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When Thrift Stores Begin to Outnumber Retail and Grocery Stores…

Patriotic Duty

Just making a casual observation today, in my local community where 2 towns have a combined population of just over 41,000. These hardy citizens have 12+ thrift stores and 5 full service grocery stores (2 of which are Wal-Mart Super Stores) to shop within. Just under two years ago, these numbers were reversed.

Most recently a sixth full service grocery store converted into a huge Good Will. Was it really necessary? Yes, it was by the sheer numbers of shoppers in each store. The local department stores also have dead parking lots and few shoppers, but the shopping carts filled to the brim with pre-owned clothing and goods will be found at any of the local thrift stores. I would say there is no recovery and the recession aka depression is in full destructive mode. The White House and the Bogus POTUS can claim otherwise, but the facts are on full display, even to this casual observer. Take a look within your own community, notate what you see and remember this on Election Day in November. America’s future depends on “We the People” and our vote!