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Uncommon Knowledge Launches on Patriot Resistance

Launched this evening.

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Greg Howard Guests on Liberty Underground The Moretti Report

Greg Howard alerted all Americans today of the deceptions/omissions/lack of any real investigative effort by the Lame Stream Media’s account of the Tucson Tragedy and related stories. Unfortunately these are the times of the worst state controlled news sourcing in USA history.

However, with Greg’s latest entry “Who Exactly Is James Eric Fuller?” on his well visited website, Americans and the world can absolutely see that the “journalists” of old are outdated and under informed in research techniques and capabilities.

Greg also gave a smart and timely overview of the financial health of America today to the many listeners on Blog Talk Radio’s Liberty Underground The Moretti Report that can replayed here:

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Liberty Underground The Moretti Report Debuts TODAY!

Liberty Underground The Moretti Report is the newest conservative talk show to debut TODAY on the Freedomizer Talk Radio Podcast channel located on Blog Talk Radio. It will be hosted by JoAnne Moretti with associates Denise and Bobbi (this blogger) and an extensive group of researchers who will make special appearances, discussing current affairs, that matter to Patriotic Americans most. Listen in today and interact with us in the chat room. The scheduled shows will be each Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week 4pm EST – 6pm EST.

Also see us interact on The Snoop Chick Friday nights 10:30pm-12:00am EST where JoAnne cohosts with The Snoop Chick!

Fred Nordhorn Visits Blog Talk Radio and The Snoop Chick

Many discussions occurred on Vicki Nissen’s The Snoop Chick’s Blog Talk episode tonight including a visit with Fred Nordorn who is running as the Candidate for House of Representatives MD 8th District (Constitution Party). The show topic was “What are Dispersants Doing to the Gulf and its Residents?” and Fred was given quite an overview of potential designations and damages that could befall the Chesapeake Bay area via JoAnne Moretti.

Unfortunately there were many difficulties with the Blog Talk operations this evening and scheduled guest,Casey Nunez, probably had great trouble just trying to get through. However ShortRound82 (an avid listener of Casey’s) called in and advised Vicki’s listeners to catch some of the best video clips of the Gulf of Mexico events at jamescfox’s Channel.

Here’s one recent video:

There was so much information packed into this one hour show. Hopefully, Casey can make it next week.


Obama’s Happy Bird – Day!

About To

IOTW2009 | August 03, 2010

A Tribute to the Bogus POTUS’ Birthday, remember this?

Obama Looking To Kick Ass

climatebrad | June 07, 2010

6/7/10: President Obama tells NBC he’s consulting with experts on the BP oil disaster to know “whose ass to kick.”

A lot of talk and no action! Speaks volumes!

Hat tip to JoAnne 🙂


Evening with Major General Paul Vallely on BlogTalkRadio with The Snoop Chick

BlogTalkRadio with The Snoop Chick (her website the Truth is Not Always Pretty) brings us:

an Evening with Major General Paul Vallely.

Major General Paul Vallely’s blog Stand Up America US

The Charges

He took some time with the listeners to even answer call in questions. He is a TRUE military hero and a patriot. His famous request “We Need A George Washington!” needs to be addressed. We need a Leader for Health, Welfare, and the Future of our United States of America Now!

The Petition Drive is On! Get involved it’s now or never, tomorrow is too late!


Do You Really Want Amnesty for Illegals ~ America? Regrets I Have These Too

Once I was a young wife and mother in sunny southern California, oh so many years ago… I was carefree and totally wrapped up in my young family. I recall that when I rented an apartment there, my next door neighbors were young, well off, happening and harboring a secret. At the time, I really didn’t understand the consequences, results and ramifications of that secret the “wife” relayed to me. She told me that her husband had married her for a great deal of money, to ensure his bypassing of the immigration laws, and that he would become a citizen ~ prior to the time that they would eventually divorce. I never knew what country that he originally came from as we didn’t live there very long. I have a lot of guilt and regrets these days, as I now wonder who that guy was, and observe the details of the Russian Spy Ring and recent acts of Terrorism upon the United States of America.

Have you kept up with details on the Russian Spies? They have been here in the United States for quite some time, living “normal” lives, much as any illegal alien will do. Same immigration status, different agendas. What would be the status of these spies if amnesty was passed? Would those Russian Spies have been accorded the same opportunity of instant citizenship? Who has thought this whole process through? It definitely shows no tough research via the Obama White House and the whole flailing Administration.

Note: Amnesty wouldn’t be a second thought if there were not illegal aliens in the USA or the borders were protected and immigration laws were followed and enforced!

One has to ponder why Obama has to force sell his Amnesty Sham by way of his tools and fools: “Obama Enlists Radical Groups, SEIU, Labor Unions to Push for Amnesty” as he did with his Health Care Agenda? “We the People” know that he recognizes no one is buying his BS anymore or any less. And we do want less BS and we still don’t want his Health Care. There is a lot of Obama talk and very little Obama action. Do they know at the Unions, SEIU, and other Radical Groups that they will eventually be thrown under the Obama bus when their usefulness is done? Do they not realize that the jobs they currently enjoy, they will lose… with potential grateful instant citizens who would work for less? It’s self defeating. But with Teleprompter in tow, he’ll start his campaign promise tour again (not allowing oil in the Gulf, Russian Spies, and more to impede his progressiveness) 2 years ahead of schedule. Oh that’s right, he’s never stopped campaigning.

Well it was a worse start up stump speech then I imagined, a vague and opaque history lesson full of errors and platitudes. Once a talker, only a talker and the GREAT DIVIDER ~ Obama. View of TRANSCRIPT: Pres. Obama’s Immigration Reform Speech.