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So Trumka Now Runs the White House Messages and Edicts? When Was He Elected?

Since Trumka is such the frequent visitor at the White House, it is apparent that he is starting to feel right at home…

Screen Capture of Trumka's White House Message

…as he commandeers the national messaging system on the White House site.

Trumka has even bragged about it…

Do you remember when Trumka was voted into the White House?


Wisconsin Finally Receives the Budget Repair Bill Signed into Law by Gov. Walker

The Bill that Trumka, Obama, lunatic leftist Liberals, Democratic fleebaggers, shilling socialists and union minions feared:


Fools and their money are soon parted!

By the way, Madison Wisconsin probably had earned the best tourists’ dollars seen in any winter months, this past 3 weeks or so. Capitalists won in Madison as well. I am sure the tourists’ dollars will be sorely missed, however no one will miss the hostile forces and unscrupulous tactics that the Left have proven to exude. Where’s that self-professed “Civility”? Must be that a Liberal’s civility and IQ level go hand in hand and that bar is set so low.

Way to Break Out of Union Clutches, Wisconsin!