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Iowa Lame Stream Media Can’t Handle the Truth!

Lame stream media can’t handle confrontations on allegations in Iowa or when radio stations stonewall, case in point:

98.3 WOW-FM

This radio station show should be titled a “A Lefty Liberal’s Opinionated Views Supporting Radical Political Candidates” and the call letters changed to 98.3 SOW-FM during the hours 1pm until 4pm daily. Obviously there is no background research, no real facts, nor a properly stated outline aka agenda, to warn the listeners that you might not hear anything other than a staged routine.

What part of the radio personality’s conversation or his interviewee is real, validated, and off the cuff? Listen in here:

Download this show

What is interesting to notate, is that it was unbelievable to 2 Iowa men, that someone in Arkansas was interested in other states’ elections and candidates? I don’t see this radio personality going very far if he’s only aware of his immediate surroundings!

I also followed up after the 11 am blog entry “Jonathan Narcisse Has Time To Trash And What About That Cash? IOWA HUGE RED FLAG!” this morning. Neither the radio personality’s program manager ever returned my call (but I was popped into the very voice mail of the radio personality and left a firm message) nor did the candidate ever answer his phone… again (so very accessible, NOT!). So as the radio show progressed today, I called in and spoke with the aforementioned personality. Somehow I managed to get through on the phone lines “during his break”. The conversation never made it to the air. No big surprise! Truth is not important! But to the daily listener and on the regular call in telephone number at (515) 312-0983, it was just after 1:20pm and for 8m 50s mark I was in holding mode and talk mode. After his “break” cycle ended at approximately 1:34pm, he went back live on air and stated to the effect that he had been on his entire break “talking with a birther”. One more story that doesn’t detail the truth. Again no big surprise!

When today’s broadcast is downloaded and made available make sure you listen to the first hour… it will once again validate what I am addressing. No one could make this stuff up. Hang in there though, it can take them several days to get around to downloading it!

Tomorrow, you should really call in, and ask the radio personality about the big Bert and Ernie news today, he’s up to speed on this inane bit of social evolution. But since he doesn’t live on Sesame Street, I don’t really know that he has a valid view point to offer or where his concern would originate?

One question that I had asked in my earlier blog today was answered though, while I was researching. The candidate’s spending now has been addressed via The Iowa Republican… and oh my… “I Thought Narcisse was a Third Party Candidate? I Must Be An Idiot” so the day wasn’t a total loss!

Arkansas – Wal-Mart Watching the Trends and Adjusts – Capitalism 101

Maybe the clueless current administration could learn a thing or two by observing professional marketing and excellent money managers with a proven track record.  But, No… Big Obama Government knows best, Who’s Your Nanny?

Could  Wal-Mart be observing the trending of economic hardships, food stamp recipient shoppers, and then adjusting the superstores and modifying the stampedes by re-introducing and start building smaller stores in urban areas. As the Wall Street Journal details in “Watching Wal-Mart at Midnight” it would appear so. Now that’s a “Capital” idea! Detect what to reject and inspect what you expect. That’s the plus side of owning  and controlling your own business without any government interference. Large or small, a business must be able to DO Business!

Another plus, for Wal-Mart in the world of business models, is that  Wal-Mart embraces military veterans, It is a wonderful resource for the transferring military spouses and teenage children for employment opportunities, and to quickly integrate into a new duty station’s community. Way back when… Woolco, Ames, and Sears served my family well but  Wal-Mart far eclipses those stores in variety of departments, community connections, and performance. It is a full service store and it is one company that I can say I was proud to work for, several years ago.

Even better for America, Obama’s Union pals and thugs consistently fail to destroy Wal-Mart, attempt after attempt ~

America… Bust a Union and Save America!

How is Blanche Lincoln’s Honesty and Integrity?

Lincoln in Tough Spot for Re-Election

Speaking of reform Blanche, looks like you will need to reform yourself because you are the Arkansas Pariah! Can you say “No Chance of Re-election”? Even the interviewer hovers over your impending doom at the polls…lol!!!!! You have a lot of nerve addressing reform as you openly flaunt your very lack of it.

Lincoln says she won’t return Goldman contributions:

…”I don’t think I’ve accepted contributions disproportionately from any group,” she said…

So Bye Bye Blanche’s justification is sharing in the wealth grab and spreading it to herself. If this isn’t the final nail in the proverbial coffin of her chances for retaining office, then she was snoozing rather than cruising that time. (much too long) It also proves that when you do all the talking, and fail to listen, you learn nothing… just like your hero the Big Zero!

BTW my tweet from earlier today:

Senator Blanche Lincoln gets tough w Wall Street http://ow.ly/1AUUE Lib San Francisco press won’t salvage @blanche4senate in Arkansas rofl

Hey Boston, Hey Tea Party Express, Hey Sarah Palin – Tea Party Like it’s 1773!!!

From: Press Office – Tea Party Express
Date sent 04/12/2010 11:04:10 am
Subject: Wednesday: Sarah Palin Leads “Boston Tea Party”


CONTACT: Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or Levi@FrontLineStrat.com

Gov. Sarah Palin to Headline Tea Party Express

“Boston Tea Party” – Wednesday – 10:00 AM

The national Tea Party Express (website: www.TeaPartyExpress.org) motorcade is en route towards Boston, MA for a giant “Boston Tea Party” that will be headlined by Gov. Sarah Palin this Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 10:00 AM.

Boston Common
Charles Street at Beacon Street
Boston, MA

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ****

Media organizations wishing to embed a reporter on the Tea Party Express national tour, or those seeking more information about the “Tea Party Express” or to schedule an interview with a representative, should contact Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or via email at: Levi@FrontLineStrat.com



Most of all just have fun and remember your “Tax Day TEA Party Checklist“!

It’s the kickoff to the next election season with full force. Walk, talk and carry yourselves like Conservatives. Let the Liberal Progressives Socialists know we stand together, while all they can muster is a pot shot of lies. They can continue to gloat until the November 2010 vote and beyond. The Tea Party Movement is alive and thriving and never tiring of supporting, protecting and defending the United States Constitution.

Great New Video Senator Scott Brown Massachusetts – People on the Street

People On The Street Talk About Scott Brown –

Scott Brown met with supporters in Boston outside of Fenway park. Hear what they have to say about why they endorse Scott Brown.

Massachusetts Vote Smart, State Senator Scott Brown to U.S. Senator Scott Brown January 19th, 2010. All of America is counting on you!