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The Ultimate Authority to Arrest the Usurper

Who is the Senate Chief Law Enforcement Officer ?
It is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate.

Who is the Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper of the U.S. Senate?
Why it is now Andrew B. Willison!

And his special ability is:

“…As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of the Senate floor, chamber and galleries. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United States…”

In the Senate Hierarchy:

 Senate Elected Officers and Officials

Secretary - Nancy Erickson Sergeant at Arms - Terrance Gainer Parliamentarian - Alan Frumin

Majority Secretary - Martin Paone Minority Secretary - Dave Schiappa Chaplain - Barry Black

This is why the Liberals and Democrats are on panic mode. If they lose the Senate… they may lose their necks to the ropes of treason and traitorous conspiracies in conjunction with the Usurper.

Next blog entry, I will update the second authority who has the outright ability to arrest Obama.


Shooting the Moon Over the Shores of Tripoli

Did de facto president Valerie Jarrett advise the Bogus POTUS to shoot for the moon and engage in war with Libya? Who is running this show at home in the United States of America or anywhere abroad across this planet?

So is the SuperMoon some alternative high sign read by the sinister Shadow Government to make another bold move to enslave the masses?

Why suddenly, after years and years, does the Middle East require a combination cleansing and enforced, sanctioned and encouraged governmental structure turnovers by the USA’s slum tenant – the United Nations?

Now… so that the United States doesn’t look like a loose cannon or lone wolf, it’s working in the pack formation at the rear and as a follower. What is wrong with our military br-ass (no typo), they must know that “US leads ‘Odyssey Dawn’ initial attack on Libya“?  The br-ass (still no typo) listens to a Bogus POTUS who takes orders from a de facto POTUS via a World Governing Body? Where is the real United States of America and where is THE TRUTH?

But one can surmise that this is yet residual and continual terror induced retribution upon Libya for Pan Am Flight 103, the misguided release of that plane’s bomber, and the knowledge that Gaddafi has of the current world leaders? Or is just about oil and money?

The Reality of Potential Radiation Fallout in the United States and Elsewhere

If you don’t believe that there’s any chance of radiation fallout from Japan reaching the USA then stop reading now…

If you know in your gut that something isn’t right or that the truth is not being revealed home or abroad you might want to read Dr. Blaylock: Japan Radiation Could Pose Threat to US.

Briefly he states the extent of damage and destruction by this potential cloud to lives and crops in the western USA would be huge to devastating.

But one would question if this invisible wind carried threat could reach and penetrate US airspace? History shows that balloons set aloft toting bombs from Japan in 1944-1945 reached the American Northwest including Alaska. Therefore, if these heavy ‘packages‘ could make it… nuclear fallout would have absolutely no problem. Plain and simple logic.

If you think the end of winter makes a difference in the air stream arrival, you would be right. From Fugos: Japanese Balloon Bombs of WWII:

“…The balloon bombs were released from Japan in the winter months when the jet stream is the strongest…”

Why does “timing is everything” spring to mind?

No Sympathy For Non-Productive Unions and Minions

My Grandfather's Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Pin

I understand unions, they are also a part of this family’s history. In the above picture one will see my Grandfather’s 30 year pin that I am soon to pass on to my son. My sister holds his 40 year pin. We took great pride in his retelling of achievements during WW2 with the one way he could physically support the war effort. His local even won the Navy “E” Award. Those were the glory days of what unions were. They were united in their professions to enable continuity at home and products for the military overseas.  My grandfather, grandmother, mother and uncle were always on the move to the next big project. It was a good life but one of many sacrifices as well. Oh, how unions have degraded…

Just over 20 years ago, I worked at a major furniture manufacturer as a claims analyst. My husband was in the Navy and out to sea for a 6 month cruise. I had upgraded my own work position while he was away to provide those extra expenditures that often occur while he was gone… like child care, auto repairs, pizza night etc. The position was fabulous and I excelled. However after a few months, I was exposed to the ugly underbelly that today’s modern unions exude…

The Upholsterers Union went on strike. They wanted to change their hours. They were hostile, menacing and threatened to harm the ‘office workers’ including me, and I was pregnant, at the time. I lost my respect for any union goons those months. When you want to tell a business owner what, when, how he was going to run the business he built, then you are over stepping the bounds. You are an employee only, you can be replaced and far cheaper.

Now the Unions want to tell all Americans how their states are going run their state budgets. I don’t think so. This is not the Union States of America. This is the United State of America! It’s a huge failure for unions to be seen continually whining about their overblown checks and benefits, while performance by unions is at it’s lowest level. Have you seen the low quality levels of educated graduates from high school and colleges?  Have you noticed auto recall after auto recall? Look around there are so many more failures. Why do union workers in any avenue constantly receive bonuses, awards, handouts, salary increases, and more via the taxpayers for such shoddy performance?

It does not look like unions reward their members with time served achievement pins of such quality any longer. Looks like cheap and low quality begins right at union headquarters. What does headquarters really do with all that money?

Happy Second Anniversary TEA Party in the United States of America

Two years and one week ago:

Two years ago:

A Tea Party protester holds a sign saying “Remember: Dissent is Patriotic” at a Nashville Tea Party on February 27, 2009.

TEA Parties are still standing tall against the Yellow Journalists aka in the tank MSM, the Ridiculous Administration, the Union Goons, the False Organizational Thugs and the Socialist Minions.

When TEA Parties are in the right, everything else is nothing but LEFT overs~

TEA Party On!


How Do You Fill a “Duece and a Quarter”? For $ 3.25 a Gallon Self-Serve!

It’s the beginning of bad times for all!

ah…remember the very good ol’ days…

If you have been on the planet, specifically in the United States of America, for any length of time, you will notice the sheer repetition of oil prices rising and Democratic ‘toolish’ Presidential terms. Patterns exist and constantly persist during Democratic administrations, not a quick spike that relaxes, but a gradual, comfortable, increase that doesn’t ever ease.

Jimmy Carter Idiot Move
Bill Clinton Obtuse Plan Caught
and today’s Bogus POS POTUS fallout results in:

I know that I shouldn’t complain as elsewhere others are paying more… however… you know if there was ever a time that “bailout monies” should have been used… it should have all been preparatory for this gouging of the American people. How much money was thrown at countries with nothing gained in return. How about restoring and repairing and enabling oil wells in the USA to operate. At least all of “We the People” in the United States would benefit from well controlled gas pump prices. But then again, this President, cares nothing for this country or the people. Obama has his own tooled agenda which proves more and more to be that of a Dictator like his pal Chavez.

Star Trek – The Gamesters of Triskelion – Eerily Parallels the USA at This Very Moment in History

Star Trek – The Gamesters of Triskelion – Eerily Parallels the USA at This Very Moment in History…

The entire episode, of The Gamesters of Triskelion uninterrupted, is well worth watching.

The Providers are disembodied brains who are only motivated by financial gains and control.

hmm? Like…

Thick Sick Skulled Liberal Mindlessness of Obama Bernanke Geithner

The Providers use a dark messenger sporting “The Wave” logo to achieve their goals.

hmm? Like…

Irony or Purposeful Tooling?

The Providers control their tagged herds to the point of using them to battle for amusement.

hmm? Like…

SEIU Flash Mob Terrorizes Banker's Child

The Providers punish the herds with sonic beams and lasers.

hmm? Like…

Iraq Veteran Gets Tasered DC Airport

The Providers display the ultimate greed on the final wager vs. the universal Patriot of Freedom… and lose the herds.

hmm? Like…

"We the People" Tea Party Members aka American Patriots!

Maybe this entry should have been titled The Gangsters of Washington?