, offspring create ties that bind and seem to be part of an agenda, hmm? But maybe a book explains it all, in the title, theme, and foreword, with this little cluster


Flash Mob Slobs Showing Their Idiocy in the USA… What a Drag!

When a national product produces a national commercial which proves that flash mobs are viewed foolishly by Americans, you would think the mindless minions would discontinue their radical adventures…

Idiot Example Commercial

Alas, they can not help themselves as they spout the most ridiculous statements that are self-defeating. Why were these tools not at work? Did they call in sick? We know Liberals have no scruples therefore they must comply as ordered… mindless minions. Un-Americans on display, place on ignore please as they are a drag.

The SEIU Rallies Around A Verizon Wireless Store, We Ask Why?

Uploaded by on Jun 16, 2011

It claims that higher taxes will help unemployment somehow and now the SEIU is taking it our on a wireless phone store. Sounds a little off target. ALG’s Brad Tidwell tries to make sense of it…and he has to try hard.

SEIU the Job Killing Crew, not one sharp tool in the shed!!!

Andrew Breitbart Gang-rushed at Netroots 2011

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This was nuts.

So a real journalist, with ethics, real facts, and truthful reports, stops by the unethical Netroots aka Nutroots and the Liberal shouts, hate-spewing extremism by the Nutrooters began. What a harass attack by juvenile delinquents. Bet your moms are so proud, NOT!

Union Workers Answer to Two Systems of Government… Suckers!

When will the average American Union worker wake up to the fact that they are working and funding two forms of government: One form of government in which “We the People” are represented and is the legitimate force – the republic of the United States of America… and the Oligarchy that is the Union system?

Were both systems built upon the backs of “We the People“… YES!
Do both systems gather funding while deducting from members paychecks…  YES!

But I ask you which system forces its members to wear colored shirts, get bussed to staged events, get instructions to attack verbally and physically, in conjunction with domineering socialistic organizations, other citizens and the republic of the United States of America? Seems to me that a uniformed army that follows all orders to attack citizens and officials of the United States of America is committing treason.

Bust a Union, Save America from Socialism!

When You Can’t Get a Real Job, Become a Community Organizer…

… for a Socialist Group or Union. Thug everyone around you until you have all the dirt that hurts… then pay plenty of lawyers millions of dollars to protect your own a$$. Now who has set this example to the T?


Ah yes… the Bogus POS POTUS?  He probably could organize (but one can ever know for sure since there are no copious Bogus POS POTUS records) but he definitely can’t lead jack or $hit.

You did your time new minions…  you have squeaked by and graduated from an IB college or high school. Now what? You come to grasp with clenched radical fists, the socialistic brainwashing, that you were taught right here in America, as instructed by the laws of Switzerland?!? Finally you realize that only the very best applicants who are qualified, get superior jobs. All others including IB bloomers, become radicalized activists with a warmongering attitude, as they can’t think or rationalize for themselves. Continually angry at the whole world for the poor choices they made, they lash out as directed.

So you take that job where everyone’s equal. Equally stupid because you paid how much money for your education and graduation certificate? Nobody gets fired and some don’t even work (but get paid), and that is fair for one and all? Then… then…  you get to go on special paid pre-arranged tours to beat the stuffing out of your fellow-American at Patriotic events. Some scream profanities and inflammatory rhetoric as directed by union leaders or community organization leaders who squander your union dues and/or tax dollars for their own benefit.

And you wonder why America despises Unions and Socialist Organizations?

Socialist States in America – A Badge of Dishonor – Distilled Thoughts or Fuzzy Math Stats

Do my eyes deceive me or do I see an EXTREME change in just 3 months?

The 10 Most Socialist States In America by Insider Monkey | Sep. 23, 2010, 11:30 AM
#10 North Dakota
#9 Ohio
#8 Maine
#7 West Virginia
#6 South Carolina
#5 Montana
#4 Vermont
#3 Mississippi
#2 Wyoming
#1 Alaska

The Most Socialist States in America The Street Published: Friday, 26 Nov 2010 | 1:47 PM ET
10. Rhode Island
9. Hawaii
8. Arkansas
7. Wyoming
6. Mississippi
5. New Mexico
4. Vermont
3. Alabama
2. Alaska
1. West Virginia

Or is this just another load of “Cock and Bull” story to get Americans comfy with the term Socialism or ?

Why Does Jonathan Narcisse Still Have Any Supporters? Have You Read His Records?

