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President of the First Global Nation Setting Up Websites for Campaign Donations?

First country that is getting TCL from Barack Hussein Obama, the Usurper…



And Twitter?

Embaixada EUA Brasil



How many of our Embassies around the world are working to fluff for Obama and his re-election attempt/and or collect donations as Kenya did in 2008? More wasting away of taxpayer dollars which benefits only “That One!

Guess I will have to start looking around for others…hmm?

What is this piece of BS?



Governor Beebe Sidesteps the U.S. Constitution, Arkansas and Arkansans… Will Be Implementing Obamacare First?

Arkansas’ Democratic Governor Mike Beebe appears to be circumventing the will of the people in Arkansas…

Received this email earlier this evening~ h/t to EH !

Sent: Tue, Mar 8, 2011 5:22 pm

Dear friends,

Well.. get this… Our Socialistic Governor met with Mr. Obama recently. Our governor has agreed that Arkansas will be the first state to implement Obamacare. Mr. Beebe announced this to the leadership at the Capitol yesterday. He will be changing Medicare by his own power, very likely in April or May. He is clearly on the side of the Socialist. After learning this Mr. Garner will not be presenting his capital gains tax bill tomorrow.

Senator Missy Irwin will be presenting a bill at 10:00 am to the Senate Health Committee, which will be our first line of defense against this Socialist move by Mr. Beebe. We are asking all who care about healthcare to come to the Capital tomorrow to the Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee, Room 272, around 9 am meeting begins at 10 am. If you have any old signs against socialized healthcare bring them Remember no sticks, just signs.

Securing the Blessings of Liberty,


Here’s Beebe’s Email Link Page, let him know your thoughts… NOW!

Here’s Beebe’s Twitter Account, let him know your thoughts… NOW!

Here’s Beebe’s Phone Number 501-682-2345 … Call Him!

Updated 9:00 CST to add this little gem:

Bebee’s+Obamacare PDF

What an interesting predicament as Obama waivers… pun intended!

Powerful Interest in Speakers of the House – Twitter Records Huge Difference

The proof is in the screen captures:

This is truly reflective of the lean amount of real support…  that she never had! Also note the snit the previous princess exhibits in her latest tweet. Witch!

Now John Boehner has earned the respect of “We the People”! Keep it up and don’t let us down Sir!

If the Army Can Burn Bibles, Why Can’t Civilians Burn Qurans?

I asked this very question on Twitter yesterday:

If our own military burns Bibles, then why can’t civilians burn Qurans? http://ow.ly/2AQlw

Did the U.S. Army burn Bibles on a U.S. Military Base?
Why yes, yes they did!
Was it during the current administration?
Why yes, yes it was!
Reference: Reuters “U.S. military says Afghan bibles have been destroyed
My point… If any amount or any type of religious literature was delivered to this or any base or ship, then it easily could have been transported off the base or ship, not burned with, or as, garbage.

What about “Free speech in Kansas? I guess not…” as a Christian Pastor is arrested!
Do you remember when “Dearborn Michigan: 3 Christians Arrested For Reaching out to Muslims!“?

But it’s all good for… ICNA MN Will Try To Educate Fair-Goers On Muslim Religion

ICNATV | August 25, 2010

MN Group Will Try To Educate Fair-Goers On Muslim Religion
Submitted by Scott Theisen on Tuesday, August 24th, 8:19 pm

The Great Minnesota Get-Together could be educational for thousands of fair-goers even before they walk through the gates.

A Minnesota group will try to educate fair-goers about the Muslim religion.

Volunteers with the Islamic Circle of North America say they will hand out cards titled “Islam Explained” because they want people to know what it means to be Muslim. While the group doesn’t have a licensed booth space to operate on the fairgrounds, it can still take advantage of the crowds. The group will be stationed outside gates 10 and 20.

The group says the outreach effort in Minnesota has nothing to do with the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero in Manhattan, which has caused national controversy.

St. Paul police tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the volunteers can hand out literature on the sidewalks as long as they don’t block the sidewalks.

The group also has radio ads that will start airing Monday. Those ads will include a number people can call to ask questions about Islam.

No Separation of Church and State… FAIR?

But then we have “The Spineless Diatribe of Petraeus in Kabul
My point… Petraeus you are in charge of a war zone, are the soldiers in harm’s way now or not? If the little church in Florida doesn’t burn the Qurans will the Taliban pack up and call their mission done?

I support any Pastor, with his own flock, at his own church, in his own parking lot burning his own personal property as it is his right to do so!

Lack of a Quran for Upcoming “Burn a Quran Day”? No Problem and a free gif too:


Why yes, I am extreme… EXTREMELY AMERICAN!

Jim DeMint’s What Freedom Means #Freedommeans

Today Senator Jim DeMint adds a new component to the Conservative movement that compliments his Senate Conservatives Fund.

What Freedom Means

Demint4Senate | August 31, 2010

What does Freedom mean to you? Help met send a message to the Washington politicians, tell me what Freedom means to you. Post on my Facebook wall, send a tweet with #freedommeans, visit JimDeMint.com, or record your own video and post below.

Way to stimulate the base Senator DeMint. Thank-you~

Twitter Stream link #Freedommeans

Obama Fail Whale – Fails Whales

Obama Fail Whale Twitter Friends Will Appreciate This!

President Obama Whales Need Us Salt

danthewhaleman — March 10, 2010 — This series shows the beauty of whales, not whaling scenes. Appropriate for all children.

In 2010, resumption of commercial whaling is a real possibility.

This three-part series introduces Salt, the most famous humpback whale in the Atlantic ocean.

Please do everything you can to stop all types of whaling. There is only one Salt but thousands of other individual whales are killed each year.

Salt is just one of the 15 whale families you will meet and fall in love with on Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names.

So the Gulf of Mexico is decimated and now Obama eyes the Atlantic Coast and Whales?

Obama Under Fire for Backing Deal to Lift Global Ban on Commercial Whaling

Brosnan Harpoons Obama for Voting “Present” on Whaling

Where is Greenpeace and their Leftist Indignation for Obama on the Whale Vote and for the Oil Spewing in the Gulf that is killing incalculable wildlife? …………. Crickets!

Dedicated to JM.