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Weekend at Bernie’s or Weakend of Osama / Usama… Whatever?

This guy really gets around… he makes Bernie look like one of the living…

I mean his body pops up everywhere…

UBL’s body washes ashore near Goa India ( warning extremely graphic ) via Before It’s News.

Just remember, bones will still present freezer damage after a float.


Old Glory Glorious for Christina Green’s Memorial

Thanks to Fox News streaming video and a screen capture.

Explosion In Mexico at PEMEX in San Martin Texmelucan

Explotan ductos de Pemex en San Martín Texmelucan

English translated link (very loosely) through Babel Fish~

They explode ductos of PEMEX in San Martin Texmelucan where 10 deaths are currently confirmed via the municipal authorities.


Mexican city devastated by pipeline blast; 27 die 6:42 pm CST.

I Am American – Official Video … Today’s Youth Supporting Traditional American Values

I Am American – Official Video

jeremywdodge | November 01, 2010

There is a generation rising up, one that will not be defined by its politics but one defined by its principles. A generation unwilling to just sit and watch as our country is transformed into something we didn’t ask for. We are that generation. We are Americans.

John Boehner Press Release – VIDEO: From Party Mantra To National Rallying Cry, “Where Are The Jobs?”

October 18, 2010 (202) 225-4000
VIDEO: From Party Mantra To National Rallying Cry, “Where Are The Jobs?”
GOP Leader’s New Web Video Kicks Off Weeklong Effort To Highlight Dems’ Job-Killing Policies, Press For Immediate Enactment Of Pledge To America
WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today released a new web video that highlights the evolution of “where are the jobs?” from party mantra to “the single most important question” Americans are concerned about. 


It has now been 20 months since President Obama signed the ‘stimulus’ into law amid promises it would create jobs ‘immediately’ and keep unemployment below eight percent.  Since then, millions more Americans have lost their jobs and unemployment has topped 9.5 percent for 14 months in a row, the longest such stretch since the Great Depression.   This video shows how Republicans have successfully made ‘where are the jobs?’ part of the national lexicon and turned it into a potent weapon against out-of-touch Washington Democrats on the most important issue Americans are concerned about.

Boehner said upon the video’s release: “The American people are asking ‘where are the jobs?,’ and as this video shows, Washington Democrats still have no answers.  With the Pledge to America, Republicans are offering a new and better way to address the people’s priorities, starting with a plan to create jobs and end economic uncertainty.”

The video kicks off a weeklong effort by Republicans to ask the question Americans are asking – where are the jobs? – and further highlight Washington Democrats’ job-killing policies.  Republicans will also continue to press for immediate enactment of the Pledge to America, a governing agenda that offers a new and better way to address the people’s priorities, starting with a clear plan to create jobs and end economic uncertainty.


GRAPHIC: “Americans have a question for President Obama…”

NBC’S CHUCK TODD: “Dr. Romer, let me ask this simple question that a lot of people are asking, ‘where are the jobs?’”

GRAPHIC: “95,000 jobs lost in September”

FOX’S NEIL CAVUTO: “…Where are the jobs?”

GRAPHIC: “Unemployment: 9.6 percent”

CBS’ KATIE COURIC: “…unemployment still so high, where are the jobs?”

GRAPHIC: “14.8 million Americans unemployed”

NBC’S DAVID GREGORY: “But where are the jobs?”

GRAPHIC: “2.5 million jobs lost since the ‘stimulus’ was signed into law.”

NBC’S MATT LAUER: “Do you get any question more often than, ‘where are the jobs?’”

CNBC’S MARIA BARTIROMO: “No.  That is the single most important question right now.”

GRAPHIC: “14 straight months of 9.5+ percent unemployment.”

HOUSE REPUBLICAN LEADER JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH): “The American people are still asking the question, ‘where are the jobs?’”

GRAPHIC: “Find better solutions in the GOP’s Pledge to America.  Facebook.com/PledgeToAmerica.”


June 2009: “GOP: ‘Where are the jobs?’ on big fed spending.  Republicans concerned about the Obama administration’s big spending on economic stimulus, energy and health care are asking, ‘Where are the jobs?’” (Associated Press, 6/27/09)

July 2009: “In rapid-fire speeches on the House floor Tuesday morning, congressional Republicans attacked the stimulus and sought to tie the jobless rate to the question of Obama’s political judgment, repeating the refrain: ‘Where are the jobs?’” (The Denver Post, 7/22/09)

October 2009: “Whatever the fate of health care legislation, persistently high unemployment has made ‘Where are the jobs?’ the most potent Republican campaign argument as next year’s midterm elections come into view.” (The New York Times, 10/4/09)

February 2010: “Republicans, meanwhile, taunted Obama with a familiar refrain: Where are the jobs the president promised in exchange for the billions of dollars already spent?” (Associated Press, 2/6/10)

May 2010: “Yet the varied focus has left Democrats open to criticism from Republicans, who have adopted ‘where are the jobs?’ as a rallying cry.” (The Hill, 5/5/10)

July 2010: “With Republicans demanding to know ‘where are the jobs?’ — the refrain adopted by the House Republican leader, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio…” (The New York Times, 7/8/10)

August 2010: “Republicans have made “where are the jobs?” their mantra…” (AFP, 8/7/10)

September 2010: “Economically, the GOP’s Pledge to America, released Thursday, is aimed at small businesses… ‘Where are the jobs?’ – a theme in GOP campaign stump speeches – is the subtext of the new governing agenda.” (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/23/10)

October 2010: “And Boehner has worked relentlessly to keep angry US voters focused on the sour US economy and unemployment, demanding to know ‘where are the jobs?’ and urging cuts in government spending to rein in galloping US debt.” (AFP, 10/14/10)

Love this Christine O’Donnell Video With Song! Delaware Take Notice!

Forget the campaign video from today and Looney Coons remarks… watch this

Christine O’Donnell Patriotic Song & Video

PeterFescue | October 02, 2010

This fun, light-hearted song and slideshow presents Christine O’Donnell and her race for US Senate in Delaware

Hey Five Points, you’re my shout out today! Missing Delaware!

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln’s Desperate Steps to November as She’s Tripped Up!

Arkansas will never forget how you enabled the Health Care Obamanation, Blanche…

Sen. Lincoln Backs Wasteful Obama Plan

GOPTrust | October 01, 2010

This NRTPAC radio ad takes Blanche Lincoln to task for her support of President Obama’s wasteful “stimulus” bill.

Learn more at http://goptrust.com

Hey Arkansans, do a search on her videos from the last few weeks… many are showing up on Spanish Video on Yahoo in English, hmm? Other states’ citizens, check your own candidates’ videos!