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Early Voting Begins in Arkansas

People are fired up and ready to vote. It was a madhouse of activity at the polls this morning as early voting began here in Arkansas. All known residents!

This is the only, almost sign-free and people-free, photo that I could capture within a one block radius of the polling center. “We the People” are not fooled, nor amused by the ‘Party of Failure and Hate‘ who touted ‘Hope and Change‘. “We the People” are taking charge via the ballot box.  Patriots are Fired up and Ready to Vote! Can you hear us now?

An excellent reminder: Outrages to Remember Before Voting on November 2 via Canada Free Press.
If you see anything suspicious at your polling place: Voter Fraud Watch via Pajamas Media.

Right From the Start, Vote Smart this Year!


ONE False NATION Falls Flat on Its Socialistic Marxist Liberal Progressive Face

Organized (not Grass Roots) bus rides, free food, and T-Shirts do not make a unified crowd or nation. Lazy and lousy participation indicates America despises these pin heads on parade. It makes a ONE False NATION on display. There was nothing educational, inspirational or rational as one speaker after another screams, as if the attendees are deaf or stupid. The entire event makes the message of hate, bait, and shallow attempts at anything virtuous… rings hollow and smacks of revolt. They have an agenda, much like their Master, whose name is emblazoned on partisan signs, to divide… not unite our United States of America. Nothing to be gained here, move along.

The groups and speakers read like a Who’s Who FBI watch list, shameful!

But Glenn had given Patriots a preview by detailing the coarse groups that would be attending…

GLENN BECK – ONE NATION 10/02/2010 (Part 1)

GLENN BECK – ONE NATION 10/02/2010 (Part 2)

TheNEPAConservative | October 01, 2010

Listen to Glenn as he exposes the the people behind the One Nation Rally. You need to know the truth!

Oklahoma “…Brand new state, gonna treat you great!…”

Couldn’t resist popping a portion of Oklahoma lyrics into the title. It appears to be the most appropriate line after observing the work on I-44 via a Proud American Patriot’s pictures from this past weekend. Then after reading the Stimulus Watch records for Tulsa’s Federal Highway Administration projects it would appear that this is a huge, lingering and expensive investment to the tune of $95,570,300 as viewed here

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant STIM266 $259,731 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM283 $2,226,132 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM049 $16,689,772 Tulsa OK 5 1
Grant STIM267 $316,912 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM278 $506,313 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM284 $1,875,343 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM285 $1,183,301 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM265 $317,067 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM061 $7,737,563 Tulsa OK 13 1
Grant STIM281 $784,975 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM286 $2,672,650 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM289 $2,194,915 Tulsa OK 0 -1
Grant STIM047 $13,121,273 Tulsa OK 4 1
Grant STIM185 $900,000 Tulsa OK 1 0
Grant STIM288 $2,047,090 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM422 $198,130 Tulsa OK 0 0
Grant STIM048 $21,863,911 Tulsa OK 7 1
Grant STIM050 $20,029,348 Tulsa OK 6 -1
Grant STIM287 $645,874 Tulsa OK 0 0

But the jobs are not!

Do you see anyone working?

Tulsa, Oklahoma Stimulus Watch entitlement total,  for 55 projects. was $132,440,084.85 so subtract the Highway projects total of $95,570,300 and the major overhaul to the Tulsa Federal Courthouse Windows

Contract Replace windows Tulsa Federal Courthouse. Design-Build effort to replace the windows at Tulsa FCH with energy efficient windows per the… $2,699,903 Tulsa OK 0 -4

will leave a balance of $34,169,882. Tulsa do you feel stimulated yet?

H1N1 More Questions Before the Next Flu Season

Last December, as the Administration terrorized America with the threat of the waning H1N1 “epidemic aka epic-demic, I wrote this piece Swine Flu Vaccine Recall, Short Ships, and Many Questions. At the time, I was really interested how the vaccine and distribution was paid for, but could find no information. Well, well, well… that changed today by sheer accident.

I have a friend on the road who asked me to check into something in Pennsylvania. One of my first tools of choice, that I use, is to examine the Stimulus Watch 2.o site. As I proceeded to the links this morning and those pertaining to Pennsylvania, at the top of the list was

Contract To supply vaccines for CDC’s adult vaccine contract $413,955 Swiftwater PA 0 0

So I just had to click on it and low and behold I found SANOFI PASTEUR INC. and guess what! Sanofi Pasteur Begins Shipping Influenza Vaccine in U.S. for 2010-2011 Season

I really must find out how this newest shipment was paid for, because I just discovered how last year’s shipment was funded, Stimulus dollars in June, (note July is absent) August, and September 2009 by a  bill signed in February 2009 for stimulus and job creation? How did that happen? How is it happening this year?

Sanofi Pasteur Begins Shipping Influenza Vaccine in U.S. for 2010-2011 Season



Total Received: $45,109,874.70Visit on the Web

Below you will find all the contracts, grants, and loans received by SANOFI PASTEUR INC. as of October 30, 2009. You can sort by the different table columns. Click on an item for more information and to comment and vote on the item.

Primary Recipient

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract To supply vaccines for CDC’s adult vaccine contract $413,955 Swiftwater PA 0 0
Contract To supply flu vaccines for CDC’s adult vaccine contract $1,896,623 Swiftwater PA 0 0
Contract To supply pediatric vaccines for CDC’s Vaccine for Children contract. $10,358,763 Swiftwater PA 0 -1
Contract HHSO100200800073I Modification 5 – manufacturing of clinical trial material in support of H1N1 clinical trials for Mix n Match and… $730,000 Swiftwater PA 0 0
Contract The contractor shall furnish all necessary facilities, equipment, materials, and personnel, and shall perform all services necessary to conduct three… $29,360,000 Swiftwater PA 31 -1
Contract To supply flu vaccines for CDC’s VFC vaccine contract $2,350,534 Swiftwater PA 0 -1

What Say You America? Was it All About the Money? Where has the Money come from? Where is the Money now? “We the People” are being taking for a last ride via AIR POLAND!

