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The Government Challenge Contests & More Taxpayer Dollars To Be Wasted

Now why would the government be running contests when these are private sector jobs and services that are being requested? Wouldn’t this also create real jobs and contracts? Check out what I found on Walmart Classifieds this evening:

Well now, as I am as curious as all get out, I pop on to the Challenge.gov site directly. Lo and behold there are several to many contests listed and some crazy monies (these of course belong to the taxpayers) to be awarded to winners? Like this one

Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize

Created by U.S. Department of Energy

The L Prize competition will substantially accelerate America’s shift from inefficient, dated lighting products to innovative, high-performance products. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the L Prize is the first government-sponsored tec…

in prizes

Then I spot at the bottom of the various contest pages this note:

Challenge.gov is an official website of the U.S. government.
Administered by the U.S. General Services Administration
in partnership with Challenge Post.

So I click on the partner ChallengePost.com and open it up to see more contests including this one that just blows the mind Apps for Development Posted by the World Bank, Washington, DC.


Apps for Development

The World Bank is challenging the public to create innovative software applications that move us a step closer toward solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.


The World Bank, Washington, DC
The World Bank WANTS



I see all of this several ways:

Culling for cheap ideas
Avoiding creating jobs
Building a data base of creative innovators
Taking advantage of today’s youth
Buying votes through “hope” of fame and fortune
Avoiding bids by the government and just who will be winning these “contests”

Talk about backdooring and potential nepotism to friending awards, I’m just saying!

All On The Taxpayers Backs, the government spending money but providing no jobs… again!


Alinsky Followers – Pinheads for All Time

Rules for Radicals? What a misnomer as the first lie was established on the book’s cover… Radicals have no rules, no scruples, no thoughts of their own. They become a collective, in other words, a mob.

Anyone, who engages in the practice of Alinsky tactics is just a faceless Tool to the collective and has been brainwashed on broken promises.

There is nothing to fear from these Tools’ antics. They are not embracing a long enduring message from the ages like Socrates, and Alinsky was no philosopher. Alinsky Tools have no quotes of analytic philosophy reference and no lofty educational information derived by his “work”. In fact, he was not respectable enough to be included on a philosophy list. That alone is enough to invalidate his worthless contribution to the world. The goon master Alinsky may be dead, but he birthed several lunatics, who continue to believe that embracing his rotting thug diatribe is a license to steal from the American taxpayers, lie to the American citizenry, and attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government. Now… just who… embraces Alinsky?

Green, the Pacific Northwest, Dead Zones, and Snow Jobs

As I am visiting Washington State (one of my many old stomping grounds) this next week or so… I have to ponder on this article in the local paper from last night which has a link online as well: Ocean Study: Future far more blue than green Deterioration: Dead zones off NW coast a sign of serious health decline

I would hesitate to guess that some aren’t falling for the “Green Agenda” even in the culturally environmental friendly Pacific Northwest. Definitely more snow jobs occurring up here than are falling over the Cascades or Mount Rainier! Still the liberal shills appear to be flaming the Mean “Green” Cap and Trade Machine. The Green is the the money involved as the earth is always cleansing herself through: earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides and all other “natural disasters”. A bill or law signed will not prevent any one of those events, however it will line the pockets of many a politician who have placed their bets on Carbon Credits wheel of misfortune.

Since Climategate has been released, and inaccuracies in procedures have been validated, one would tend to believe that the United States Global Change Research Program (another government department) would have disbanded and saved the American Citizens and Taxpayers some overspent Greenbacks! You will just adore the USGCRP’s What’s New Page. With all of the associated and interconnected government agencies emblems floating at the bottom of any page on the USGCRP’s site, one just knows that warm and fuzzy feeling that Global Warming is just around the corner and these agencies under Obamatron orders will be there immediately to assist the public at large. Hmm?

Call a friend who lives in or around the coast of the Gulf of Mexico… they’ll set you straight on that rapid response time to a natural or “MAN-made” disaster by the Obama administration’s agencies. Don’t hold your breath for truth and/or anything of consequence!


Illegal Immigrants to be Held at the Border via Janet Napolitano…

… it’s just not for the United States of America, anywhere! But it will be funded once again upon the American Taxpayers’ backs ~

Janet Napolitano offers to help put stop to illegal border crossings — in Saudi Arabia

“…In late May, Ms. Napolitano met Saudi leaders to discuss a range of security programs, including training, joint exercises, intelligence and arms sales. Officials said both the Americans and Saudis agreed that the Iranian-backed Shi’ite insurgency from Yemen was the leading threat to Riyad…”

So, according to the Lunatic Liberal Left Socialistic Progressive Democrat Bogus POTUS Obama, his minions, appointees, union thug buds, and several liberal cities, border enforcement to begin this July at the Arizona border is a problem.

Hello ~ It’s Constitutional and now it’s drilled down to Arizona State Law.

Where is the leftist indignation on racial and religious profiling that our Government Leadership is supplying with our tax dollars tied up to do the exact same thing on foreign soil (and on both sides of that border)?

Our United States Laws versus their Saudi King’s demands? Who’s running the show?


Army Private William Long’s Murderer Continues to Game the System

Army Private William Long

… was it only three weeks ago when I suggested… “One would suspect he’s bucking for a future insanity plea. I vote Gitmo!” …when I referred to the Whacko Radical Domestic Terrorist and Self-Proclaimed Muslim Convert killer of Army Private William Long in Little Rock, Arkansas?

Why yes, it certainly was and it looks like he’s building his defense while incarcerated, on the taxpayers’ dollars, “Mental Exam Set for Man Charged in Soldier Death” courtesy of KATV’s report, and to be defended by the taxpayers’ dollars. How many crimes will this slime continue to commit, even while incarcerated, before we say “Enough is enough”? By the way nice touch Dad, a little icing on the cake? Gitmo is calling, I think it is high time that call is answered! Someone is gaming the system!

House Republicans Support the US Constitution and “We the People” New Press Release

Press Release
House GOP Leaders to Force Vote Tomorrow on Measure Blocking “Slaughter Solution”
GOP Leader: “The ‘Slaughter Solution’ has sparked widespread outrage because it’s designed to protect Washington politicians when it’s American taxpayers we should be looking out for.”

Washington, Mar 17 House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) announced that House Republicans will force a vote tomorrow on a resolution requiring a clean, up-or-down vote on the Senate-passed health care bill.  If adopted by the House, the resolution would prohibit Speaker Pelosi and Democratic Leaders from implementing the “Slaughter Solution,” the controversial scheme by which the Senate health care bill would be deemed as passed by the House without an actual up-or-down vote.
“The ‘Slaughter Solution’ has sparked widespread outrage because it’s designed to protect Washington politicians when it’s American taxpayers we should be looking out for,” Boehner said. “Speaker Pelosi and Democratic Leaders, who promised to lead the ‘most open’ Congress in history, thought they could pull a fast one on the American people, but they were wrong.  This vote will give Democrats an opportunity to demonstrate whether they share Republicans’ commitment to ensuring the American people get what they deserve: a clean, up-or-down vote on the Senate health care bill.  The stakes are too high, and this bill is too controversial, for anything less than total accountability.”

House Republicans will offer the text of the resolution as the “PQ” (“previous question”) for the suspension authority rule that is expected to be considered on the floor Thursday.  The text of the resolution, introduced by Rep. Parker Griffith (R-AL) – a former Democrat who switched to the GOP in December out of disgust with Washington Democrats’ government takeover of health care –  is available here.