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Despite Obama – The Military is Credited for Bin Laden’s Demise

The usual (SOP) late arrival of the Bogus POTUS, for dramatic effect, and my public thoughts on Twitter:

I am in the Central Standard Time zone so when the announcement was due, my last pictured tweet was already 1/2 hour after the fact. At the 50 minute late mark, staged(?) crowds began to assemble for a news backdrop for the White House? Does anyone recall staged Doctors with lab coats? Anyone? Anyone? So just after an hour late the Usurper finally shows up with attitude:

Thank-you to our heroic men and women of our military for ending Bin Laden’s reign!

This story has been on ice for a week? Why the urgency on Sunday evening well after 11:30 pm EST?


TSA Scanners Should Be A Gift to Our Military Men and Women Around the World

Checkpoint Deltas should be turned into Tech-point Deltas via TSA Scanners!

This would serve many purposes:

Obviously they are paid for and are quite useless within the USA civilian world.
What a great device for entrances onto military bases, Navy ships, and even embassies!
What a great device for exits from military bases, Navy ships, and even embassies!
George Soros has already made his profit, so it’s all good.
Gropings at airports would become a thing of the past.

So This Is How Muslim Sheiks Garner Their Wealth…

…on the backs of women. Via the article “Saudi women sue male guardians who stop marriage“, one can see that enslaved women and children of these “men” are dutifully bound to their “masters“:

The term or practice is called ADHL and it basically creates a a laundry list of loopholes for men to prey upon women in every possible facet of Islamic family life under THEIR ISLAMIC LAWS, up to and including holding a woman hostage forever. A snippet from the article:

“…Year after year, the 42-year-old Saudi surgeon remains single, against her will. Her father keeps turning down marriage proposals, and her hefty salary keeps going directly to his bank account.

The surgeon in the holy city of Medina knows her father, also her male guardian, is violating Islamic law by forcibly keeping her single, a practice known as “adhl.” So she has sued him in court, with questionable success…”

Just as easily as one can view a pyramid in the Middle East, the men don’t practice… but have perfected the easy Pyramid Scheme. Imagine for a moment, that a man takes three wives, each wife bears several daughters.  The men provide their daughters an education, great so far… the next thing you know the girls land jobs and then the lifetime trap is set. Marriage must be approved by dear papa and he isn’t in any hurry to lose his bread and butter. Next thing you know, another Sheik with a Sheikdom has been manufactured or should it be classified as womanfactured? WHAT A RACKET!

And Saudi Arabia, where The Medina Surgeon resides, has been accepted for the U.N. Women Board. Any man or woman from Saudi Arabia could not have a valid opinion on Women’s Rights anywhere else in the world. Women have no rights in Saudi Arabia! It’s not possible to stray from their religion. It’s nothing more than a faux seat and proves that the U.N. is nothing more than a “store front” that needs to move into another country and set up its “chop shop“.

Ugly Women – Agenda of the O-baa-ma Nanny State?

The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

storyofstuffproject | July 20, 2010


The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21st, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo. Produced with Free Range Studios and hosted by Annie Leonard, the seven-minute film by The Story of Stuff Project reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives. The film concludes with a call for viewers to support legislation aimed at ensuring the safety of cosmetics and personal care products.

Import Problems:



So who creates the slack of guidelines and the poor inspections within the United States of America and why? Why are there any imports to begin with? Can we not supply our own country with the most basics of comfort essentials in healthy care and glamour products? Would it be regulations up the wazoo? Could it be taxes?

The Personal Care Products Council weighs in with a statement which also does not make one feel warm nor fuzzy all over.

Okay, can Washington, DC get busy and legislate the hell out of it? I mean there’s nothing more pressing like the corruption in government, unemployment or a Bogus POTUS!

Rule of thumb, too much of anything isn’t good but~
It might be time for this:
Homemade Cosmetics Recipes Search
Homemade Cosmetics Supply Search

or how about just Au Naturale?


Arkansans To Meet in Little Rock “Stop Kagan”

Calling the Tea Party Members, 912ers, Independents, Conservatives, Libertarians, Concerned Patriots, Oath Keepers, Constitutionalists:

Tuesday, July 13 at 10:00 am
Front Steps of the Arkansas State Capitol
Arkansas and National Leaders Demand a “NO” Vote on Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
Speakers from the
Tea Party Express
Vision America, and the
Will highlight Kagan’s experience as a political activist
rather than the impartial jurist the Supreme Court requires

Unfortunately, I am still out of state or I would be there. Good Luck tomorrow. Shine Brightly! Just say NO!