Dedicated to JoAnne, I finally got to use it 😉

Who Is Sheila Jackson Lee Trying to Tool? Texas Pay Attention!

How much did the Texas taxpayers pay to learn about the “Recovery” that is not happening? Check out this multi-color, tri-fold mailer that was paid for and mailed on the taxpayer dime!


Look who the taxpayers in Texas paid for this:

Do you see it now? Allied Printing Trades Council Washington UNION LABEL. Nice, more money for unions! Haven’t they received enough from the Bogus POTUS?

According to Stimulus Watch 2.8 in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district 18 and most prominent city ~ that listed being Houston ~ we find:

Awards in Houston, Texas

Below are the stimulus contracts, grants, and loans in this city. You can click on an award to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the award and vote on whether you are satisfied with it or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to awards in a particular city. Just choose a city from the following list.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Houston is $546,322,245.77

Check out this blatant duplication:

Grant Security Enhancement Program $3,920,950 Houston TX 107 0
Grant American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Port Security Grant Program (ARRA PSGP) $3,920,950 Houston TX 107 0

Now there are 23 pages on Stimulus Watch devoted just to Houston and on those pages it shows 592 jobs have been generated, but upon further inspection they are ghost postings. Work/Projects, therefore jobs, have not begun. Where’s the money? Tied up in mailers to generate voter interest?


10 Foot Drive or $1.00 Houses – Obama What Have You Done Lately to/for Detroit?

President Obama visits the Chrysler plant in Detroit

DetNewsVideo | July 30, 2010

Detroit — President Barack Obama today praised the revitalization of the auto industry as he got a first-hand look at Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs coming off an assembly line and even drove a Chevy Volt.

So Two Cheers for the Detroit Bailout should make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about Detroit’s 2 bailed out auto manufacturers? Why? Ford needed no help! A 10 foot drive in a Chevy Volt that has a starting purchase price of $41,000 and production of 10,000 for its first year of production is not something to be shouting and touting from the rooftops. More time in Obama’s speech was spent commending the lottery winners at the plant than the vehicle.

Bid4Assets tells a sad story about the recovery in the Detroit area. Just search the site in all home categories with the terms “Detroit, House“. Detroit has the ‘Lion’s Share‘ on the site, note especially the category with a $1 starting price and no reserve. Let’s not forget this event ~ Detroit Shrinks Itself, Historic Homes and All.

Checking http://www.recovery.gov/Pages/home.aspx validates the struggles with unemployment and lack of new jobs, on the whole, in Michigan. And the Stimulus Watch details another farce in jobs creation for Detroit.


Hat tip to Hubby!


Online ~ Biofuels Technology with Biodiesel Certificate Minnesota West Community and Technical College?

Online advertising located tonight:

Biofuels Technology with Biodiesel Certificate

Online – Certificate Programs

Program objectives

This 17-credit program is offered to students in an on-line format. The program courses provide f… see moreoundational learning to support process plant technologies and operation with a concentration in biodiesel technologies.

Cost of Tuition

On request

About Minnesota West Community and Technical College

Minnesota West Community and Technical College is a comprehensive community and technical college with five southwestern Minnesota campuses: Canby, Granite Falls, Jackson, Pipestone, and Worthington and three learning centers in Fairmont, Luverne and Marshall Minnesota. Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate in more than 60 disciplines. The college has a long and proud history, 70+ years, of providing highly specialized technical and liberal arts/transfer majors to students from throughout the region. Our graduates are successful and can be found in area businesses and industries across southwest Minnesota, northwest Iowa, South Dakota, and beyond. On January 1, 1997, Worthington Community College and Southwestern Technical College merged to become Minnesota West Community and Technical College. The four campuses that comprised Southwestern Technical College began as local area vocational schools. The individual campuses have a history…

Via Stimulus Watch one will find:

Grant Minnesota State Community and Technical College Business and Entrepreneurial Services, business incubator program $99,335 Detroit Lakes MN 3 0



Grant: $99,335Rural Business Cooperative Service – Aug. 21, 2009

Are you satisfied with this award? or

No votes have been cast for this award yet

Join the conversation: Post a comment about this award

Award Description: Hiring of business entrepreneur center staff and start up equipment for the business incubator.

Project Description: Activities in the past quarter, we have hosted three Speaker Series events in the ongoing Entrepreneur Series. We are in the process of outfitting eight incubator offices, including two student incubator spaces. Our incubator offices have leases executed on four of them with two currently signed to date. Business information and mentoring has been given to approximately 55 individuals since the director was hired July 1, 2009. Preparing the Entrepreneurial Venture (PEV) course is being offered with enrollment of 12 students.

Jobs Summary: BES Director oversee business incubator, provides technical assistance to business start ups and existing business expansion oppurtunities. Administrative assistant provides support to BES Director and incubator clients. Intern has also been hired to assist as needed. (Total jobs reported: 3)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

This award’s data was last updated on Aug. 21, 2009. Help expand these official descriptions using the wiki below.

So is it the Chicken (Incubators) or the Egg (Algae) that is a work in progress?

Or even something else?

Curious goings on, with Stimulus funds!