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The USGS National Wildlife Health Center Slack Chart

You Just Can't Make Up Dereliction Like This

What happened to the counts for the last two Quarterly Mortality Reports for last year at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center? I know there were events. Geesh, not even 2011 has been entered in the year format! What a bunch of slackers! One would tend to think that there would be a phenomenal amount of information coming in over the last few days that someone should be entering. It would more than likely assist in any investigations!

Who’s running this country? Oh, that’s right, a Bogus POS POTUS, right into the ground… just like the poor birds, fish, and more!


What Is Up With Heavy E. Coli in Rivers, Lakes, Streams and Public Works in the United States?

Hmm? Contaminated 4th of July Celebration Sites and Family Fun Spots?

6/30/10 Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
St. Mary’s River via Water Advisory for Part of the St. Mary’s River

“…The Health Department says there are elevated levels of E. coli within the north shore of Sugar Island along the Lake George Channel…”

6/30/10  from Jefferson City, Missouri
Various Locations throughout the state via Mo. DNR closes 6 beaches for bacteria, high water

“…state swimming beaches after finding high levels of E. coli bacteria…”

6/30/10 Jefferson, Texas
Lake of the Pines via Businesses hit hard by E-Coli outbreak at Lake of the Pines

“…but a recent E-Coli outbreak has changed all…”

6/29/10 Beaverton, Michigan
Ross Lake Park via E. coli levels test high at Ross Lake beach

“…300 E. coli per 1mL of water. The advisory was to be in effect for 14 days but remained posted as of June 29…”

6/26/10 Benton, Arkansas
Saline River via Part of the Saline River Closed Because of E. Coli

“…E. coli level in a section of the Saline River near the Highway 5 bridge is three times the acceptable level…”

6/26/10 Chicago, Illinois
Crystal Lake via Crystal Lake Regatta postponed due to E. Coli levels

“…Officials close the beaches if they post two consecutive days of 235 or more colony forming units of E. coli per 100 milliliters of water in either the shallow or deep end…”

6/24/10 Kenesaw, Nebraska
Utilities Dept via Flooding slows trains

“…two water samples taken Monday showed the presence of E. coli bacteria, so another health warning was issued…”

6/20/10 Cincinnati, Ohio
Ohio River via Ohio River swimmer nearing halfway mark

“…The river still is polluted — with fecal coliform and e. coli among other harmful bacteria — but it varies day to day, according to the Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission. On June 8, the latest data available, amounts of those bacteria did not exceed safe levels at mile marker 470, just upriver from downtown Cincinnati. Ohio River swimmers also face debris, currents and other pathogens in addition to those bacteria that can make the river an unhealthy place to swim…”

A fairly up to the minute (but not all encompassing) report on  E. Coli  affected public areas, contaminated food, outbreaks, and more can also be found on E. Coli News.
Real-Time Water Quality via the USGS for your consideration.