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Watch the Tea Party Response to the SOTU Live Tonight


National Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Child’s School Where Less Information is Moral

Can’t even manage to give it an entire month as it is broken up into two 1/2 month sessions…

National Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 – October 15

By looking at the curriculum for the various grades it appears that ‘Hispanic Heritage’ does not include the study of Spain~

Resources For

Tips to our impressionable youth…

You are being taught by the very same type of union members who disrespected several state capitol buildings across your United States of America, this past year with an agenda that is anti-American and injurious to other Americans. It is all about the money for them!

They are also attempting to distort your view of Hispanic Heritage in the classroom. Mexico is not the center of Hispanic Culture because all roads lead to SPAIN. Hispanic Heritage is not a North American or even an American exclusive. Bolivians are Hispanic, Cubans are Hispanic, Puerto Ricans are Hispanic, Filipinos are Hispanic, etc. The Spanish were conquerors or conquistadors and left an immense seeding worldwide of people over several centuries. It is just like Johnny Appleseed, when he seeded apple trees, across the United States.

Ask your teacher, you have the right to know the truth!

Even Crayola doesn’t have a clue

From any dictionary but in this case it would be The Free Dictionary online ~

His·pan·ic (h-spnk)
1. Of or relating to Spain or Spanish-speaking Latin America.
2. Of or relating to a Spanish-speaking people or culture.
1. A Spanish-speaking person.
2. A U.S. citizen or resident of Latin-American or Spanish descent.
[Latin Hispnicus, from Hispnia, Spain.]
Usage Note: Though often used interchangeably in American English, Hispanic and Latino are not identical terms, and in certain contexts the choice between them can be significant. Hispanic, from the Latin word for “Spain,” has the broader reference, potentially encompassing all Spanish-speaking peoples in both hemispheres and emphasizing the common denominator of language among communities that sometimes have little else in common. Latinowhich in Spanish means “Latin” but which as an English word is probably a shortening of the Spanish word latinoamericanorefers more exclusively to persons or communities of Latin American origin. Of the two, only Hispanic can be used in referring to Spain and its history and culture; a native of Spain residing in the United States is a Hispanic, not a Latino, and one cannot substitute Latino in the phrase the Hispanic influence on native Mexican cultures without garbling the meaning. In practice, however, this distinction is of little significance when referring to residents of the United States, most of whom are of Latin American origin and can theoretically be called by either word. · A more important distinction concerns the sociopolitical rift that has opened between Latino and Hispanic in American usage. For a certain segment of the Spanish-speaking population, Latino is a term of ethnic pride and Hispanic a label that borders on the offensive. According to this view, Hispanic lacks the authenticity and cultural resonance of Latino, with its Spanish sound and its ability to show the feminine form Latina when used of women. Furthermore, Hispanicthe term used by the U.S. Census Bureau and other government agenciesis said to bear the stamp of an Anglo establishment far removed from the concerns of the Spanish-speaking community. While these views are strongly held by some, they are by no means universal, and the division in usage seems as related to geography as it is to politics, with Latino widely preferred in California and Hispanic the more usual term in Florida and Texas. Even in these regions, however, usage is often mixed, and it is not uncommon to find both terms used by the same writer or speaker. See Usage Note at Chicano.

or as written before and with no prejudice…

Time for a History Month for other Cultures in the United States

or none at all! 

The American’s Creed – A Formal Contest Win and Once A Studied Piece of History

Do you know about William Tyler Page? Did you, your children or your grandchildren ever study his achievements, his contest win, and that there are namesake landmarks? American children used to be informed…

The American Creed

This holiday weekend take some time to share:

And if you are in Maryland stop by the park and ‘set a spell’.

How Leftists Make a Cow, Bull or A$$ Out of Themselves

What moron thought that a cow costume in a parade for the bull of solidarity would not make an a$$ out of the wearers?

Solidarity Cows

Uploaded by on Mar 12, 2011

Meade breaks up the solidarity of the cows at the the 3/12/11 Wisconsin protest march.

The raucous hits keep coming via the Lunatic Left,  Union Tools, Socialists, Liberals, Thugs, and Democrats that provide udder fodder. The childish ones still can’t grasp the adult world.

