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Jonathan Narcisse Building a Party for Himself or Iowa?

Controlling a newspaper, running for the highest position in any state, and a sordid and detailed history, begs the question…

Is Jonathan Narcisse Building a Party for Himself or Iowa?

What is the Iowa Party Platform? Is there anyone in Iowa who knows the answer besides Mr. Narcisse?

I am not the only one asking this very question as John Deeth’s Blog inquires “What’s an Iowa Party?

How can Iowans get a clear understanding of a candidate that is not transparent, is touting a platform without details, and using a form of Main Stream Media that he controls?

Do you know where and how your political donations are being used?

I’m just saying

Sell the message and the messenger, repeat until it’s absorbed by the masses, all engineered via the Alinsky gravy train. hmm?


Army Lt Col Lakin – Will He Receive Justice When Obama Records Will Not Be Produced in Court

Army slams door on Obama details
Lt. Col. Lakin hearing: ‘Items pertaining to president’s credentials are not relevant’
via WND.com

How utterly Un-American and Anti-Army of LTC Daniel J. Driscoll. He permits secreting of the Bogus POTUS records therefore he is not defending the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Did he forget his Army Officer Oath of Service? Patton, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Westmoreland,  and most importantly George Washington are rolling over in their graves. Has Driscoll sabotaged Lakin’s defense of the U.S. Constitution? Most assuredly!

Lt. Col. Lakin is 100 times the man, soldier, and officer that – Daniel J. Driscoll could ever be! By the way, if anyone would like to inform – the supplier of aid and comfort to the Bogus POTUS > Driscoll, of their opinion, his email address is prominent on page 4 of this linked court document: Denial of Evidence at LTC Lakin’s Trial.

Driscoll ought to be a train conductor, because he sure enjoys a good railroad!


Patriots, the Space Race, Freedom Train and now the Reins of Socialism


What happened, who shut the door and is now trying to turn out the lights?

When the Freedom Train crossed the United States of America in 1975 and 1976, Patriots gathered to share the moment. It was the year of years for Patriots, the celebrations were far and wide. It was our 200th Birthday and we partied! We had grown in stature from rag tag bands of Patriots and Minute Men to glory in the Space Race. I was there and what a National Pride we had back then.

Fast forward to today… Patriot Tea Parties are castigated as “Racist”, Patriotism is ridiculed, and for darn sakes even the Astronauts-

Neil Armstrong Commander, Apollo 11

James Lovell Commander, Apollo 13

Eugene Cernan Commander, Apollo 17

of Hero-dom are defending space exploration.

How low will Obama go as we already know he is a Bogus POTUS aka Zero-dum. Real citizens know Patriotism and were members of the community, not under instruction of how to destroy it.

Tea Party On Fellow Patriots!

BO and JOE on Taxpayer Dollars Fly to Florida for a Town Hall

Wonder what it cost the U.S. taxpayers for POTUS and VPOTUS to saunter down to Florida on separate planes besides the nightmare for doubling down on security and secret service?

Gee… POTUS brings his transportation expert, former Amtrak rider VPOTUS, to chat up high-speed rail. Seems like this was more campaigning, selling a bag of tricks, and a mini day vacation for the boys. Wow, where are the priorities?

By the way, POTUS, pointing out the Florida workers, as heroes, for their 26 hours of work to extricate dead bodies in Haiti, during the Florida town hall was ignorant; when last night the 2 heroes from the “Fort Hood Massacre” were sitting right next to your wife at the “State of the Union Address” and there was no acknowledgment for them! Ignoramous!

All in all, was this trip really necessary?