Why? Because New Coke was So Sucessful… NOT!

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Is Coca Cola shooting for muddled sales with an ugly green can?


Who did not know that this color is one of the most common for color blindness…

“…deuteranomaly which is a reduced sensitivity to green light and is the most common form of colour blindness…”

… uh… that would be Coca Cola!

hmm? An artificial antagonistic device?

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More Like… Obama Defies the Will of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’

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as many of the MSM presstitutes offer up headlines like ‘Obama Defies GOP by Vetoing Keystone XL’. Really?

No… he is absolutely counter to the will of the American People. Over his hate-filled years of bench warming the highest priced Section 8 Housing in the USA, the people have voted to cleanse the Congress. We put them there to do a job that this relief commander can’t or won’t do. HE is defying the entire country. What a Bogus POS potus!

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Brian Williams and “Stolen Valor”

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by Guest Veteran

Brian Williams and “Stolen Valor”

If you follow the recent “quieting down” of the Brian Williams story of his 2003 story of being shot down in a helicopter while on duty with our heroes there you would think there is nothing to this. All the media lies; so, we are used to this kind of B.S. NOT SO:

This is what “stolen valor” is. We have men and women all over the world giving their lives for our freedom, especially our freedom of speech, Brian. NOT freedom of lying.

Here is another one of the fakes in uniform:

So, are we to consider Brian Williams above this kind of scrutiny, or is he another bum?

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IRS Running Roughshod Over Taxpayers for Illegals?

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Have you received your filing book and/or instructions (Publication 501 Cat. No. 15000U Exemptions,Standard Deduction, and Filing Information For use in preparing 2014 Returns) yet, for let’s say 1040 A…

Well here is your link and it is mind-blowing


Nonresident is noted 23 times and Alien50 times. Has the IRStooled tax forms in an attempt to ‘legitimize’ illegals like Californiahas with driver’s licenses?

Screen captures speak volumes and posting a few for perusal.



Page 1


Page 2


Page 8


Page 9


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Remember All Those New Taxes Paid to the IRS This Year…

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…were brought to you by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court, based on a lie!

Just a reminder that the TEA Party tried to warn you America!

As a refresher…

TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already and nothing else. It is not a race, creed, or color based group. It has always been a fiscally responsible group.

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Watch Tomorrow, As If On Cue, the Caterwauling Begins…

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The Devious Democratshave lost their lead in the U.S. Senate as they were punked by Obama with Obamacare and evenHarry Reid got thumped by his own health care equipmentto secure his unnatural take down. Irony!

MSM mouthpieces are retiring who carried the water for the current thug administration. Complicit… they are running.

Another tainted Obama appointee can’t pass muster.

The new U.S.Congress tomorrow will be seated with a respectable 91.8 % Christian Faith Background. The USA is NOT a Muslim nation!

And the liberal Alinsky playbook is a relic.

Boehner who has been ineffectual may be deigned to lose his Speaker position in the U.S. House. New blood in Congress will preserve our U.S. Constitution.

The shaming of America is over, and the blaming on Obama will now commence. May it last his lifetime behind the bars of some future justice rendered.

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Running Afoul of Foul Fowl in Washington State

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January 2 2015Avian flu detected in Benton City backyard flockWashington State, right down the road… but there’s probably nothing to worry about, hmm?

So why is it that, also on January 2 2015 Hong Kong Slaughters Chickens After an Outbreak of Bird Flu?

Don’t count on the CDC to be on top of anything as it is under the iron fist of the foul administration of lame duck Obama.


Screen capture moments ago… 9:00 p.m.PST.

oh… somebody will get around to it… or not!

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