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Doesn’t Seem “Fair and Balanced” When You Are Going to the Party, Bill!

Oh…let the spin begin…

Bill O’Reilly – Obama Super Bowl Interview

VideeWell | February 06, 2011 |

During the pregame show for Super Bowl XLV, on February 6, 2011, Bill O’Reilly interviews President Barack Obama. Topics discussed include the crisis in Egypt, how the presidency has changed him personally and politically, and the Obama health care law.

Who is the Pinhead now, Bill?


Patriots Are Aware and Unafraid!

We know the score, we understand how the deck is stacked, and we know that the markers are being hustled around the world. We have our groups and confidants all over the country and step by step we will return the United States of America to her pristine condition. You have not squashed the spirit of patriots nor squelched the voices of patriots in any way. We will never give up this land of freedom, willingly, and we are ever vigilant.

It has been another dismal year with the Bogus POS POTUS in charge of minimal minion worms. Obama has been viewed largely as a self serving talking head that can not be left alone to his own thoughts or without a teleprompter. He has angered many leaders abroad and has been placed on ignore by others. His rock star status that was advertised endlessly and foolishly by the MSM has turned into sands in the wind. His inexcusable ability to degrade the United States has been viewed by the world stage as he embarrasses himself, day in and day out. World leaders have not only refused to shake his hand, but even refuse to take his calls. All that “Hope & Change” has agitated the rest of the world and diminished what little respect that had remained in his most ardent supporters as they eventually end up under the Obama bus. The MSM will never recover from the deception they foisted upon America and their all fabled Bozo’s clock is winding down to his normal Zero status. He will never be re-elected to a second term and his cronies will never have a hell’s chance for the White House. Is this what Liberals were hoping for?

Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!

TEA Party On!

This administration’s years will be forever known for The Price and Fail of the Leftistlators!

GOP Pledge to America Can Be Used to Gauge All Candidates This Election

GOP Pledge to America

A useful tool this political season.

Remember: Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!

What Agenda 21 Reveals About the Federal Government Taking Over the Gulf Coast

Walt Disney’s It’s A Small World After All

PyrOmina | April 07, 2007

The Snoop Chick had another outstanding BlogTalk show Sunday night entitled: “Is the Federal government taking over the Gulf Coast” with special guest ~ Savant Noir of his own site S.P.I.N. and contributing writer at Canada Free Press.  His most intrinsic and detailed article has to be Artificial Paradise, Inc.” It is written in layman’s terms, and outlines the liberal future of tomorrow. This will surely bring everyone up to speed at a minimum and nightmares at the maximum.

A crystal ball viewing of Obama’s, that Savant Noir provided, was the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division of Sustainable Development aka the DSD. It reads step for step… the agenda that has been revealed since Obama attained office. There is no question who’s in charge of Obama’s global political agenda. Obama left the U.S. Constitution, the Spirit, the Unity, the Freedom and the People’s Will outside on the curb when he entered the White House.

Sheer coincidence… nothing is left to chance with this liberal megalomaniac agenda. Another confirming source of record is Freedom Advocates that notates every action and order that Obama follows via the UN directives and the consequences to “We the People”.

Would you care for a glimpse of the future?

Biodiversity loss: state and scenarios 2006 and 2050 that has been provided by, yes, you guessed it… the UN:

Environmental Knowledge for Change

GRID-Arendal is a collaborating centre of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Established in 1989 by the Government of Norway as a Norwegian Foundation, our mission is to communicate environmental information to policy-makers and facilitate environmental decision-making for change…”

He never intended to be a real President, thus being a Bogus POTUS, he cares not what he does. He’s just letting the money flow.

“Takin’ Back Our Country” in Song as the 65 Journolists Grows to 151

“Takin’ Back Our Country” Joyce Shaffer ©2010

JoyceUSA1 | March 22, 2010

Just as this song of declares by Joyce Shaffer, we’re exposing the deception of the Liberal Spin Masters and, taking back this country. The list of confirmed 65 Journolists that helped to drive a stake in the heart of America has increased to the transparent 151 and growing Journolists aka “Hacks in the Sack” for Obama. I bet Journolists, that your mothers and grandmothers are proud, NOT! Keep up Patriots, as the treasonous list increases. Remember who they assisted on a manic mission to destroy the USA!

Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!


The Loony Left’s ‘Yellow’ Journolist vs. America

Perry the Platypus at EvilCon

Courtesy of LTakeninja | December 03, 2008

The convention herd: ‘Journolist’ Casts Doubt on Mainstream Media. Sleazy, Slimy, Thug MSM Media;  put them together and what do you get ~ ‘Yellow’ Journolist!

I have called it out before:

Yellow Journalism Makes a Huge Comeback via Cable TV News on Tea Party Events

Newsweek to Newswreck – Sarah Palin Cover

And I’m sure I’ll call it out again. There is so much material on record! Best to move along, nothing important to hear from the 65 members identified so far and their cohorts, news stations, newspapers, magazines, etc. It’s time for a blackout of the Liberal Spin by America. Place them on ignore! Do not frequent or support their facilities, products, or advertisers. Nice doesn’t cut it when they watch and support the administration lies. I wonder how they would like unemployment for a change?

If a member of Journolist or any of the other “Hacks in the Sack” for Obama say that they are a journalist, they are not. Bias is not sanctioned in the U.S. Constitution. Americans have a right under the U.S. Constitution to expect a professional press, free of lies, half-truths, and personal agendas.

They practice Yellow Journalism and they have to repeat it constantly because they are so poor at it!


Conservatives Make a Daily Difference No Matter How It’s Spun!

More Racism at NAACP: Radical Obama Official Admits That She Openly Discriminates Against Whites (Video) Gateway Pundit has updated the title to reflect “More Racism at NAACP: Radical Obama Official Admits That She Openly Discriminates Against Whites (Video) …Update: Racist Official Resigns” and CNN further reports:
USDA employee resigns over statements about white farmer
So if you don’t think Conservatives can make a difference, think again!

Patriots never give up, they never give in, no matter the spin, we’re in it to win!