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Crow Wing County Voter Fraud Allegations Involving Functionally Disabled Adults

KTLK.FM today with Host Chris Baker uncovers by witness Monty Jensen that Crow Wing County in Minnesota may be experiencing voter fraud. How low will Democrats go? Can this be an exclusive event? Doubtful! Listen to the podcast, omg!

Chris Baker 11-1-10 7am

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 08:18:58 -0400
Monty Jensen from Crow Wing County claims to have viewed voter fraud recently. More talk of voter fraud. Paul Allen, voice of the Vikings came on to break down the lose. Tom Emmer checked in as well
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Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud investigation Pt1

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Montgomery Jensen talks about possible Absentee Voter fraud committed by Afscme union workers; Department of Human Services – Minnesota State employees – working with mental handicapped (vulnerable adults) possible involvement in voter fraud! Happening NOW. Saturday 1:30 pm …. more to come

Crow Wing Absentee Fraud? Part 2

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Interview with Montgomery Jensen and Deb Erickson about incident and the Crow Wing County Minnesota Courthouse… down stairs… Sorry I didn’t know I couldn’t film there! Now I do.

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud Investigation pt3

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

More on the technical details from Deb Erickson

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud Investigation Pt4

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Interview with “Kathy” long time employee with the Department of Human Services in Minnesota, also an Afscme union member. Her reaction on this events. She also was able to give us great leads in pursuing this case.

A quick call this morning to the Crow County Auditor – Deborah A. Erickson revealed, via the gal who answered the phone at (218) 824-1045, volumes. I was told “…she’s at the counter…” and that she would put me “…through to her voice mail…” whereas I said I would hold, she then stated “…she’s unavailable…” but she would again put me “…through to her voice mail…” aka no comment. I asked the gal who answered the phone, what her name was, she would not reveal her name and rudely hung up on me, hmm?

Then not 15 minutes later, Miss Erickson herself, returned a call to me, bless that Caller ID program. She was nothing, if not precise, on detailing events of the previous Friday, to the best of her knowledge…. “...8 to 12 voters…” with “…4 to 5 assistants…” from a “…local residential facility…” and how the registration/voting process works. She could not validate if the “assistants” were U.S. Citizens or not! hmm?

Per Miss Erickson County Attorney Don F. Ryan will be investigating.

***Hat Tip to The 912 Project Fan Site and fellow Patriot Proud American*** and Alerted by Minnesotan Andrea.


Who is Bedding SEIU or is SEIU Bedding Tom Perriello?

Hmm, I received this from a fellow patriot this morning. How interesting? Not only is SEIU working on the voting booths, they are collecting money in a pot for their bedded candidates? Notice bedded not vetted. Case in point – Tom Perriello request:



Congressman Tom Perriello is a hero who needs your help.

He was a strong advocate for health care reform, even when others wavered. He tirelessly fights for working people, supporting measures to save jobs.

And that’s why corporate front groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who advocate outsourcing of American jobs and refuse to disclose where their money comes from, are targeting him and spending huge amounts on television for his opponent, Robert Hurt.

We can’t allow these corporate front groups to buy this election.

Tom Perriello needs small voluntary contributions of $10, $20, or $50 to combat the influx of anonymous corporate cash flooding the airwaves: http://action.seiu.org/defendtom

The same corporate sham organizations that supports the outsourcing of American jobs also support candidates like Hurt who oppose unemployment benefits for Virginians looking for work.

As Thomasine Wilson, a a home care worker with SEIU in this district, said: “Times are tough. Dollars aren’t stretching as far as they used to. I know so many in my hometown who are unemployed. Robert Hurt voted against helping those who are trying to find work.”

Right now Tom Perriello is crisscrossing the state, meeting every voter he can. Every moment he spends fundraising to match these corporate groups is a moment he’s not talking to the people who will decide this election.

Making a voluntary contribution not only allows him to spread his message across the state, it also frees up his time to talk to more voters in-person. Contribute now: http://action.seiu.org/defendtom

Jon Youngdahl, SEIU Political Director

1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Paid for by SEIU COPE, www.seiu.org. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

This email was sent to: XXXX
** XXXX edited for privacy

What a Crock of $hit ~ The EPA’s Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Make a Wish (Opening and closing)

70sKidVid | May 13, 2007

The opening and closing theme for the early 1970s Sunday morning series, Make a Wish. Hosted by Tom Chapin, brother of singer Harry, the series ran for several years.

Truly some of the 70s Kids took the message literally~

The EPA’s Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, or should be known as the future’s Liberal Blueprint for America’s Enslavement, is truly a piece of fiction. When the first goal is “…Taking action on Climate Change…” one knows that the Bogus POTUS’ administration lets no, real and substantiated facts, stand in the way of moving their agenda forward:

Goal 1: Taking Action on Climate Change and Improving Air Quality
Goal 2: Protecting America’s Waters
Goal 3: Cleaning Up Our Communities
Goal 4: Ensuring the Safety of Chemicals and Preventing Pollution
Goal 5: Enforcing Environmental Laws

If you can stand to waste your time, the entire 57 page doc reveals other troubling details.
But now what is this:

Winning the Oil Endgame A plan (332 pages long) to follow detailed and packaged in 2005 or should be known as a Liberal Handbook for Profiteering. More lunacy than should be permitted in one place.

