Natural Born North American Does Not Equal Natural Born American

Protecting this great country known as The United States of America.

Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are trying to pull an Obama on WE THE PEOPLE. Being born in North America does not make one a Natural Born American. Can either man stand and swear that they are a “Natural Born American of The United States of America?” The term perjury springs to mind!

It is not Donald Trump’s job to vet or validate the other candidates’ credentials (but as a Natural Born American he has the right to ask the tough questions). I would bet that he has been made aware by many of us in the U.S.A. stating the facts: the multiple citizenships of Cruz (Canada, USA, & Cuban bestowed upon him by his father no matter where he was born as his father did not renounce until 2005) and Rubio who is nothing more than an anchor baby as his parents were not citizens and guess what citizenship was conferred upon him?

The American people do not want another ‘constitutional lawyer’ usurper in office as we have that now and how’s that working out? And is it any coincidence that Obama has recently ‘opened negotiations and borders with Cuba’? My bet.. it is not coincidence, and Reince Priebus needs to reveal the vetting documents for these problem candidates. Their birth problems are not their fault but they are not legitimate to rise to POTUS. I often wail & have continually wailed about Obama since 2007 & will not stand for another theft of the U.S. Presidency! I would be a hypocrite, as a Natural Born American & DAR, not to question the validity of candidates offered by the RNC.

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