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The Reality of Potential Radiation Fallout in the United States and Elsewhere

If you don’t believe that there’s any chance of radiation fallout from Japan reaching the USA then stop reading now…

If you know in your gut that something isn’t right or that the truth is not being revealed home or abroad you might want to read Dr. Blaylock: Japan Radiation Could Pose Threat to US.

Briefly he states the extent of damage and destruction by this potential cloud to lives and crops in the western USA would be huge to devastating.

But one would question if this invisible wind carried threat could reach and penetrate US airspace? History shows that balloons set aloft toting bombs from Japan in 1944-1945 reached the American Northwest including Alaska. Therefore, if these heavy ‘packages‘ could make it… nuclear fallout would have absolutely no problem. Plain and simple logic.

If you think the end of winter makes a difference in the air stream arrival, you would be right. From Fugos: Japanese Balloon Bombs of WWII:

“…The balloon bombs were released from Japan in the winter months when the jet stream is the strongest…”

Why does “timing is everything” spring to mind?


Punxsutawney Phil Proclaims An Early Spring

Surely, great news, as Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today.

It’s not as if this winter has not been one of major storms or extremely frigid temperatures in the United States or around the world.

Where’s the ShillingGlobal WarmingAl Gore? Is he hibernating in shame? You just know an early spring will prompt him to come out of his hole and start the Alarms, Bells, & Whistles sounding earlier this year. Geesh 6 more weeks of Gore!

Hordes of Christmas Trees Terrorize The World?

As the debate continues upon the War On Christmas, Part Deux: Are Christmas Trees Offensive? What is wrong with these people and skewed data? Are they clamoring over Muslims at prayer rugs? Are they going after Kwanza Kinaras? Are Menorahs offensive? Are Druids disruptive? Get over yourselves Atheists and others… if a Christmas Tree attacks you, then we’ll deal with it, as for now find something that you can enjoy in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months besides hating. It’s non-productive, bad for your health, and provides endless entertainment to all those who are filled with joy in their traditions and celebrations. You embarrass yourselves and yes, you are missing out! And its by your own choice!

Christmas Trees Even Turn Up in the Emirates Palace

In Switzerland

In Peru

In Washington DC

Christmas haters, go away! Grow up, move on, build a life!

When Psycho Sycophants aka the “Left” Go Crazy

Winter of Discontent: London fee riots not the end

RussiaToday | December 10, 2010 | 89 likes, 2 dislikes

London is clearing-up after another day of violent student protests, after lawmakers approved a hike in university tuition fees. Rioters targeted government buildings. There was even an attack on Prince Charles’ car. RT’s Laura Emmett has the story.

If the psycho sycophants aka “Anarcho-Leftists Physically Attack Camilla Through Car Window… Pi$$ on Churchill!” placing blame on the visual “leadership” of Great Britain… I wonder who the Loony Left Liberals in the USA will attack one of the days?

Just who would the psycho sycophants consider to have broken multiple promises as they gripped the reins of party leadership in Washington DC, and decimated these same psycho sycophants lives?

Hey Loony Left Progressive Socialistic Liberal members of Congress and the White House… if you build faulty minions aka psycho sycophants to do your bidding, you should do a better job of building them up and paying them off… oops, no money for minions or minion’s kids! This is only the beginning of worse things to come for the Left and by the Left worldwide as it finally sinks in that they have been used!

Hey Lefties… Great Britain is all about college “elective expenditures”. How’s that forced health care or lack thereof for your children? Did you forget the order of importance in your life or did you just want to be “important” with your life? You were tooled, then fooled!