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Glenn Beck Works on His Speech and Delivers at CPAC Yet…

Preparation for CPAC:

At CPAC, the video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/4881432

I really want to put this right. I know Glenn Beck has not truly embraced the entire U.S. Constitution for the viewing public. For if he had, he would be the first one to go over the Natural Born Citizen clause. It seems to me, that if this revelation was ever put out by Glenn Beck or any of the other prominent FOX hosts, we (Conservatives) would be without a huge source of information i.e. all of the other burrs in the Obama saddle. Remember what happened to that voluntary departure of and questioner Lou Dobbs on CNN for just raising the issue of viewing the birth certificate?

It seems more plausible that many in the Lame Stream Media and the Main Stream Media (FOX, Rush) do know that there is no winning argument for the Natural Born Citizen clause. Courts, Law Enforcement or the Military are the only choices. It’s over, it’s treasonous, there’s an Usurper in DC.  Whatever his genuine name, with the parentage and birthright conferred, the POTUS is Bogus. There is no twisting it, this is a fact! The LSM tries to defy every attempt to bring spotlight to the fact by skewering details or name calling. The MSM remains on lock down.

Allowing the legal processes to continually occur from every direction has never been denigrated by the Conservatives, only by the Liberals. This speaks volumes! It also reaffirms Patriots are still working strongly and that for every venture, another batch of Americans awaken. Everyone needs to believe that the nightmare in government will soon voluntarily vacate. That would be the humanitarian way, that would be repentant, that would be what’s best for this country but alas greed seems to be the glue that binds the Liberals and their tactics together. They are as thick as thieves!