Obviously someone has never read my blog –

Iowa Alert – Jonathan Narcisse’s Phantom Threats vs Well… You Be the Judge
Jonathan R. Narcisse Received a Letter of Reprimand – Another Red Flag
Jonathan Narcisse And a Tale of Woe… and Whoa… Look at This!
Jonathan Narcisse Building a Party for Himself or Iowa?
Does Jonathan Narcisse Support Socialist, Democratic, Union or Liberal Agendas?
Iowa – Email Privacy Issues Follow Jonathan Narcisse Wherever He Goes
Jonathan Narcisse Has a Temper Tantrum and Pulls Out The Race Card on This Conservative Blogger
Mr. Jonathan Narcisse – INO (Independent in Name Only) ALERT to IOWA Voters!




From: Todd McGreevy XXXX
Sender: XXXX
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 XXXX
To: <undisclosed-recipients>
Subject: You Don’t Have to Hold Your Nose for Iowa Governor Race!

Good morning,
Many of you have shown an interest in supporting Jonathan Narcisse for Governor… he’s on the ballot Nov 2nd as the independent Iowa Party candidate.

Here is the link you can use to donate to Jon’s campaign and ensure the Common Sense Express finishes strong in these last few days. Feel free to share this email with your lists…

Below is a recent article from Elkader’s Clayton County Register. Great summary of Jon’s stance on the crisis in leadership Iowa faces…. he’s getting consistent media coverage in the smaller towns throughout Iowa!

Despite what the complicit dominant media want you to believe, a sixth Branstad/Culver administration is NOT a foregone conclusion. Jon’s been endorsed early on by both Democratic leadership state wide and at the other end of the proverbial spectrum, he’s endorsed by Iowa’s Tea Party patriots in many communities.

(I’ve had leaders of the GOP statewide tell me that they are going to support Narcisse, they have figured out they don’t need to hold their nose anymore.)

That’s because he’s the ONLY candidate on the ballot with the skills, experience and published solutions to fix a broken, corrupt Iowa government.

(check out 8 page tab he’s handing out on the 99 county tour: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39595377/Iowa-Values-Common-Sense-Solutions)

If you have not already, PLEASE take five minutes and visit Jon’s campaign site: www.NarcisseForIowa.com … there is so much depth there that outlines and explains Jon’s thoughtful and logical strategies to fix Iowa government.  White papers, embedded newspaper, videos… a vastly more comprehensive showing than  the Branstad/Culver ticket has to offer.

Please take a look…. see what he has to offer.
It’s well worth supporting.. and in these last few days, every little or large amount counts!
Thank you,
Todd McGreevy

Does Jonathan Narcisse Support Socialist, Democratic, Union or Liberal Agendas?

A bit of ancient and last century history~

Way back in November 1995 The Militant (A Socialist Newspaper) ran an article “Curtis Prepares for Hearing”  that details

“…This letter was sent to the Iowa Board of Parole on October 24 from Jonathan Narcisse, publisher of The Communicator, the major Black community newspaper distributed in Des Moines and Waterloo Iowa. It was written by Narcisse in response to an effort being organized by supporters of imprisoned union and socialist activist Mark Curtis…”

I would hesitate to guess that would be a huge YES on Support, Union, and Socialist! And to bring the reader up to speed, this is Mark Curtis!

Way back in the spring of 1996 the Capitol Area Christian News offers an article entitled “A Little National News for the Radical Fringe” and towards the bottom of the page incorporated within the piece one finds

“…The Des Moines Register (9 Feb.) responded with more integrity, even reprinting excerpts of the pamphlet. The publisher of Ankeny Today, Jonathan Narcisse, disgraced himself and journalism by firing Mr. Leach…”

What is to made from this decision and review, hmm? Wouldn’t Alinsky be so proud? Do Socialist and Union Supporters ever really outgrow their beliefs?

Fast Forward to Current Events~

So in March of this past year Mr. Jonathan Narcisse vows to run as a Democratic Candidate for Governor and dredges up a “prop testimonial” picture taken with Obama from 2008 as if that’s a winning decision. That campaign didn’t work out too well.  But then he goes on the “Crist” Twist or “Specter” Spectacle, because if you can’t win a spot on the ballot, double down and go Independent, and really waste time and money.

I’d have to say this confirms Democratic, then limping over to Independent as needed. Does Iowa really need a chameleon of the moment?

And yet there are more revelations to come….