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This Sunday Texas Will Once Again “Remember the Alamo” and US History

We received an email earlier today from a concerned Patriot lest we forget our American heritage:

Sent: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 1:58 pm

I am asking both of you to put this article in your blogs and let people see what it’s about.  I find it very fitting in today’s times to remind people that there were indeed very brave people willing to die for their beliefs.  I do not have a blog as I cannot afford rates, however, should one or both of you put this out, I will surely put it out on twitter and facebook.  Maybe it will stir some of the patriots to action instead of typewriter warriors.  I am ready to fight to the death to save my country and you both know that it is coming.  We must rally round the flag as our fathers and grandfathers did..

Thank You for hearing me out..

The copyright piece referred to is Chuck Baldwin’s phenomenal piece, you can catch it here:

March 10, 2009 Remembering the Alamo By Chuck Baldwin

God Bless the USA & Texas!

Everybody Got Their Stories Straight on Rangel, Congress?

Do the Democrat Shuffle!

Rangel Won’t Confirm Reports of Deal With Ethics Panel Where’s the ethics with regard to any real answers to valid questions of Mr. Rangel, the whole dirty backroom deal process, and the entire Congress (playing CYA) orchestrating same?

What has been known and researched for quite some time: ETHICS CHARGES

The obvious has become transparent. This is the ultimate argument for Term Limits in Congress!

My question is ~ Where did he acquire all of his money to purchase the fab car, properties and more on his salary? hmm?