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From a Military Veteran – Wake Up America – Fly The Flag

“I am an American, and I am a veteran. I am not a “war” veteran; but I am a wartime
veteran with the ability to walk into any VFW. I was there taking the place of the USS Stark,
I was in front of the Bridgeton and had friends on the Cole. Our government is not ours and
our freedoms are being corrupted. I plan to “FLY MY FLAG” until we get our UNITED STATES back.
Please join me and fly your flag also until we take back our UNITED STATES in January of 2013.
We do not have a separation of church and state when our president puts his hand on the BIBLE
(not a QURAN) and swears to uphold the constitution. That proves that we are a nation “Under God”
not under the pressures of a muslim loving government. So, please join me while I “FLY MY FLAG”
for the freedoms our forefathers etched into our constitution, until a new and CONSERVATIVE President
swears, properly, on the bible to uphold our freedom and our choices!!!”