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Tale of the Two Tails

Fishing protest in Vineyard Haven harbor

capecodtimes | August 26, 2010

Watch as a flotilla of fishing vessels from around the East Coast descend on Vineyard Haven harbor to protest President Obama’s administrations’ fishing policies on Aug. 25.

Obama: “We’re buying shrimp”

JRMtubing | August 26, 2010

While on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Pres. Obama did not want to answer a question from a reporter about Iraq.

Who is running with his tail between his legs? Sad, when those who step up, are the Fisherman of our waters (leaving their work for a day and loss of income to make a stand) and who have more than “fish” guts and even the lowly shrimp (who have an exoskeleton) show more backbone then a Bogus “buying shrimp” POTUS as he ducks “We the People”. What a small, shallow human being Obama has become! The Jellyfish in Chief!

Could be people are just sick of the lying, controlling, and dictatorial decrees like this one of many:

The Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force slid through by an executive order.

A Megalomaniac Dictator doesn’t know different… until he’s toppled!