Only in Washington State Could One Find GoodSpaceGuy on Primary Ballot

Eyes In The Northwest

Does GoodSpaceGuy have a chance to become Washington State’s next Governor?


In this state of ‘weed eaters’ anything is possible… as he is first on the list… and the lazy millennials can’t see past the end of their noses. It’s ‘too hard’ to read past one box.

The freebie-grubbing and freely giving your tax monies away liberals will make it to check off Mary Martin for their goodies and the ‘name sounds like someone famous’😦

Never mind that currently and in the recent past the most hated politicians in history practice Socialism.

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Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Patty!

Even though it doesn’t really apply down in my old stomping grounds of Arkansas, it really needs to be the mantra challenging dirty Dems & Hillarybeast is their top dog.

Eyes In The Northwest

So past time for this

Take the Liberal Lunatics out of office, kicking and screaming, 1 vote at a time! Washington State… it’s time to retire Patty Murray!

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First Mother’s Day Without My Mom


Thank goodness we had nothing left unsaid when you passed.

You had a tough job, there was/is no training manual that covers everything, and you did it the best way you knew how during the erratic and sometimes hostile 60s. I believe I am a better person due directly to your parentage. There were times of prosperity and times when it was lean… such is the reality of life. Insulation was not one of your key components and I appreciate that to this day as I can be quite the scrapper. I thank-you and miss you so very much. Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for me.



Coaching – A Tool Used by Manipulators

Eyes In The Northwest

to modify YOUR behavior!

It is used by the Lame Stream Media, Hollywood, Washington DC, Music Industry and sadly, even in your own home.

Coaching is the softest approach but a manipulator is…

A personwhoseeks to changeanotherperson’sperceptions,behavior or socialinteractionsthroughvariousmethods,whichmay be devious or deceptive. 

If you see it in the news…switch it off!
If you see it in the movies…turn it off!
If you see it from Washington DC…ignore it!
If you hear it in music…tune it out!
If you see if from your spouse…divorce ’em!

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Catholic Church Goes Hocus Pocus

Oh what a tangled web

Eyes In The Northwest


Embarrassing, the Catholic Church has not only achieved a False or Anti Pope… it now has push button votive candles.

This is enlightenment?

And yes, as a matter of fact I am Catholic!

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Wisconsin is a Symptom, Not a Usurper’s Win

Eyes In The Northwest

No matter how it’s being spun, the rigged voting status of various states, has now been proven. Anyone with open eyes can see the game being played against the American people. Why does the political establishment and Lame Stream Media derive such pleasure? Follow the money, and yes… it’s always ‘all about the money’ trail.

Is everyone an idiot in Wisconsin? I don’t believe so.

Then logically, there’s a game afoot to place another Usurper in the U.S. White House and for what future nefarious deeds?

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Wisconsin Do Yourself Proud

Vote Donald J. Trump over the chump LYIN’ Ted Cruz tomorrow!

Answering this one question, leaves no doubt…

When did you in your lifetime, as an American, renounce another country’s citizenship? The Canadian Cuban – Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz did… only 18 months ago!