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Gift Guide for the Upcoming Bogus POTUS Birthday? Just a Few Suggestions…

One Stop Shopping at Amazon:

Adult’s George Bush Halloween Costume Mask Now Obama has a chance to wear the personality he blames everything on and he’ll be right for a change.

Basket Cage Dog Muzzle Size 6 – Adjustable Straps, X LARGE Just because… wink, wink.

Hasbro Transformers Risk Game Practical learning experience on the job.

Nudell Plastics : Acrylic Frames, L-Shaped, 8″x10″, Clear -:- Sold as 2 Packs of – 1 1 for the forged certificate and 1 for the real Long Form Notarized Vault Copy Birth Certificate, so convenient and transparent too!

Rand McNally Kids Illustrated Wall Map of the US [Map] To look like an expert on naming all 50 states that formed a union called The United States of America.

Rules for Radicals [Paperback] Personal copy is totally worn out.

Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships [Paperback] Heal thyself

Ultimate Deluxe Home Colonic Board There’s a real need here, not a want.



Bogus POTUS Needs to Re-Read His Job Description

I remember the old “Where’s Waldo?” books, games, etc. But now it’s the days of the reverse game of “Hope and Change” or as he stated at the SOTU Address “Hopeful”. These daily “events” appear to be “Where Isn’t Obama?” Somehow I just don’t see anything Presidential with this Buffoon! Well past well worn out on appearances.

Say, Bogus POTUS, why don’t you act as a “Bench Warmer” in the Oval Office that you usurped. Read your job description. It’s located within the U.S. Constitution and further guidelines can be found easily with the online version of USC 3 – US CODE 3 – U.S. Code – Title 3: The President. Could you pay particular attention to Qualifications of a U.S. President?