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Will the Department of Transportation Aid and Abet Criminal Activity?

Sadly it’s pretty consistent with the entire DC philosophy these past two years…

From The Hill’s insightful article “DoT exploring technology that would disable cell phones in cars” we learn that the overpaid Washington mob has nothing better to accomplish then more aggravation and danger upon Americans.

My question is: When would this ever be considered a practical move?

Just a Few Possible Scenarios and Realistic Safety Concerns:

Will the phones be turned off in cars of drivers and all passengers? Hmm… won’t be a selling feature of convenience and gas savings for joining the local carpools!

This also wouldn’t allow a kidnap victim with a concealed cell phone to call out for help? Great… now kidnappers and thugs have an easier control of potential victims immediately.

Police and highway patrol wouldn’t be able to converse with fleeing motorists… remember Al & OJ?

Mom and Dad go out for the evening. Babysitter, Grandma, etc needs to ask Mom or Dad a question… but no phone service for both as they are traveling in the same car?

Witness to a crime or emergency (drunk driver, holdup, fire) and as you are driving alone… you can’t call it in, unless you find a safe place to stop, turn off your car, and get how far away from the vehicle?

If it will turn off, what’s the point of having this “disabler”… but if it is to remain on continuously, what are the long term effects of its exposure to the human body?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Online ~ Biofuels Technology with Biodiesel Certificate Minnesota West Community and Technical College?

Online advertising located tonight:

Biofuels Technology with Biodiesel Certificate

Online – Certificate Programs

Program objectives

This 17-credit program is offered to students in an on-line format. The program courses provide f… see moreoundational learning to support process plant technologies and operation with a concentration in biodiesel technologies.

Cost of Tuition

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About Minnesota West Community and Technical College

Minnesota West Community and Technical College is a comprehensive community and technical college with five southwestern Minnesota campuses: Canby, Granite Falls, Jackson, Pipestone, and Worthington and three learning centers in Fairmont, Luverne and Marshall Minnesota. Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate in more than 60 disciplines. The college has a long and proud history, 70+ years, of providing highly specialized technical and liberal arts/transfer majors to students from throughout the region. Our graduates are successful and can be found in area businesses and industries across southwest Minnesota, northwest Iowa, South Dakota, and beyond. On January 1, 1997, Worthington Community College and Southwestern Technical College merged to become Minnesota West Community and Technical College. The four campuses that comprised Southwestern Technical College began as local area vocational schools. The individual campuses have a history…

Via Stimulus Watch one will find:

Grant Minnesota State Community and Technical College Business and Entrepreneurial Services, business incubator program $99,335 Detroit Lakes MN 3 0



Grant: $99,335Rural Business Cooperative Service – Aug. 21, 2009

Are you satisfied with this award? or

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Award Description: Hiring of business entrepreneur center staff and start up equipment for the business incubator.

Project Description: Activities in the past quarter, we have hosted three Speaker Series events in the ongoing Entrepreneur Series. We are in the process of outfitting eight incubator offices, including two student incubator spaces. Our incubator offices have leases executed on four of them with two currently signed to date. Business information and mentoring has been given to approximately 55 individuals since the director was hired July 1, 2009. Preparing the Entrepreneurial Venture (PEV) course is being offered with enrollment of 12 students.

Jobs Summary: BES Director oversee business incubator, provides technical assistance to business start ups and existing business expansion oppurtunities. Administrative assistant provides support to BES Director and incubator clients. Intern has also been hired to assist as needed. (Total jobs reported: 3)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

This award’s data was last updated on Aug. 21, 2009. Help expand these official descriptions using the wiki below.

So is it the Chicken (Incubators) or the Egg (Algae) that is a work in progress?

Or even something else?

Curious goings on, with Stimulus funds!