After examining both “books“, ask yourself… Is there an agenda, or several, being forced upon the American citizenry at the greatest cost to the American citizenry?

Hat tip to CFHeather on Twitter


Tom Tancredo Calls for the Impeachment of Obama

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke with Megyn Kelly on FOX News’ “America Live” today. He called for the Impeachment of Obama.

Via ImpeachAllCriminals | July 23, 2010

There are too many instances of exception to Obama for all to be wrong!

I positively concur, and the next article I put up is from ANOTHER Major General questioning Obama’s credentials and qualifications! hmm?


Unions and Community Organizing Moves Up From Craigslist to Monster

The Liberals Goons Are Marching At You!

Interview with a Zombie: Tom Woods “Nullification”

HumanEventsOffers | July 08, 2010

Tom Woods, author of the new book “Nullification” discusses his new book with… a zombie.

And how do they get their marching orders disbursed?  Via these senseless organizations now starring on Monster.com:

Example 1~ So embarrassed this unnamed union, here, uses a staffing firm to recruit for a Senior Union/Labor Organizer oh the transparency or lack thereof.

Director of Grassroots Advocacy

Example 2~ Poverty – American Style – Who is the Agent of Profit for AmeriCorps Vista and Other Programs? How successful have they been as they are continually “busted” out on Craigslist. They are in panic mode (some ads are marked Confidential Posting, hmm? Why?) as they begin to flood their new “astro-turfing” recruitment on Monster.com:

Become an AmeriCorps Member-Service Learing Opportunity!
Americorps Positions
Health Advocacy Positions So precious… in Chicago!
Assistant Program Manager

Example 3~ How about this angle?

Social Service Assistant

About the Job PAID VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Commonwealth Corps Service Positions

How does job, paid, volunteer and opportunity sound? Ridiculous! Can we all say OXYMORON?

Example 4~ What about SEIU?


Assistant Controller SEIU Local 1000, a progressive public sector union representing 95,000 state employees, is recruiting a Controller for its Sacramento, California office. SEIU Local 1000 has 200 employees in seven offices throughout California. The Controller’s Office is responsible for the financial planning and management of the Union’s budget. This senior position is responsible for th
SEIU Local 1000
map action
Instructional Media Designer SEIU Local 1000 is a cutting-edge labor union that represents 95,000state employees in nine bargaining units throughout the State of California. We are currently seeking instructional designers to develop a blended learning program for our 2000+ job stewards. The 85-hour program will provide certification in five specialized tracks, and include both cla
SEIU Local 1000
map action
Graphic Designer SEIU Local1000 is a cutting-edge labor union that represents 95,000 state employees in nine bargaining units throughout the State of California. We are currently seeking a graphic designer to work with a project team on the development of a blended learning program for our 2000+ job stewards. The 85-hour program will provide certification in five specialized tracks, and in
SEIU Local 1000

… and there is so much more!

Patriots are Duty Bound to Resist! I wonder if the yahoos who join these Washington DC tentacle organizations realize that these “careers” are only a temporary job assignment for the purpose of attempting to sway public opinion toward the Bogus POTUS’ objectives and the money to George Soros? Unemployment line forms on the LEFT November 3, 2010.


TEA Party Members Hit Capitol Hill with “Kill the Bill” 3.16.10

The Hell House of the Demonic Democratic Congress

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN 6th District),Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN 6th District), and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA 6th District) were in attendance. True Patriotic Leadership!

As Congress attempts to wreck the American Way of Life, Tea Party Members hit Capitol Hill with “Kill the Bill”. Video Link is on of all places CNN:
Patriots Standing Tall for All!

The American people are still being taken by a Demonic Democratic Congress!

The House of Representatives is deeming that the health care shill  bill is passed, and is moving into sneaky and snakier territory every day. Remember this America – Even if the Liberal Progressive Democrats didn’t sign this, they enabled it. Remember this at the polls in November and every election moving forward. The bill, the process, the deals, the bribes are all unconstitutional. They are skirting the entire process. Your Demonic Officials at Jerk!

Round of Applause to Rep Marsha Blackburn Rep Jason Chaffetz Rep Tom Price

What a great event. Let’s have a Republican Caucus and POTUS mixer once a week on camera. Tis a hoot! POTUS believes himself to be the “Godfather” of the political family by his opening lines. Geesh, I hope nobody disappears!

Rock on Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN 7th District)! You defined and refined the skeptics’ views of the workings of the Presidency on decisiveness with your questioning and his response or lack thereof. A round of applause.

Send Marsha Blackburn a Thank-You on her Congress.org site.

Rock on Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT 3rd District)! You called out the blatant administration’s lies and failures with specific instances. Then the petty POTUS attempted to undermine the questioning by labeling you as “Freshman” for this historic exchange. Double down round of applause.

Send Jason Chaffetz a Thank-You on his Congress.org site.

Rock on Rep Tom Price (R-GA 6th District)! You proved how evasive POTUS is under direct questioning, by a doctor/congressman regarding health care and how to address his constituents back home. You made him angry and all Americans saw this! You deserve a round of applause.

Send Tom Price a Thank-You on his Congress.org site.