As I have stated elsewhere, logic dictates that:

Whether the Fleebaggers had been present or not in the Wisconsin Senate, the outcome for the budget repair bill would have been no different… so why the foolishness of the mollycoddled tools? Grow up, move on (a term many tools are well versed in) and get a life! Is there nothing more pressing in the world today where you could really do some good? Oh I forgot… it’s all about you tools!

Union Workers Answer to Two Systems of Government… Suckers!

When will the average American Union worker wake up to the fact that they are working and funding two forms of government: One form of government in which “We the People” are represented and is the legitimate force – the republic of the United States of America… and the Oligarchy that is the Union system?

Were both systems built upon the backs of “We the People“… YES!
Do both systems gather funding while deducting from members paychecks…  YES!

But I ask you which system forces its members to wear colored shirts, get bussed to staged events, get instructions to attack verbally and physically, in conjunction with domineering socialistic organizations, other citizens and the republic of the United States of America? Seems to me that a uniformed army that follows all orders to attack citizens and officials of the United States of America is committing treason.

Bust a Union, Save America from Socialism!

No Sympathy For Non-Productive Unions and Minions

My Grandfather's Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Pin

I understand unions, they are also a part of this family’s history. In the above picture one will see my Grandfather’s 30 year pin that I am soon to pass on to my son. My sister holds his 40 year pin. We took great pride in his retelling of achievements during WW2 with the one way he could physically support the war effort. His local even won the Navy “E” Award. Those were the glory days of what unions were. They were united in their professions to enable continuity at home and products for the military overseas.  My grandfather, grandmother, mother and uncle were always on the move to the next big project. It was a good life but one of many sacrifices as well. Oh, how unions have degraded…

Just over 20 years ago, I worked at a major furniture manufacturer as a claims analyst. My husband was in the Navy and out to sea for a 6 month cruise. I had upgraded my own work position while he was away to provide those extra expenditures that often occur while he was gone… like child care, auto repairs, pizza night etc. The position was fabulous and I excelled. However after a few months, I was exposed to the ugly underbelly that today’s modern unions exude…

The Upholsterers Union went on strike. They wanted to change their hours. They were hostile, menacing and threatened to harm the ‘office workers’ including me, and I was pregnant, at the time. I lost my respect for any union goons those months. When you want to tell a business owner what, when, how he was going to run the business he built, then you are over stepping the bounds. You are an employee only, you can be replaced and far cheaper.

Now the Unions want to tell all Americans how their states are going run their state budgets. I don’t think so. This is not the Union States of America. This is the United State of America! It’s a huge failure for unions to be seen continually whining about their overblown checks and benefits, while performance by unions is at it’s lowest level. Have you seen the low quality levels of educated graduates from high school and colleges?  Have you noticed auto recall after auto recall? Look around there are so many more failures. Why do union workers in any avenue constantly receive bonuses, awards, handouts, salary increases, and more via the taxpayers for such shoddy performance?

It does not look like unions reward their members with time served achievement pins of such quality any longer. Looks like cheap and low quality begins right at union headquarters. What does headquarters really do with all that money?

Des Moines Iowa Displays Lackluster Support for Union so School Bus It In!

Frank, our eyes on the ground, at the State Capitol in Iowa reported today:

These are pics I took today at the rally the unions had at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. Please note that the buses in pics are separate buses unloading people from Omaha and other places. Also, West Des Moines schools should be very proud of using their school buses to bring in union people.


The picture of them in front of the capitol was taken early, however, when I left it had expanded clear down to the steps at the forefront of the pic due to the influx of buses. I did manage to piss off some of the protestors however. One was a group of DSM firefighters who came up from behind us and thought they were going to bully their way between people. I stood my ground and dared them to come between myself and others. They approached to 3-4 ft from me, then veered off. Then I went to where buses were unloaded and made sure I was loud enough to be heard as I asked people unloading: HOW MUCH THEY PAYING YOU TO BE HERE??? WHO HAS BALLS ENOUGH TO TELL THE TRUTH?” Needless to say, I got some very dirty looks. J

I am hoping that all I send this to are able to receive it. Please respond if you do get it as some email accounts are not able to get big files. If you respond, I will be able to know who I need to compress all pics with winzip and send to those I don’t hear back from.