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Tea Party Express IV Stops Locally in Bryant, Arkansas

…on My Birthday – Party On! I’ll add more tomorrow, it’s been a busy day…

Marc Alan Lee’s mother Debbie Lee, a Gold Star Mom relayed the story of her son’s heroic actions and his ultimate sacrifice for “We the People”. Don’t let his life be all for naught! Vote Smart for a Fresh Start… America!


Early Voting Begins in Arkansas

People are fired up and ready to vote. It was a madhouse of activity at the polls this morning as early voting began here in Arkansas. All known residents!

This is the only, almost sign-free and people-free, photo that I could capture within a one block radius of the polling center. “We the People” are not fooled, nor amused by the ‘Party of Failure and Hate‘ who touted ‘Hope and Change‘. “We the People” are taking charge via the ballot box.  Patriots are Fired up and Ready to Vote! Can you hear us now?

An excellent reminder: Outrages to Remember Before Voting on November 2 via Canada Free Press.
If you see anything suspicious at your polling place: Voter Fraud Watch via Pajamas Media.

Right From the Start, Vote Smart this Year!