Impeachment of Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama – Open Request to our Elected Officials

Now is the time for all good men and women, citizens of these United States of America, to request our elected members and officials of the 111th Congress to intercede on our behalf. We the People, need all of the U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives to unite and fulfill their destiny. We have an Usurper in the Office of the President, who appears to be derelict in his prescribed duties and the Oath of Office; as he undermines the U.S. Constitution. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, has caused by neglect, intentionally or irrationally, intense harm, death and injury to citizens in the United States of America, abroad in our Military, and he further jeopardizes the very foundations of our Republic. He has permitted destruction of the United States Coastline, in the Gulf of Mexico; and, loss to countless wildlife. He has subjected the people to noxious and hazardous living conditions by purposeful neglect of any offered assistance from other countries, just for the sake of his own ego and monetary gain.The process of Impeachment upon Barack Obama must occur immediately for the protection of the citizens and the defense the US Constitution and the security of the United States of America as he is “holding a wild card” purposefully so as to cause havoc upon our families and friends who have fought for their own freedom and learned how to be citizens and not stolen that right. God Bless the USA.

I have tweeted: http://twittercounter.com/tweet/ODM3NjUwNA
I have written via
Congress.org my elected local to national officials and these are able to be viewed on the site.

Thank you for using Congress.org Mail System.

Message sent to the following recipients:
Senator Lincoln
Senator Pryor
Representative Snyder

For Another View

Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital

TheAlexJonesChannel | June 21, 2010 | 10 minutes

States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill

Following the rise of sufficient indicators that BP knew about the conditions of its Gulf oil assets prior to the April 20 leak & explosion 62 long days ago and counting, Alex Jones has called for criminal investigations of key figures at BP, inside the White House administration and elsewhere. Further, Alex has urged activists and concerned citizens everywhere to take a proactive approach to dealing with the looming consequences of the massive oil leak.

He suggests calling on Governors and State Legislators in the Gulf Region to assert 10th Amendment rights– refute the Federal Government’s inaction, and institute measures to resolve the situation as best as can be.

In addition, Alex alerts awakened people everywhere to the renewed efforts by President Obama and certain allies, to ram through Carbon Taxes and other Climate Change measures via stealth, and using the crisis of the BP Oil Spill to justify such fascist policies– when the Obama Administration’s bewildered response (much like the Bush Administration’s delayed response at Katrina) exacerbated the scale and depth of the crisis BP may have let happen.

There is still time to salvage our country States and Territories:

* Alabama
* Alaska
* American Samoa
* Arizona
* Arkansas
* California
* Colorado
* Connecticut
* Delaware
* District of Columbia
* Florida
* Georgia
* Guam
* Hawaii
* Idaho
* Illinois
* Indiana
* Iowa
* Kansas
* Kentucky
* Louisiana
* Maine
* Maryland
* Massachusetts
* Michigan
* Minnesota
* Mississippi
* Missouri
* Montana
* Nebraska
* Nevada
* New Hampshire
* New Jersey
* New Mexico
* New York
* North Carolina
* North Dakota
* Northern Marianas Islands
* Ohio
* Oklahoma
* Oregon
* Pennsylvania
* Puerto Rico
* Rhode Island
* South Carolina
* South Dakota
* Tennessee
* Texas
* Utah
* Vermont
* Virginia
* Virgin Islands
* Washington
* West Virginia
* Wisconsin
* Wyoming

Let’s Roll!!!


Do Not Wait Until Memorial Day to Remember America’s Heroes and Heroines

When was the last time you saw a service member out in the world?
Would it have hurt to walk up and just say “Thank-you” for your service to our country?

When was the last time you saw a veteran in uniform at a function?
Would it have hurt to walk up and say “Thank-you” for your past service to our country?

When was there a time that you wished to volunteer your time constructively but didn’t know where to go?
Have you thought about the VA Hospitals throughout the United States?

Military Men and Women can not return your salute from the grave!
There is a reason that Memorial Day was previously called “Decoration Day”!